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I think Harry's grin might just be bigger than yours when he gets his new bike ;)

no doubt we will want to see that pic

safe trip and have a good weekend
When I used to work a larger area up to Oxford, Cambridge an across to Essex and down to Southampton and Bournemouth, I constantly moved stuff around for people.
Hitting the Buy it Now button on EBay was easy as I knew I would be there again within a week.

So when I got contacted by @pegasus it was almost like Dejavu speaking to myself years ago.

Talking to him it became apparent that he certainly is a car and bike guy.

Having built himself a wicked Nissan Skyline and various other cars over the years.

He lives near Leyland in Lancashire, definetly don’t state Blackpool like what I did initially. But what do I know ehhh?

Current bikes include the following.
98 Honda VTR
98 XV1600 Custom Chopper
02 Ducati 900SS

@pegasus Matt is currently on the lookout for a good 1968 to 1972 VW Beetle and @disasterbus and @jabbo could have a lead.

Looking forward to meeting a like minded guy in the next two weeks.

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Remember the parcel from Alan @quickrack with most of the contents actually for @CraigRK ?

I got the jam.

Opened this bottle of home made jam last night.

You know it is good when you feel compelled to scoop another spoon full before replacing the lid

Thank you mate, this was a perfect gift.


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Remember the driveway needing to be straightened?

Well, so does the side grden, as it is taking up too much space and scratches are not attractive.

So climbed in, albeit slowly and cautiously, and cur back the side hedge and then the shrubs I want to keep.

Maybe not that hard to believe, but a whole wheelie bin there.

Mickey had removed the picker]t fence from his fish pond as he had to redo it all, and offered them to me.

There is a lot more to make the next week or so.

Using some of the wood rescued from the neighbours fire wood pile.

Also on Saturday, I removed the license plates from the truck, in order to replicate the placement of the holes on the new plates.

Looks like a lot of plates.

Sunday was wet and miserable.

So eventually at 1.30 we went out in the truck to some shops.

Sally needed paint for her home and I needed a study table for the new lodger, expected on Friday.

Electrical engineer.

One more thing.......

We went back to the truck twice, once to drop some shopping off behind the seat, and once to leave, obviously.

And both times I just grinned madly at the fortune of having this truck.

I do love it.

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Sally is looking to replace her 2013 Corsa 1.4 petrol which she will be selling.

She ideally wants a 2/3 door, new as possible low mileage Fiesta.

1.0 liter models prefered, Zetec spec etc.

No black, pensioner burgundy or greens please.

As a guide, there is a red 2017 dealer one available at £5000.00 with only 9k miles.

I think she would consider Focus, Golf and Polo if it was the right car.

We are in Kent, but a road trip is always in order.

PM please or post in here.

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Doorbell rings, look out front window to see a large panelvan on the sidewalk, and a hug box leaned up against the porch.

Go downstairs, open door, yup, large box.

Sign for box, drag it through to back yard.

Opens box.

New lodger lands on Friday from Guernsey, Channel Isles.

His transport for 6 miles to work till he finds somewhere closer. Yup, you heard my thoughts.

Lets hope he stays a while longer.

Over to Sally’s to fill her crack, in the upstairs ceiling.

And thought its time to take a pic of another loser.

Parked here for years.

Dinner soon.


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So this morning early I decided to quickly cut the broken ends off wood that Sally and I denailed yesterday. As I wanted them ready for the weekend to make more picket fencing.

Dragged my new to me Delta saw out on the drive and then proceeded to top n tail the wood.

Last bit that need cleaning up.

Long lengths sorted.

Short cut bits sorted.

I carried the saw back into the garage. It was neither that heavy or awkward but clearly my back did not agree because by the time I got inside the house my back was objecting. A lot.

Thankfully I had an appointment at the osteopath today. She usuually hurts but helps.

While I was at the Osteopath today my phone (on silent) went mad. Twice.

