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Ghia bumpers

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Right, I've got two sets of complete early US spec bumpers up for sale, to fit a Karmann Ghia. Overall they're in good condition, they're not mint, but they're better than most I've seen.

I'm after £150 per bumper. Ideally I'd rather see them go in sets, so if you buy a set (that's front and back obviously :incheek: ) I'll chuck in free p+p. Alternatively I can bring them to Slough if I get a deposit in advance.

I'll get photos up once the rain stops.
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One set gone, one set left. I'm working on those pictures! :)
greetings, new to this internet lark so be gentle with me! im interested in a set of ghia bumpers you advertised moons ago. if you still have a set can you call me on 07816 189947 as dont often use the computer cos too busy!!!
Sorry, they went ages ago I'm afraid. good luck with the search.
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