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golf mk 4 brakes on bug

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i have discs and calipers off a golf mk4 to fit to my bug to improve braking.

has anyone else modified beetle drums or discs to fit other discs? looking at the drum it looks like the original stud hole is going to pose problems.

i've seen some in the mags but no details on machining the drum and overcoming the interference.

only other option is custom hubs - but the cost would be a lot higher :(
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are you talking about front or rear
find a post by firedancer and check out his web airsouls web site
the mk IV rear calipers look similar to the mkII's, there are caliper mounts avaliable i think, not sure about the hub/disc mount though
porka discs can be done easier, and by the time you have paid out for machine work, they might not be that expensive
hi imade bmw mini cooper front discs and calipers fit t1 hubs by cutting off t1 discs grinding nose of mini discs and bolting together caliper bracket made from 6mm flat bar bit of clearancing on calipers to clear wheels fitted on chesil speedster will lock front end no problem passed mot with flying colours no runout etc all done with basic tools so most things are possible with a bit of time and determination cheers

i've got front calipers and discs off a seat leon FR sounds like the T1 discs route machining down is what i want, but i've miked up the stud spacing and the new stud locations (5/100 compared to 4/130) clash leaving only a small amount of metal between the original location and the new.

the ID of the inside of the Seat / Golf disc is 135mm this means machining the drum / disc down breaking through the old stud locations. 5 studs on this drum means one always clashes.

plastic porsche, do you have some pics? did you machine off the disc surface thus creating a hub then bolt your BMW discs to this? how did you get around the stud spacing interference?

The only way i can see around the clashing of the 5 stud 100 pcd with the bug one is to buy blanks and machine off lots of material creating hubs or to machine up some custom hubs ££££££

Here is the design so far:


There are a number of benefits for using this golf / seat spacing - wheel fitments, cheap supply of pads and discs.

has anyone drilled and tapped standard discs drums in the non reinforced area? if so what other measures did you take to stiffen the assembly?
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hi sorry no pics cutting off t1 disc leaves the hub and something simillar to a brake drum with 4 radial strengthening ribs bmw disc when nose is machined down sits inside this wheel bolt holes in bmw discs are elongated into center hole and ribs on t1 hub sit in these providing extra fixing when everything is aligned 4 holes are drilled and tapped through both on wheel mounting surface equidistant between wheel bolt holes on t1 hub and 8mm button head bolts loctited in and 4 holes as drilled and tapped around circumference of t1 hub with 6mm button heads loctited in hope this makes sense can't work computer well enough to insert sketch sorry have no experience of the discs you want to fit good luck
I think i understand, you are using the beetle wheel pattern for your wheels with your bmw mini discs mounted on the back of the stock disc / hub. the socket buttons are used to secure the disc to the new hub. sounds like a nice neat solution retaining the stock wheels with better braking hidden underneath.

i'm looking to use the new VW pattern so i can fit some other wheels, but this gives food for thought tho - did look at some bmw mini calipers and discs on ebay a while back myself.

since found machine 7 do drums and stock discs in 5/100 off the shelf, just seems a shame to machine off all that material!!

I've designed the hubs for the front, but machining costs would be a lot higher, although could do any wheel pattern and any offset adjustments.......

Thanks very much plastic porsche some very useful information.

i have since found that the bracket used by seat / vw / audi allows for other calipers too. the spacing of the slider pins is 94mm which is the same as the saab / gm aero caliper.

VW has a 54mm piston and the saab one is 56mm. this may be of use to someone - i wonder if a fair few more share this feature since the housings are identical.
Check out a Golf4 rear hub,they'll fit with bearings,unlike the spline driven fronts,If you can hang one of those on your bug spindle you'll be laughing. (Golf 4 have seperate rear discs,hubs are not built into discs unlike earlier models.)
thanks rad dubs, i'll have a look at this and check the bearing details - i'll post results when i can find a cheap one to measure up....
I have a feeling that the rear hub comes complete with a built in bearing.The whole unit gets changed if the bearing goes awol.
Interestingly I think I read somewhere the earlier Golf 2/3 (and others,Passat,Corrado,Ibiza etc) I think uses the same bearings in the rear drums/discs as a bug front?
Kindof related.... While fitting new discs and pads to my dads corrado I noticed that the whole rear spindle assemply appear to be fixed to a rectangular metal plate which is then bolted to the rear suspension etc... got me thinking about bolting / welding this to a bug or bus spindle to create a dropped spindle with different hub and studpattern....
The rear spindle is indeed a bolt on afair on many VWs of the 70s and 80s,both drum and disc braked.All Golf 1,2 and 3s, Passats at least up until 1997,All Corrados,SEAT Ibizas,Cordobas,Toledos, etc etc.Not really sure how useable they are though,as the spindle is quite short,and only really capable of taking a solid non vented disc or narrow drum.
Rad Dubs and Englishmen said:
the spindle is quite short,and only really capable of taking a solid non vented disc or narrow drum.
Is that from a loading point of view or just physical size?
Physical size.
They're good for trailers and stuff though.

i checked ekta and the bearings are a 311 part number both inner and outer so that means bug parts!! the seal is different though. looking at my brembo catalogue i think it may be possible to turn down a golf drum to make a hub although i'll have to check the bearing spacing on the axle and maybe make up spacers for the bearings.
Right,that confirms my thoughts then.
Hows about machining down an early Golf rear drum, which is quite narrow and flat faced to make a hub with the correct PCD under a G60 280mm disc,I doubt that this set up would be much wider offset than a stock bug disc,and they're huge and vented to boot,then just hope you've got room behind it to fab a caliper mount for the equally huge calipers that go with them.A decent set up if you can get it all to fit.
this is my thinking - great minds....

i already have some Seat Leon FR front discs and calipers (5k miles) ebay bargain at £40!! 54mm pistons and 288 x 25 vented discs

there are now several options to fitting these to the bug

1) machine new hubs at correct offset etc £££££££££££
2) buy new drilled bug discs / drums off M7A and make hubs
3) try to modify G4 hubs to suit bug
4) get G4 rear drums / discs and make hubs off these.

possibilities are good now. Rear hub for golf 4 and bearing come complete GSF do these new for under £30 so if i can get an old knackered one to measure to ensure fitment this could be another plan.

thanks rad dubs this has given me some good ideas - now gotta get it all to fit and get some rear discs and master cylinder sorted........
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Right well if you're going for the 288mm option,you may have to watch offsets,they're a bit odd those,a very flat disc,with virtually no hub.
My advice is to get some Golf 3 GTI/VR6 they're 5 x 100 pcd, so the same as your Leon discs,but will use the same bearings as your bug spindle.A new disc to chop up will only be about 15 quid.
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