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So, how do you get this tired ?

Ask Sally.

She has two sons, 21 and 28 years old. Both were very busy growing up.

Meet Harry.

He does have a sleep as part of his mothers control programme.

And if you have spent a few hours kicking ball, driving diggers and who knows what else.....

You sleep.

Seems he loved the new sand pit, needs a lot more sand though.

Then after his sleep, Sally who was baby sitting, fed him and sprung the surprise on him.

She had Cream Puff covered under a sheet, with a cardboard box to change the shape, all day.

So when Harry had had his lunch, she showed him the bike in the dining room.

He was super excited and helped her, carrying the paddock stand out for her.

This gave the two of them some time to have Granny and Harry time, something thats really precious to her.

At some point, his Mum and Dad came back and were shocked that he and Sally were playing in the back yard, with him using it like his balance bike.

She took great pleasure in telling them the whole story of how it had made its way from beyond Leeds to down South via Birmingham through the kindness of strangers like @pegasus and Oblertone’s part in the Essex detour. As she said to me later, she just wants this next generation to be less self obsessed and more kind and generous, so sharing stories may just help.

They took Cream Puff home with them, and Luke, Sally’s eldest had it fuelled up and running 10 minutes after getting home.

Video for your pleasure.

I had been out in the truck today and came home after a nice drive, parked on the drive as Sally had taken her Corsa through for a wash and polish.

Looking at the truck, I just smiled.

While polishing her car, she suddenly went mad.......

An injured pigeon had come into the yard.......

So I had to rescue it.

That concluded our day, a long, busy one.

Life is good I seem to recall mentioning before.

Bootfair in the morning.

Fingers crossed.

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Bloody cold, but dry bootfair today.

Being bank holiday, we have two this weekend, so another tomorrow morning.

Spray on glue. £1.00 per can. Bought all 11 he had. To be shared.

Looking for a set of training/stabiliser wheels for Cream Puff the bike I got Harry, we found a decent MX helmet, advertised at £2.00 but paid £1.00

And shortly after that, another £1.00 vintage cork helmet, for only £1.00 to go with my Easy Rider display

Other items included £8.00 in fruit and vegetables.

4 greeting cards for £1.00

A teapot to me made into a bird nest for £1.00

Some nice Plants for £4.00 for both our gardens.

Some hinges at 50p each.


[/URL] 001(867)]

So not stabiliser wheels, but hey, to,orrow could deliver.

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Made a slow start on shifting and straightening the drive strips.

Marked out

My pace is possibly 20% of my previous pace, not how I like to work, but my back just says no.

So after a failed trip to the coast yesterday, due to spending too much time at the bootfair in the morning, I decided to get back onto clearing and moving some of the soil.

I must say, there still needs to be some more digging there and getting lower, followed by some form of retaining of the garden bed.

Then break up the concrete, remove it and redefine the strips to be cast.

After our aborted trip to the coast, we also stopped at the local Ford dealership to to look at used Fiestas.

Indoors, I saw this interesting new car.

And when I got home,,chatting to Mickey next door, I told him I wanted to get some stabiliser wheels for Harry’s little bike, he is good on a balance bike, and once his dad restricts the mini moto, it should be a good way to start him off.

So Mickey handed me a pair over the hedge.

They will work, and one can replace the plastic wheels with something more robust if they self destruct

I will report on Mondays Bootfair later.

Today is a bit of a hectic work day.

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well done on the boot fair purchases (y)

this pic just made me nearly pee myself :eek:

View attachment 293405

a classic "you couldn't make it up" line
well done on the boot fair purchases (y)

this pic just made me nearly pee myself :eek:

View attachment 293405

a classic "you couldn't make it up" line

imagine Craigs OCD kicking in

Part 2


Up early, off to the bootfair on my own.

Allowed me to stop and speak to sellers for 10 minutes at a time.

Loads of allsorts.

Mostly old fashioned bootfair prices.

Three glasses and three shot glasses £1.00 per set
80’s pin frame 50p
Skull 50p
Toy cars, 50p each, except for auburn £1.00 and tiny fire engine and old yellow truck 20p each
Old fashioned brace auger £1.00 kinked spanner 50p and vice grip £1.00 for Craig.
Dragon 20p
Tiny piggy bank Free

Love these.

50p skull.

