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Some days just don't go according to plan.

Today was a great day like that.

At least I got three bolts n 6 nuts undone and removed from the spare wheel carrier on the Rezin Rockit.

Update on that later.

Mate Sam came to collect the beer keg BBQ,

Sally made us coffee and cake while I painted the frame for him as he asked.


After getting in from the walk and dinner, I primered and painted one set of rusty car ramps in orange, @50p a can, it is worth painting it.

As Sally left the sun was saying a good night too.

Rum and Pepsi tonight.

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After the three bolts on the Rezin Rockit, we had got to 3.00pm

So Sally asked if we could go walk down to the Thames river for a walk and scavenge.

Photo dump.

A lot of water.

Jelly fish?

Bumble bees working.

Sally would not let me bring this home in her car.

But this bit of railway sleeper made it into her car.

Good walk, about 2.5 miles.

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Taking the week off with Sally has given me time to get to loads of little jobs, also spend some “payback time” with Sally who always just gets on with stuff, often stepping back nd letting me get on with stuff, or mucking in and doing jobs I cannot be bothered with, or helping with the ones I am doing.

Of course it was her Birthday on Monday.

Yesterday mate Sam brought me two packs of South African style beef sausage “Boerewors” and collected his beer keg BBQ which I ended up then painting the stand of, rattle can takes a bit of time, so two hours of coffee, cake (thanks Sally) and visiting took a chunk if the day.

I rearranged the carport, helped Mickey with some extra hands at his place.

Then I got onto Rezin Rockit business.

As it had been a while since I bought the wheel adapters and spacers and I could not remember how it all fitted together, I though it sensible to get them together again.

So I have 4x108 hubs and 4x100 wheels that I still really like.

There are two different sets, both 20mm thick, and then 5mm spacers.

So all the wheel studs will need to be removed and replaced with longer ones.

I need to get a set of 8 shallow wheel nuts to attach the one set of adapters as they came without.

There are some of these black wheel nuts missing as delivered, so will look for them too.

Tyres will be replaced with fresh, wide rubber, none of this silly stretch, that does not suit this build.

Then up on a ramp in the rear using the jack and a tall block, chocks in place to prevent rolling off them.

Axle stands under the chassis up front.

This should help me a bit, as my back won’t let me crawl and slide around under cars anymore.

Seems stable as can be. Jerking and shaking it.

Mickey came around just when we were going to close shop to go for a walk along the Thames river as the tide was headed out.

So I used the opportunity to ask him to drive the rattle gun to undo the spare wheel carrier which was double nutted up under the rear of the body.

In situations like this you need extremely long, rubber arms, or a spare set of hands.

Typically the nuts were rusted well into place, but we managed to get them undone.

After this closing up shop and going for a walk and flotsam/jetsam scavenge was in order.

Loads of nice views and pics taken.

After dinner I went down and rattle can painted the other set of ramps with a 50p can of spray paint.

Looking forward a few more loosened nuts and bolts today.


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Thanks giys.

Remember George Poteet whose car farm we visited last in 2019?

Land speed record holder.

Good alround guy and philanthropist.

Been over 400mph more than 50 times.

Check out the link above.

Seems that he is not slowing down, despite little challenges.


Had to laugh at myself today.

Went shopping in the truck,after osteopath getting my back done.

Once a year I eat a pasty, followed by heartburn to remind me not to have it again.

So bought these.

I hate messy food being eaten in my cars.

So I could not wait once I got out, and had to give it a go before heading home.

Still warm, it was rather delicious.

And no heartburn in the end.

Spent an hour with the Rezin Rockit in the end.

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So yesterday did not go as planned (but I am on vacation so decide my own schedule)

Eventually opened the garage at 4.00pm and started by taking the hood/bonnet of the Rezin Rockit.

While looking for an adapter to go up in sizes with the cordless drill that speeds up nut removal, I rediscovered my long since forgotten about gas soldering iron.

Where was that when I needed it to redo the S10 wiring cockups.

Have put it back where I found it, hopefully I will find it next time it is needed.

So removing the hood was the easiest job.

After this it just got worse and worse.

My head may not have been in the right place and I felt really tired, maybe because of the heavy session with the osteopath.

She did warn me and I know I asked her to really go for it, because I had been struggling a while but woke feeling great this morning.

