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give me some good screensavers please

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getting fed up of my crappy Windows ones.

wgat have you got?
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see if you can find the 'deutz' engine one. kept me entertained for ages
have a look at pre67vw site usually has some nice downloads on there
right I have downloaded that engine screen saver thing how the hell do I set it up as me screen saver I have downloaded it and saved it in my documents
If you like fish..... http://www.serenescreen.com/
oi ******....are you coming out to play wednesday night????

oi ******....are you coming out to play wednesday night????

sorry mate going to be at work until late plus the bug motor has another oil leak this time from the cooler :mad: I am beginning to wish I had just stuck to me 1500
Install it. It's a program that's activated as a screen saver. Probably was downloaded as a zipped file, so you may need to open the zipped file, and then run the install program.
After install, you just go to your computer's Control Panel, bring up the Display properties, and select it as a screensaver.
:rolleyes: thanks for that I never thought of running it

the engine one is a bit..............erm.................boring :(

fantastic screensavers :) needs a good graphics card though.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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