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That must leave you feeling pretty satisfied (I love a good sort out!)
Always good.

Like moving house.

So after clearing the carport, I also removed the solid wrought iron gate that had been there since 2011 between my and Mickeys yards and the shared alley storage.

This left a large hole, 6x4 foot, to be dealt with, mainly to slow the wind down when one works there in winter.

Looking from Mickeys side after I cut the hedge on his side you can see the odd shaped hole. Nothing is straight as it was never planned to be a doorway.

When I gathered the wood there were four plywood shelves, all 9 inches wide. Adding them to another sliver of ply have me the width needed.

The eagle eyed amongst you will notice the hole differs by 50mm top to bottom as the post originally fitted to create the end of the roofing sheets that hang down from the top of the structure was a twisted piece of lumber.
So that means I needed to create a door which fitted the hole, and the post will be modified to compensate for the pi$$ed post.

So Monday evening after work I quickly slapped a door together.

Mickey cannot resist the noise of a circular saw or power drill.

So fresh from a shave and shower, smelling like a teenager out to score first base, he was straight aroundf after he had had his dinner.

Supervising as always.

Screws penetrated by about 3mm so I had to cut them all back with the grinder.

After that I fitted it in the triangulated hole, and realised it needed a bit more work to fit, and with the weight, it needs a small jockey wheel.

So once that was done I shut shop, made a pizza (disappointing) and a shower.

Plans were to get back to it today after work.

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So my day was mostly spent on the phone or at my desk.

Late afternoon, the weather was still warm and dry.

So I quickly painted the front and rears. Amazingly it dried in the time it took to make a coffee and drink it.

Sally popped in around 5.30 and helped me lay the stripes……..

Anyone figure what I am doing ??

Yes, you guessed right.

And there is a formula for getting it right.


I used the 1120mm or 42” top width to calculate in order to get the Stars n Stripes ratio as close as possible to perfect.

Then opened the last of my red Hammerite smooth.

Very tempted to do a distressed flag, but thats more effort than what I felt like.

Used the last bit of paint to paint over the damage on my welding trolley.

Managing to pour the last of the paint over myself, my one foot and the driveway.

Man I cursed.

I went out earlier to check the paint and it is touch dry.

So tomorrow I will pull the tape off.

Then I just need the 50 stars to complete the job.

Coffee time, then I wont sleep.

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Went out for a haircut yesterday early. Our local-ish guy is there from 07.00 for people who need to come and go early.

Walking back to the truck I was again struck by the fact that it always makes me grin.

I like this thing.

Last night late I got a message from a South African expatriate living in Rhode Island that he had got me one of the hardest USA state plates to get. Posting it out to me this week for my collection.

Pretty pleased to say the least.

Removed the tape from the red bands and masked the blue panel for the stars.

It may take a while to get the stars to use on it but pleased so far.

Last sunny day before the weather swings back to a load of rain.

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So another long overdue job done after work last night was to fit the Dentists lamp in the carport for inspection of engines and other detailed items when you need a super light source.

Thanks to Paul “Oblertone” who brought it up to me and left it with his daughter in Essex to collect a few weeks ago.

So I prepared two 100mm x 50mm pieces of wood to fit between the roof beams, and painted and screwed them together.

Then found my 65mm drill bit (call it what you want) to drill a hole through for the adjustable hanging post to go through, as well as the wiring from the lamp to mains.

One of those purchases made years ago from a member on UKGSER who needed to move it on. At £80.00 it was and is a bargain.

My other 1950’s drillpress has ceased to function, tripping the power when you turn it on.

Used the rattle gun to run the coach screws in to hold the mounting plate in place, and cut the excess 10mm off the rear with a cutting disc.

Mounted with some more free hardware.

Its not going anywhere.

Light fitted.

Mickey of course came around to check up on me after he had his dinner.

He liked it.

Tucked away.

And seen in perspective.

Does not get in the way of headroom.

Of course I had to go see just how bright it is after sunset as well.

I think it works.

One dentists junk is another mans treasure.

Dismantle mobility scooters rear end tonight.

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Looks great Grizz, I bet that will get used a lot. Nice work. (y)
i hope not mate.
But handy to have.
Super bright.

Yesterday afternoon I managed to sort one of my treasure piles out.

All the steel “off cuts” that I had stashed in the garage went out to one shelf in the new wood store. After I rearranged some wood and added a few brackets for very long 8 meter lengths of plastic pipe.

Next job was to remove the motor, brackets, controller module and other junk as well as rear axle from the mobility scooter chassis.

The gearbox opened, I removed all the gears and closed that up again.