The biggest problem with any kitcar as mate Dennis and others have told and warned me is rust, and corner cutting.

On this car it certainly has become apparent very quickly.

And then the things like Phillips head self tapping screws used generously all over are a major pain.

Add to that, a load of silicone sealant generously applied on every contact point between the chassis and fibre glass body.

It is going to be a nightmare trying to unbuild this thing.

The existing brake lines are threaded through the body in places.

I was thinking that to try unbuild them from the drums and one calliper (one is missing, as is a rear drum) may be a waste of time, and best just cut them and restart with making up new brake lines as the brake booster etc seems to have seen better days too.

Right now, not having much fun.

So last night after 90 minutes, a load of Duck Oil in a few places, and about 10 bolts undone and removed, this was the state of play.

Today I need to clean house, and Sally has asked me to help Uncle Bob with some trees that need cutting down at his house where the garden has had 14 years of pretty free reign.

Wish me luck, or come help.

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Zero garage time.

Insomnia sucks big time.

Been awake since 03.00 chatting with Dennis in St Louis who had a power cut, sitting in his truck charging his phone.


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So yesterday was planned for nuts, bolts, rusty stuff, side cutters and a grinder

Lazy slow start, then chatted with @pauly about the roll cage or hoop options for the build.

I want something chunky looking, and different is a great option.

He sent me a pic of the half cage from one of the phases of his 56 Chevy.

I think it may work.

With a bit or lot of work.

Then Sally called, and all hell broke loose.

I got to cut the grass, weed and clean a bit of stuff around the yard.

She asked me if I could help her to help Uncle Bob with some trees that had grown too tall, and were interfering with overhead power lines.

Of course I had to say yes, no problem.

So while she washed her car, I gathered all my bits, went to buy 5 liters of fuel to mix up for the chainsaw, filled the chain oil and fuel reserves, and tried to start it, third pull it took, this after more than 2 years since the last time I used it when building the garden wall,

After washing her car, I had to buff back the one fender and bonnet that must have had a paint repair at some point in the past as they always fade away, and if she is selling the Corsa, it needs to be presentable

Then off to Uncle Bobs.

Unpack, find a double length ladder and get started.

Fortunately Uncle Bob was away at his yard, spraying brambles and weeds, so we could get on and just do the job without him supervising.

He had shown us on an earlier recce in the morning which trees needed to come down.

9 of them in total, though a lot of other plants needed some serious pruning and cutting back (he stopped looking after the large garden 14 years ago when Sally’s mum died as she used to love the garden and manage it) , certainly more than one days worth of work, having to plan and operate between various structures and abandoned treasure cars etc.

Despite a used, somewhat blunted chain, I managed to proceed.

Sally drew the cuttings away for me and built a huge pile. I had to cut quite a few branches into smaller manageable sizes too.

Two tanks of petrol, and one refill on the chain oil is how long it took me to get the first two trees done.

7 trees to go, a job for another day.

Perfectly timed, for us, Uncle Bob for home just when we had finished cutting the lot down and piled up.

He seemed happy, almost 75 now, I guess jobs that were a breeze when he farmed, now are both tiring and dangerous.


Now I need to find a petrol chipper locally to use, or one to buy as there is a load of work left and the other 7 trees to cut down.

Having all the cut branches and stumps removed will cost more than the price of a used petrol chipper I suspect.

After we finished at Uncle Bobs we went to Sally’s place for her to try out the mower I had got her for her birthday, seems she likes it.

Even got a pic this morning from her to say she was happy with the finish, which made me smile.

She loves her garden.

Maybe today I will get an hour or two on the Rezin Rockit.

After going out with Sally.

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On a slightly different tack, I had a big grin and chuckle today.

Reading this written by a reader on another forum.

Seems I am influencing scavenger culture.

Free money is great.

Howdy. Catching up here a little bit. I learned something about hanging the flag vertically. Makes sense that the blue stays in the upper left hand corner but I had always thought of that as sort of the back side of the flag since it's opposite side from what usually shows when the flag is oriented horizontally. And I learned it from a South African who lives in England, haha. That little barbecue you made out of the keg was fantastic. What a great idea to utilize the legs from those stools. I don't think it would have occurred to me to upside-down one of them like you did. Came out really nice. Had to chuckle when you talked about picking up stuff out on your walks. In the last week I've come home with a set of driving lights, one with a cracked lens which is replaceable. A hose reel on wheels that I think will store a couple of 50 footers. And a computer desk that's in perfect condition. I could carry the driving lights pretty easily. I had to go back after my walk to get the hose reel and put it in the trunk of my car. But I decided to see if I could carry the computer desk the five blocks home. Had to set it down a couple of times but made it, haha. Added a bit to my workout. I like it when my walks become part exercise / part treasure hunt.

