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That must leave you feeling pretty satisfied (I love a good sort out!)
Always good.

Like moving house.

So after clearing the carport, I also removed the solid wrought iron gate that had been there since 2011 between my and Mickeys yards and the shared alley storage.

This left a large hole, 6x4 foot, to be dealt with, mainly to slow the wind down when one works there in winter.

Looking from Mickeys side after I cut the hedge on his side you can see the odd shaped hole. Nothing is straight as it was never planned to be a doorway.

When I gathered the wood there were four plywood shelves, all 9 inches wide. Adding them to another sliver of ply have me the width needed.

The eagle eyed amongst you will notice the hole differs by 50mm top to bottom as the post originally fitted to create the end of the roofing sheets that hang down from the top of the structure was a twisted piece of lumber.
So that means I needed to create a door which fitted the hole, and the post will be modified to compensate for the pi$$ed post.

So Monday evening after work I quickly slapped a door together.

Mickey cannot resist the noise of a circular saw or power drill.

So fresh from a shave and shower, smelling like a teenager out to score first base, he was straight aroundf after he had had his dinner.

Supervising as always.

Screws penetrated by about 3mm so I had to cut them all back with the grinder.

After that I fitted it in the triangulated hole, and realised it needed a bit more work to fit, and with the weight, it needs a small jockey wheel.

So once that was done I shut shop, made a pizza (disappointing) and a shower.

Plans were to get back to it today after work.

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So my day was mostly spent on the phone or at my desk.

Late afternoon, the weather was still warm and dry.

So I quickly painted the front and rears. Amazingly it dried in the time it took to make a coffee and drink it.

Sally popped in around 5.30 and helped me lay the stripes……..

Anyone figure what I am doing ??

Yes, you guessed right.

And there is a formula for getting it right.


I used the 1120mm or 42” top width to calculate in order to get the Stars n Stripes ratio as close as possible to perfect.

Then opened the last of my red Hammerite smooth.

Very tempted to do a distressed flag, but thats more effort than what I felt like.

Used the last bit of paint to paint over the damage on my welding trolley.

Managing to pour the last of the paint over myself, my one foot and the driveway.

Man I cursed.

I went out earlier to check the paint and it is touch dry.

So tomorrow I will pull the tape off.

Then I just need the 50 stars to complete the job.

Coffee time, then I wont sleep.

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Went out for a haircut yesterday early. Our local-ish guy is there from 07.00 for people who need to come and go early.

Walking back to the truck I was again struck by the fact that it always makes me grin.

I like this thing.

Last night late I got a message from a South African expatriate living in Rhode Island that he had got me one of the hardest USA state plates to get. Posting it out to me this week for my collection.

Pretty pleased to say the least.

Removed the tape from the red bands and masked the blue panel for the stars.

It may take a while to get the stars to use on it but pleased so far.

Last sunny day before the weather swings back to a load of rain.

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So another long overdue job done after work last night was to fit the Dentists lamp in the carport for inspection of engines and other detailed items when you need a super light source.

Thanks to Paul “Oblertone” who brought it up to me and left it with his daughter in Essex to collect a few weeks ago.

So I prepared two 100mm x 50mm pieces of wood to fit between the roof beams, and painted and screwed them together.

Then found my 65mm drill bit (call it what you want) to drill a hole through for the adjustable hanging post to go through, as well as the wiring from the lamp to mains.

One of those purchases made years ago from a member on UKGSER who needed to move it on. At £80.00 it was and is a bargain.

My other 1950’s drillpress has ceased to function, tripping the power when you turn it on.

Used the rattle gun to run the coach screws in to hold the mounting plate in place, and cut the excess 10mm off the rear with a cutting disc.

Mounted with some more free hardware.

Its not going anywhere.

Light fitted.

Mickey of course came around to check up on me after he had his dinner.

He liked it.

Tucked away.

And seen in perspective.

Does not get in the way of headroom.

Of course I had to go see just how bright it is after sunset as well.

I think it works.

One dentists junk is another mans treasure.

Dismantle mobility scooters rear end tonight.

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Looks great Grizz, I bet that will get used a lot. Nice work. (y)
i hope not mate.
But handy to have.
Super bright.

Yesterday afternoon I managed to sort one of my treasure piles out.

All the steel “off cuts” that I had stashed in the garage went out to one shelf in the new wood store. After I rearranged some wood and added a few brackets for very long 8 meter lengths of plastic pipe.

Next job was to remove the motor, brackets, controller module and other junk as well as rear axle from the mobility scooter chassis.

The gearbox opened, I removed all the gears and closed that up again.

Cut the centre post off, all other loose tabs and ground it all smooth.

Then reassembled the rear axle under the chassis.

Rake added.

Current thinking is to lengthen the chassis.

Possibly source a cheap go kart rear axle, narrow it and refit with wide tyres.

OR…….. (and I need advice here)

Use a regular driven lawnmower rear axle and whatever mechanisms are in it, to fit a mower engine and its bits to make a simple, slow (safe) little ride on.

Thanks to @forddan68 for picking up a Schwinn kiddies tricycle for me on his way home last night.

No, I have no idea, I just like them. They are never cheap, and looking at the condition of this one, they should be cheap.

Needs a ton of cleaning up and paint.

But hopefully be a nice little side project

I am thinking red and Lime green.

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