Cut the centre post off, all other loose tabs and ground it all smooth.

Then reassembled the rear axle under the chassis.

Rake added.

Current thinking is to lengthen the chassis.

Possibly source a cheap go kart rear axle, narrow it and refit with wide tyres.

OR…….. (and I need advice here)

Use a regular driven lawnmower rear axle and whatever mechanisms are in it, to fit a mower engine and its bits to make a simple, slow (safe) little ride on.

Thanks to @forddan68 for picking up a Schwinn kiddies tricycle for me on his way home last night.

No, I have no idea, I just like them. They are never cheap, and looking at the condition of this one, they should be cheap.

Needs a ton of cleaning up and paint.

But hopefully be a nice little side project

I am thinking red and Lime green.


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Well, going in some direction, just not sure if it is the right one.

Yesterday I had given to Sally for putting up with me.

So it was a bit of shopping, lunch and coffee at the Turkish in Chatham.

Also some food shopping.

My day was made when I found some USA made Cajun spice, I love cooking with it, as does Sally.

Before we went out, I was looking on Marketplace for a gokart rear axle and some wheels.

Found a seller who had a load of plastics and brackets, and messaged him on the off chance that he may have more parts to sell, turns out he has a ton of parts, mini moto engines, quad engines etc.

But he also had a rear axle, with sprocket, disc and bearings plus carrier brackets and a spare wheel.


£50.00 which is way out of my cheap ass league, not negotiable, but if you add up the value, I guess it is still a good price for what it is.

So he messaged while we were having lunch that I could collect.

Went there at 3.00pm after shopping, spent 45 minutes talking to him, Sally sat in the car.

Then back home with the bounty.

Sally went home to water her garden and do a few things.

Quicky mock up shows I will have to cut about 250mm or 10” out the axle and re~weld it to fit better in proportion to the front end, which I still like.

And once the chassis is lengthened it should come into proportion.

While down at the garage, mate Craig started to interfere from 80 miles away.

Sallys son was bringing back the mini moto I had given her for the grandson.

He had partially dismantled it, as it was not running right according to him, only running well on choke.

He had also tried unsuccessfully to “govern” it to slow it down for Harry.

Then gave up.

So in stead of buying some small used motor, I got given bck some small motor that I paid for already.

He brought is back and chatted for a while, then went off again.

So this is where @CraigRK comes in.

“Why don't you build it as a TRIKE as you like different, that will be different” he asked me via text.

You see, friends……. Always creating havoc.

So I will take a look and see what a single rear wheeled creation works like, or else I will remove and add just the motor to the ride, narrowing the gokart axle and going that route.

Sally was back by 7.00pm and rather than sit indoors drinking or eating in front of the telly, we did all the cutting and prep for 4 more Blue Tit nests.

To be completed today, and when I get more Soudal Crystal adhesive.

Bootfair was cancelled due to weather forecast.

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A few random things.

Not everyones interest, but hopefully something for everyone.

About 8 years ago I built this double nesting box.

Depending on the season, the blackbirds use it every year, and some other birds have built a next in the rear section.

Sunday night it came down.

Note the neat, weaved nest, incorporating moss etc.


Blackbird mansion,

And the other side, open for pigeons or whatever birds prefer an open, eaves type space.

Followed by a nice sunset.

Today I had to pick up an order and an eBay purchase.

Soudal Crystal adhesive for the blue tit Teapot nests.

On the way home I popped in at Uncle Bob’s to see a couple of motors he has.

£50.00 buys a Honda, no centrifugal clutch.

Or a B&S motor with centrifugal clutch, but V-Belt drive.

So options for the barstool racer.

The other item was 50 vinyl cutout stars to use for the gate.

Quite challenging to be honest.

Really hard rain came down.

Nice and dry under the roof too.

And finally a coat of blue enamel.

Lets hope the stars come off easily enough once dried.

And also that the positioning is good enough to look like a cartoon style flag.

Not an easy job, placing the stars.

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Getting questioned about this door I am making, and the orientation of the stars and stripes.

So here are the reasonings.

Also remember, it is not a factory made, perfectly proportioned door. The hole is actually irregular, so I needed to just eyeball it and try get it looking a bit cartoonlike.

If you then go and look at the protocols for how the flag is flown, draped, or hung in various situations (and many people do not know these things about their own flags, including the Union Jack that has a top and bottom as well) you will find that the Union has to be to the left when applied as I am doing.

Hope this helps.

There's a right and a wrong way to hang the flag vertically.