And then this lot

Cushion for my chair £1.00
Superhero mug 20p
Jack Daniels mug 50p
Bracelet 50p
Small box for sally 50p
Fedora hat new £1.00
Lambswool Dunns cap £1.00
Two limited edition plates for 50p
Depression era Strawberry glass gravy boat £3.00 for Dennis’s Debbie who collects it.
New knee and elbow protectors for Harry 20p
Mammut mat 50p

So that was Mondays public holiday bootfair.

Bringing to an end a great weekend.

Sally cooked dinner.

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Farm sale this week

Such diversity.



Also stole my own lunch hour and then some, to cut the front hedge while the weather held out and between meetings.

Another flashback that popped up in my life this week was this pic, taken in Arkansas while out being a tourist.

Lovely build.

After a couple of warm and sunny days, today closed in and it started to rain, all day, and it is still raining now.

Tonight the rain beading on the paintwork that @mercdan68 had polished, made me smile again.

Weather permitting, Dan will be here tomorrow in his Ford Escort Panelvan to deliver @pauly ‘s gas can.


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Day started overcast and “fresh”

By 10.45 @@forddan68 and Daughter Amy were here, bringing along @pauly ‘s vintage 20 liter “Jerry Can”

So coffee, chatting, catch up, spleen venting all done, we decided to drive a mile up the road into some farm lanes for a few Ford v Chev pics.

Random photodump.

And then we headed out.

At this point we took a couple of random pics.

As we were headed out again, it appears poor Dan had sat down on a wasp that had entered his car.

Not sure who felt it more, Dan or the Wasp.

Note the name of the lane, it is bad enough Kent is known as the capital of dogging or is that dog walking?

Lastly, Dan and son George were breaking a Mk6 Fiesta, and just happened to have a spare door rubbing strip that “went missing” when Sally’s son had his car repaired, and to this day, 6 months later the strip is missing.
Not really impressive, but thanks to Dan, there is a new one on standby.

Back home it was time to unpack the box of GMC spares that Steve had sent with Craig a few weeks ago.

Then some light woodwork.

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Very slow day at the bootfair.

Best part may have been unused, enamel lamp shade for £1.00
Another star for a newly hatched plan, 50p
Little stuffed heart, unused, £1.00
Two wind up Coke items for @CraigRK for £1.50
Florida vanity plate off a 50p per item table

Also seen at the bootfair was this VW on Bentley wheels.

And a meat deterrent at a guy with a load of cammo and military stuff for sale.

I did not ask the price, as it would be expensive and of course in England every jobsworth and his aunty would poop themselves if I had it on display somewhere.

Just in case I held up a kid for his sandwiches.

And in Missouri Dennis sold the 1963 GMC Grain truck he bought as yard art 5 years ago for $800.00

He reckons he could have sold it 20 times over with the response he got, and had people offering over his asking price, just to be able to get to it.

He drove the truck there 5 years ago and only moved it when mowing the grass around the pond.

With the wet season last year, and living under a tree, it did start to grow some green algae/moss.


Headed out of the bottom pasture.

And headed to its new home, passing the gas station and some more trucks........

Today should be a resting day for me.....

What can I go out and do?

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I trust some or most of you remember Chris “GrumpyNorthener”

He knows I am a bit of a random hoarder and collector of shitte.

And sent me a V8 hubcap he found in a hedge, years ago.

It hung inside my house on the wall for some time, then I moved it out into the garden, and hung it in a tree, just under one of my nesting boxes, with the birds often sitting there interacting with their reflection.

A week ago, the wind, or growing ivy pushed it out and I found it on the floor.

So I decided not to put it back in the tree, but rather to evolve it further.

Scavenged some old ply that had gone well past it’s “best by date”

Drew a design, then cut it out without breaking a jigsaw blade, followed by sanding the rough edges back.

Then a coat of PVA glue on all sides to help seal it and also keep the delaminating at bay.

Followed by some white paint as a background.

Next up.....


Add some gold.

And once dried, a bit of sharpie detail, which I may increase a bit more.

Keep in mind this is a rough wall hanging for the carport.

One of the recurrent flowers in the garden is this Peoni a d it only looks great for a few days, but I do love it.

One more pic sent by Dan which I actually liked too.

And just like that, back to work.......

Busy week ahead.
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