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Grant from Beetlelink - Top bloke!

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Just another shout out to a company what has pleased me! :)

Went to GSF earlier to get a new hazard light switch for the T25 - which has its MOT this afternoon...

:eek::eek::eek: SHOCK! they dont got none! :crazy:

so in a blind panic I phoned Pete Nice and asked him if could borrow the one off his van to get me through the MOT :D - he wasn't about so I couldn't - but said that Grant at Beetlelink MIGHT have one...

Got to Beetlelink - and he hunted high and low n eventually found me a switch that would fit :D

Top work :) - Happy!
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Yeah I have been down there and got a few bits from Grant.

Couldn't have been more friendly and helpful.
Yeah - Top Bloke.

I use Grant for annual insurance valuations and the odd bit to get me out of trouble.

Always helpful even though he knows I do all my own work so there's really nothing in it for him.

There great have been keeping my bug alive for 3 years now :D
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