Don't hang your flag backwards, upside down, or in another inappropriate fashion. If you're hanging your flag vertically (like from a window or against a wall), the Union portion with the stars should go on the observer's left. Never dip the flag to any person or anything.

History of the American flag - American flag layout

US flag has over 245 years of history. Our flag size calculator presents only one of 44 designs that the official American banner has had over these years.

It all started in December 1775, with the very first pattern that incorporated a Union Jack (UKemoji.jpg) into a field full of white and red stripes.
The second design in 1777 brought a very anticipated change - a union full of stars each representing a US states (there were only 13 of them at the time!). This US flag design consisted of 13 red & white stripes and the same number of stars.
Each flag that followed didn't last long - the US was continually expanding, and new states (and stars!⭐) were constantly being added.
💡 Americans always introduced new flags on the 4th of July!

The current flag was created in 1960 after the addition of Hawaii, the only island state located outside of North America. That was when the 50th star was finally placed in the union, creating the everlasting image we know today (which has specified American flag proportions).

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So taking Friday off as a day vacation, I had thought it may be spent out back, doing stuff in the garage or yard.

But being that I know Sally rarely asks for or takes anything from me, I asked her what she would like to do, and suggested a walk in Whitstable and possibly lunch.

Of course we would go in the truck.

Surprisingly she agreed and was quite excited about Whitstable.

Nice drive down, parked up and went for a walk,,charity shops, sight seeing etc.

Tide was out in the working harbour.

Never seen it so low.

Typically maximised space.

Sally offered to buy lunch…..

Would I say no?

Cod and chips £9.00 Guess they see the tourists coming a mile away.

On the way back the tide had returned somewhat, looked a bit better.

And one of my favourite stalls.

Back at the truck Sally got in and I went to pay for parking, and walking back I noticed a mark on the rear bumper corner.

Bugggerr !1

Right through the paint layers, being a thick metal bumper it must have done some damage to the other car too.

I took a look and feel, and then took a pic.

At that, a Chinese (looking) guy and a lady came walking over and he said “That was my fault, I am sorry”

Now my responses could range between a tirade, decking him, or losing my dignity in other ways. But the damage was done, he confessed.

So I just calmly told him that he really should look where he is driving (as he had managed to cross over the lane and hit the truck) and to maybe be kind to someone else in the next few days.

The thing is, if he did an insurance claim, my truck is involved and the way insurance works of course, the next time I renew, I am a risk, regardless of cause.

And there are other little marks on both front and rear bumpers, so a respray will happen one day.

When I got home, I chatted with Dennis and he offered to mix me some paint for a touch up and post it out to me.

I declined as the front also needs doing.

However, again………

Look at our exchange to realise just how good life is, and how many good people there are in the world.

Have I mentioned, Life is good.

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The deck we built two years ago has now weathered so I pressure cleaned it, then added two coats of decking protector ( does this stuff really actually work) that cost £42.00 per 5 liters

Also used a narrow brush to paint both sides of each board, making for about 160 meters of straight painting.

My back certainly protested.

Pressure cleaner cut back a lot.

First coat done.

That wrapped up Saturday for me.

On to Sunday.

Bootfair today…….

Thankfully not,cancelled, despite rain overnight.

Started with a bang, well lets hope it is not a boat anchor for £5.00

Same seller sold me a bag of nuts, bolts n washers for 50p and threw in some roll of nylon line off either a kite flyer or some other application, maybe someone will know. Free is good, and I will use it to just string out lines in the garden etc.

5HP Briggs and Stratton in 4 Stroke flavour, with centrifugal clutch and sprocket.

Same seller had a load of site signs, mostly 10mph and one random other that I had to have at 50p each.

Next up, a Hotwheels car for Craig, VW SP2 at £2.00 not cheap, but possibly not too common.

Later I found this medics Jeep for 50p and had to have it.

So other items included 3 more teapots for £2.50 to make Sally more bird nesting boxes.
A pair of tyre pressure gauges for £1.00
Two little clamps for Craig £1.00
Novelty mug 50p
Snap On toolbag £1.00

Not a lot of stuff, but if the motor runs, a winner of a day.

Later I got some paint brushes and started to clean the engine.

The motor had been stood in a shed for 10 plus years, so my risk was fairly high.

First job was to clean the air filter and wash it in petrol, followed by oiling it again.

Then cleaned the rest of the motor externally.

Came with centrifugal clutch and sprocket.

Fuel tank was not rusted out, thankfully.

Then I checked the oil in the crank case……..

Some mayonnaise and very greasy black oil on the two filler caps.

So I turned the motor upside down……


Water dribbled out.

