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One more little touch on the trucks customisation.

I knew I wanted to do something silly to the number plates.

Put this to a maker and he came back with various design options.

Now the thing is, I know what my first choice was, I ordered it, then 20 minutes later ordered another design too.

So my question to the regular readers and contributors (thank you for taking the time to post replies) is…….

Straight or diagonal. Think carefully.

Space and placement planned when ordering plates.

Thank you for your contributions.

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I would just have the digits ( do you have to have the GB now) and place the digits in the in the middle of plate it would bug the hell out of me that they are off centre.
i planned, visualised and ordered the plates with digits offset to the right.

in order to create something I like.



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Three parcels in the post today.

A nice Union Jack snoody thing for shopping.

A parcel from Michigan containing traded license plates and some cool stickers.

And a fascinating and ultimately mind blowing parcel addressed tus:

Contents to be revealed later.

Now to figure out who sent it.


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Well, sweltering heat this week, followed by a lot of rain.

Woken at 2.30am on Friday with some water dripping furiously outside my bedroom……. Rain was hammering down outside.

Found this…….

Put out some plastic buckets and towels and kinda went back to sleep.

Up by 5.30 when the first lodger got up and started opening and closing doors, he is not good at just leaving his bedroom door open when he goes to pee and when in the bathroom, the door has to be shut noisily and locked every time. Seriously.

Greeted by a load of plaster on the floor and bucket half full of water.

So I cleaned up the mess as much as I could and did some day job work.

Later I called One Call Insurance (underwritten by Legal and General) and was told that there were no storms reported in the area, somI could not get any “emergency response “ to secure the roof or inspect what had caused the leak.
I was put on to hold on for a different department, eventually the phone was answered by some random person, who took my details, to be called back later.
24 hours later I am still waiting for a call back.

Later I went to ask Mickey if I could use his extending ladders, and he said no……
He would come and go up instead of me, as he did not want to call the ambulance if I landed on my head.

Typically, he came at about 1.00pm just about the time I get ready to go to my weekly osteopath appointment.

Up he went and the reply was that there were broken tiles and a load of moss in the gulley of the roof.

So he came down, we got 4 spare tiles stolen from Stuarts pile two houses down’s stock for his extension build.

Tiles went up, then a bucket, grinder extension cord and Mickey.

I had to leave, filled with fear that he was working alone up there.

When I got back the ladder and tools were gone, and Mickey was sitting inside my place, waiting for his cuppa tea.

He said he had removed a half bucket of moss from the gulley, and replaced 4 tiles.

Wet and dirty Mickey. Also happy with some pocket money he gets to earn.

So after that it rained hard a few more times and overnight, not a drop of rain inside.

In the mean time I wonder if the insurance company will actually make contact with me……..

Or do I just get on with having the repairs done and get on with my life.

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So when I go walk, ostensibly for my back, but also to get out the house, I take loads of pics, sharing some with a good ceramicist friend in Tulsa Oklahoma

She draws, paints and sculpts too.

This time of year the Poppies are doing really well.

Up at the farm, this is especially true.

So Linda prints out a load of the pics and takes themalong to paint when she and her husband go travelling and camping.

This one took her an hour to do from start to finish,

I do admire talented people.

While out walking I invariably collect some hedgerow asparagus

Pan fried with a bit of garlic and a dash of olive oil……..


All kinds of sizes, and even the longest ones are super tender.

Yesterday Sally and I went out in the truck for some shopping and our first “meal out” since lockdown.

Parking the truck up and walking over to pay for the parking for GRZ733 ( foundmyself looking back at it, grin ing and then taking a pic.

It has to be the right car if you get that feeling.

Lunch was predictable, but brilliant.

When the bill came, I noticed the coffees had doubled in price since March 2020 and the Lamachun had gone up by 40p each.

At the new prices, it is still a bargain imho and considering the hardship the hospitality industry has had to face recently, not something that would stop me supporting them

Rain again today, but a few things to do.

No bootfair sadly.

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Had my midyear review on Tuesday.

Seems the bosses are happy with what I am doing at the moment, going by the feedback email.

Yesterday was one of those days where I had been working in the morning and by 13.00 it just felt like nothing was happening, so I called the boss and asked to sign a half day leave or just have the afternoon off, he thought about it for a moment, and said to just take the rest of the day off. I actually carried on working till 13.45 and then headed out to mate Darrens engineering shop Unit Engineering for some mental health recharging.

So I took the truck out and headed over to Sheppey.

Always good to see him, catch up with the stuff he is always doing, both cars and engineering and making a living.

Slow but constant progress on his V8 Beetle build.

After two hours of coffee and chat, both of us felt a lot better, as even the therapist sometimes needs therapy.

I scavenged some round and flat bar from the scrap bin, to be used in my driveway changes.

Headed home by 4.30 for dinner that was being made for me by Sally.

Truck making me grin all afternoon.

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Looking out the kitchen window last night as I do, often, at the truck, I noticed something was wrong.


Mounting spot.

So the job will be to either find someone to repair it, as an autoglass company, if I can find that, or buy some specialised glue and fixing system.

Dennis uses this in the USA in his bodyshop.

May be available on Amazon though.

At least I have the day off a a vacation day, so able to do my own stuff.

Rain forecast for the weekend too.

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Bootfair today was small.

Sally panicked when we stopped and only 1/4 of the field was taken up and likewise parking are nearer 20%

I told her, often when these quiet days have happened, with less people milling around, I have had great days.

Less people also meant less pushing and shoving, and rude non English speakers, thus a chance to look and find stuff in the typical piles made up by spring cleaning or house clearances.

Mate Craig and us got lucky today, with a few great pieces from one guy, everything was £1.00 or less..

Medium sized Crowbar £1.00

Grubby, rusty hatchet, £1.00

Maybe a bargain of the day for him, glass and chrome bodied courtesy/roof/map light for his 1950 Chevy truck or the 1948 Fleetline. Coat £1.00

Sally bought 3 blue glazed garden pots, and I got a green one, you guessed it…….. £1.00 each. Go price check those.

Other items from the same seller included a weird pair of spring loaded, flat beaked pliers, a plumb line and a new padlock with 3 keys and a spring loaded metal punch, all for £1.00

Also at the same seller a small unused spirit level for £1.00 for mate Kevin who loves tape measures and instruments of accuracy.

We bought a few plants ranging between £2.00 for a nice Rosemary and £1.00 for mint and some shrubs for Sallys new pots.

Other items included a £2.00 dinner lap tray for one lodger, a hand rail £2.00 to be used as towel rail in the lodgers bathroom, a woollen floor rug to replace one I binned recently £2.00
Three Coffee mugs, 20p each, VW one for Craig, Batman for a colleague and large bunny item for my kitchen, size large for Mickey who likes a large mug of tea.
Really nice, but dirty paper towel holder to replace the hateful one I have in the kitchen.

So all in all, a decent outing today.

Clean up Craigs hatchet, put away the bits, then carry on digging the second set of holes for the archway on the drive and make up the structure, before the rain really starts to fall.
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