I have a good working A/T code IRS gearbox for sale. (Reduced Price!!)
It came out of a 72 KG a few years ago and its been sitting under the bench ever since. Comes with the release arm and bearing. It has the reverse switch in the nose-cone. £375 or very near offer.

Next is a SWF turn signal switch for bug or KG 141.953.571F.
It has a bit of paint flake right on the end. The rest is very good. Hard to find and when you do they are expensive. £65. Reduced price!!
Also a turn signal switch removed from a 68 T3. 8 wires. £20.

I can post this at the buyer's expense.

I've got this split-bus roof cut. it was cut in one piece to fit a pop-top to a Split bus. The cuts are really straight and square and the centre roof brace is present in the correct position as it was when the panel was cut. No rust or dents and ideal if you have to close the roof up. Size is in the pics. £150.

I have two 1303/74-79 bus fuse boxes. one has a small bit of damage to one of the contacts on one but not bad. The other one is all good. £20 and £10 135.937.505

A 71 only bus fuse box in perfect condition. £35 411.937.505B

Bug 8/68-7/71 VDO 90mph speedo in good condition 113.957.023D £25

Bug/square/fasty IRS spring-plates (pr) £25

Pair of new 7 inch headlights eyebrows Good quallity chrome. £12

Early KG rear bumper brackets inc the body covers. In very good condition. £50

Late bay engine lid lock catch. No key but the number is on the body. £10

A NOS 215mm clutch centre plate £30

A 210mm clutch centre plate. I used it on an engine for a couple of weeks so still good. £20

Early bay steering box drop-arm. £15

One chrome headlight bezel with the adjusters (3) £10

Pr Bug rear pillar half-moon vents. £6

Chrome alt/dynamo pulley. Not very old. £8

Steering column boot 113 415 575A £10

Steering column top housing with the bearing and ign switch clamp. £15

Bugpack oil cooler bi-pass adaptor kit. £20

cosmic repeater lights. £5

BBS wheel nut lock set (4) 12mm with key (new) £12

EMPI oil filter housing £12

EMPI oil bi-pass adaptor £8

Pr shallow air cleaners DLRA/IDF NOS £25

T3 Squ/Fasti oil and air tubes (original) £15

T3 1600 throttle linkage tower. £15

3 gauge dash bracket. £5

Bug screen wash tube with the res connector. Tube is 1.7mtr. £8

Late bug/kg steering wheel column plastic cover trim. £12

If you need more pics let me know and I can mail you some as there is a limit on here.
Open to offers but not silly ones. Collect from Chatham, Kent. I'll only post stuff to mainland UK.
This is the first of many parts I'll be posting as I'd like to be able to actually walk into my garage again at some stage!