No oil.

So I drained it completely, then poured in about 200ml plus of clean petrol and closed the caps, shook the motor the best I could, and gently turned it over with the starter cord a few times.

Followed by draining the fuel, followed by another small rinse.

At this point , with the dry sump, I added some fuel into the gas tank, and tried to get it started…….

Around this time, Mickey popped around. He always seems to pop around, is he a stalker ?

Anyway, we carried on and I went to make us a mug of coffee and tea for him.

While he fetched a bit of 10w50 oil and a small funnel from his garage.

So I filled the crank case.

Up to the sweet spot.

Then tried to start it again, with Mickey in charge of filming, just in case I got it going this time.


At this point, once the gloating was over, I put the motor aside and carried on with the bunch of teapot bird nests for Sally who was at work.

After which she came for dinner by 5.30pm.

And suddenly, long weekend over.

Thanks for checking in.

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Random small BBQ drum build.

A few months ago a friend who is a pianist and former restaurant owner, asked me if I could cut a damaged beer keg/barrel he had found with holes drilled in it in half for him in a way that he could use it as a small BBQ.

Being a pianist, I realised he had no real clue, so asked if it needed a stand as well.

Surprised he said yes please, as he had not thought of that.

I said. I would create something, using some of the angle iron I have stashed away.

So next plan was to figure just how and where to cut it, to avoid the holes someone had drilled in it. Weird, I know.

I also planned a very simple X-design stand as a cradle for the barrel.

In the mean time, I found two stools in a skip (lots of skip treasures out there) removed the nylon seating.

Mocked up, it looked pretty functional.

Then three 1mm cutting discs and a flap disc later.

It is amazing the tension in various parts of the structure.

Tabs cut so that it has some support for the old cooker oven grille planned to lay on top.

From there, I needed to make a decent grille for the floor on top of which the fire or coals can get lit, so that it can all breathe and create a load of heat.

With one more section of angle iron my welder called it a day.

Seemed to be the earth, as the trigger feed still worked, wire pushing out.

So I removed the earth cable an shoved a large phillips screwdriver in the hole, and triggered the wire to see if it arced……..

Yes. But only once.

I will also dismantle the trigger to see if anything is loose in there.

So I called it a day and asked a neighbour if I could tack the last bar with his welder, he agreed to this morning after 11.00

And completed.

So another small job done and out the way.

Today has been slow, a lot of rain, and had to go fetch Sallys Birthday pressent for Monday.

Romantic me.

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Smallest bootfair ever. Well, seen smaller.

One for mate Craig


Dinner lap tray £2.00
Teapot 50p
Bech buggy 10p

Off to the garage to empty out welding caravan that is getting sold today.

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So the welder died.

I thought I would check the contacts in thengun but all seems fine.

So next step, when I am in the mood (needs to be sooner than later) is to remove all the covers and check out the circuit boars for melt down, or loose connections.

If that fails to expose a fault, it will be off to a local repair place to see if cash can fix it.

While on the theme of welding, I decided to unpack the welding caravan, and move my tools and hardware into a cabinet.

Thus consigning the caravan to the surplus pile and FB Marketplace for £50.00

Over 40 messages, a bunch of super dumb questions, an offer to gazump the first guy who was headed over to look at it for £75.00 later, it was gone by Sunday 13.00

Sally swept the space it had taken up the last two years and I mentioned that it meant there was space for another car…….. she was not amused.

A really useful tool it turned out to be. Next life is a Snug for a 16 year old kid.

Sunday in-between all the messages bouncing around about the caravan, Sally had asked me to make more bird nesting boxes, and as she is never shy when it comes to helping me with car or garage duties, it was an easy yes. After all, they won’t go away. And people (her friends) have gone mad for them.

So I cut all the wood to size, angles for the roofs etc, and made her drill the holes and screw them together. With some squeaking and squealing she got on with it.

One cheap teapot short.

I have two Blue tit nests that have had families every year since I moved here 10 years ago.

But I decided to add one more to the wooden archway I previously put up.

My mum was a tea drinker, making her tea with loose tea leaves and always in one of these aluminium teapots that eventually sported a wooden handle and knob that my dad had made for her.

Using a license plate as a weather shield and an offcut as a cap over the entrance hole.

Today is Sally’s Birthday so I have committed the day to her.

But further plans for my week include a bit of gokart messing.

And if I can get onto it, I wanted to see if I could disconnect steering, dash connections and body from the chassis of the Rezin Rockit.

If I can get that done this week, I will chuffed to bits.

Rain is not allowing any outside play right now anyway.
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