Once done I looked and missed calls from @GlenAnderson and @pauly
So I called Gen and it turned out he was reversed up my drive and rummaging for timber, of course there is a load of it.

He was picking up the super heavy complessor that came from @CraigRK in Leatherhead for Paul and some V8 parts, tools and my digital torque wrench, along with a heavy duty rubber mat for the load bed in Woody his C10 truck he is building currently.

Glen will be headed cross country to pick up and deliver Land Rover parts and a rear diff that will end up in Bexley. So quite a trip.

My back was absolutely knackered from the osteopath and hurting it this morning so Glen managed to load everything alone.

And ready to rock n roll.

Next stop Essex at Chez “y”

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Just confirmed.

I am leaving home (Rochester, Kent) at 06.00 sharp on Thursday morning to go up to meet @pegasus at the National Motorcycle Museum at B92 0EJ at 09.00 sharp (trafficfuckery excluded) to collect the mini motos. I also am collecting a bunch of bulky stuff in Essex on the way back, so space is limited.

So space available for a human or cargo on the way up,( Ford Focus wagon that cannot be abused) between these points, and in the time frame only, if anyone needs to move stuff.

PM to make contact

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Quick update for those interested in randomness.

Sandpit for Sallys grandson headed out.

New lodger, so have two now.

Both are day to day/week to week lodgers as they have differing situations.

One is sorting some stuff out.

The new one, since Friday is an electrical contract manager, but he works 6.5 miles or 11km from here, so is looking for a place to stay, closer to work, and alternately, a job in Vietnam, where his wife and family live, or in Saudi Arabia where contracts are much more lucrative.

He was a bit nervous about leaving his expensive bike unsecured here.

So I created an anchor for him.

On Saturday afternoon Sally and I visited friends for a birthday BBQ/Braai South African style.

No Vegans were hurt or eaten.


Beef sausage, ribs

Ribs ?

All of it.

An amazing day, which included live music and great company.

While I was there, I bought myself some biltong from “Biltong Cottage” which is their Facebook online business.

Today I could not stop myself.

So a good weekend.

I was also looking out for an Extang Blackmax tonneau cover for the S10 but it seems they have been discontinued.

What a pity.

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Dennis in St Louis has been building this 1966 C10 on. Modern NASCAR chassis for a while.

However, he is now hitting it hard, in order to get out and drive it.

The weekend he went out and drove to Mittler Brothers factory.

He was very good friends with the late Mike Mittler and did the bodywork for their racing trucks.

His C10 is built and based around a 2015 truck.

From this.

To this.

Not finished yet, and the cab will get paint soon.


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So with my back beating me up, but improving for sure, I continue to have to modulate what I do.

Currently the plan is to move the driveway over by 18” or 450mm in the centre so I can reverse cars or large trucks down there.

So I have cut the hedge back hard as well as the shrubs. Down the drive, so that the drive van be moved.

Hurt my head.

While hacking away, and having two lodgers now, one with a Vito van, and one with an electric bike, no....not Dirty James, that needs to come through between the cars and to the lockup at the rear, I relised that my front hedge was 12” or 300mm too wide.

On Saturday I ended up cutting three times as much as planned, and my back told me about it.

Then on Tuesday morning I was out there by 06.15 to carry on cutting the next part of the hedge.

I cut it back hard down by the garage as well, gaining some space.

Then down the side of the garage.

I think all of this, though gardening in effect, means that I can get on with real jobs, including garage work as they chores are put aside for a while.

I also noticed two Starlings up in the small window in the garage loft the day before No idea how they got in there.

So once cleaned up, I went up there to see if they were catchable.......

I found one dead, and the other one just sitting there on the windowsill.

So I took them both out, released one, which flew straight back to the nest under the eaves.

Lastly, a couple of sunsets.

Of course I was sore, but hotwater bottle, icepack and pills.....


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Nice work on the hedges (y)

Still got Mickeys side and then the front hedges to do

Prozac the Berlingo is back up for sale.
Mickeys son is going to lease a Transit for work.

After who knows how long.....

And it has been close to 8 weeks, the DVLA has changed the S10 plate from the Y-Reg it had, to the number I bought some time ago.

I will fit the new plates and surround from Gary in America later today, if I get time.



Yes, I am pleased it has been done.

Why so long though?/


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Road trip.


So a restless night, followed by getting up by 04.40, shower, shave etc then out the door by 05.40

Absolute pleasure of a drive up to the destination and meeting point.

I pulled over just before getting there for a walk and break.

Then drove on, to our meeting destination.

I thought it was cool as a meet up for the bikes

Thanks Matt @pegasus for thinking of that, and coming to meet me and deliver the bikes.

Including natural security

I sneaked up the one way passage to use the toilet.

And found this, never seen a willy washer in a public

More in a moment, if I stay awake

Been a long week

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So when Matt @pegasus got there we started with the traditional exchange of gifts.

Matt got very little, I got some used number plates to trade or add to my collection, and also an item I was recently contemplating buying off Marketplace.......

Clarke Parts washer.

Then we unpacked the mini bikes

Followed by a “BIT OF A PHOTO SHOOT.”

After this, they went into the car, and we went indoors at the museum, used their facilities followed by a 90 minute chat, walking around the gift shop, drinking very good, and certainly affordable coffees.

These were my first shop bought coffees since March last year, and the price was good at under £3.00 for a large Latte

Looking at key rings, cups, gifts etc, the pricing surprised me, really sensibly priced.

I do love robots, and found this one.... no, did not buy it.

And then a few random pics.

Some beauties here.

Incredible detail and beauty.

On leaving I saw this plate that made me grin, bike ridden by a pretty gnarly old guy.

Saying our good byes, we headed North and South.

The road back was a touch slower than coming, but loads of interesting things popped up.

I also stopped in Brentwood to pick up a bunch of stuff

More in a bit for those who are still here.

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So, the return trip.

Uneventful, but a few nice things caught on cameras.

1947/48 Healey.

This car has a significant heritage. Look it up.

Husband and wife team.

Spoke to David for a while.

What a nice guy.

Look at how small it is though, in a regular UK service station carpark.

Based on the fact that I have the Rezin Rockit on standby, Matt @pegasus sent me this one.

Then off the M25 and into Essex lanes, pulling over for this view, so nice.

Another view while parked up when picking up the stuff Paul “Oblertone” had left with his daughter, she loaded the car as the drive left me bent over and stiff as a spring.

More stuff, including some heavy duty ratchet straps, large trolley wheels and some ramps in the back.

And to top it all off..... a a dentists lamp, heavy as a heavy thing, still not unloaded at this point, it may be a job for today though.


Very pleased with this ornament.

And then later I delivered to Sally, in exchange for cajun chicken wraps for dinner.

My back was not happy at all, miles, carrying random stuff, hedges, bags of sand etc.

But a good week.

Today..... who knows.

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Few random pics.

Mate Dave loves a big one, over in Essex.

So he shared this on Thursday

Also checked on the DVLA website and at last, after many weeks, my personal plate had been processed onto the truck.

I had ordered the American style pressed steel plates with the numbers to the right, leaving space for a small Stars n Stripes badge to the side.

Mate Gary in Florida had sent me a plate surround, after I had drilled the holes to replicate the holes in the trucks original plates, and also some small screw embellishers.

So the rear plate has a hole, partially visible.... plan to be made.

The surround also tucks below the level of the step

Having had the dayoff on Thursday to fetch the mini moto bikes, I decided to have a drink with my good friend Vladimir in Russia.

We have previously gotten quite drunk together via WhatsApp and Google Translate.....

Never try keep up with a Russian, or for that matter a Siberian.

Today, Mickey also went over to Sally’s place and cleaned her gutters.

The man is certainly fearless, and while prancing around on her roof, Sally was having kittens on the ground.

More about today in a while for those still awake.

Awake ?
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