So most of today ended up being spent on more domestic chores, house cleaning, garden work, and cleaning up and out the BBQ in preparation for the weekend.

So when headed to town to get a few things, Sally clocked this car, she had seen it before, thinking it was another fiber glass replica

Turns out it is metal bodied, looks like it has high and low range options.

No creature comforts.

Could it be a Mahindra, from India?

I really liked the zip up padding on the cage, makes it look chunky, a look I am going for.

Fold down screen.

Eventually home by 4.30

Coffee, then shop time from 5.00pm


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So after a coffee, my team leader headed down to the garage.

This pic is real, she was getting at one of the bolts holding the grille and fender together.

I crept in under it to get going on undoing the nuts covered in Duck Oil yesterday.

One chassis bolt undone.

One attacked with the spark maker.

Another job to do was steering to be disconnected.

QUESTION TIME: Looking at this joint, it does not seem to be removable, or splitable……

How do I replace the rubber joint with fresh rubber? Is it called a rag joint?

Also cut all the brake lines while in there as they are fed through the body, some are already broken and cut, so remake will be the the way to go.

There was a load of thick scabbed rust here too. Mr Hammer made it go away on the vertical plane.

Next job, remove the self tapping screws holding the grille to the front bumper.

Following this, I decided to undo the next set of chassis bolts.

Much hammering with the BFH saw the passenger side unscrewing with a visegrip attached.

Drivers side looked like this…….

So Sally held the small LED spotlight torch so I could see what I was doing, getting the cutting disc going on the right spot of what was left of a 11mm bolt and washer.

After that, I closed shop by 7.30 and came inside.

Cooked some bacon, and made bacon and pork sausage paninis, along with a tall,Rum and Pepsi Max Sally poured for me.

Tomorrow it is the turn of the handbrake assemble to be disconnected

Feeling good so far.

Weekend too.

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So yesterday another small time waster.

Sally thought it very funny that I have all the recently acquired wood, but still chose to go fetch more and clean it all up.

I guess it is not for a woman to understand a man, but rather to love him, and his scrap.

Soon it was chopped up into smaller lengths.

And placed in position.


More later.

But in the mean time……;

Start thinking of remotely placed, legal external fuel tanks and cans.


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Massive bootfair but not a great result today.

Small little Jeep, overpriced £1.00
2 knives to be sharpened for steak duties 20p each
HARRY name £1.00
Pint glass 50p
Unused BBQ grille for toaties £1.00
Strong gate hinges, pair £5.00
Flat gate hinges, pair £1.00
Mexican tequila doorstop £1.00
Teapots two each @ £1.00
Green teapot FREE
Cat treat jar £1.00
Chicken sign for Mrs CraigRK £3.00
Remote controlled Ninja Turtles VW Bus £.00
CAT Bulldozer for Harry £2.00

Craig and his family, along with some other friends came over for birthday, new house and leaving celebrations.

He helped me with the Rezin Rockit and took the tank off, plus convinced me to just just cut for now, the absolute mess of a home built wiring loom to the rear that had been threaded around the chassis

Craig is a keen hobby 3D printer as well, and along with @Peteh1969 who did the programming and design, made me a couple of samples for the name tags.

Mate Andy in Tulsa is still playing with the casting and getting the draft right on them.

Mate Darren who bought the Cragar rims off the S10 sent a pic of them fitted to his Dodge van.

Suits the van more than it did the truck imho

@CraigRK also sent some cool spots yesterday, as his wife was driving, allowing him to look around for a change.

And my personal favourite.

This guy bombing along on his bike.

So garage time now for a bit.

Report back in the Rezin Rockit thread later.

Some bits happening.

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So rewind to Saturday 2.00pm when Craig and his family came over to collect a load of stuff I had gathered for him the last month or two.

After the usual greetings, him and I were straight down to the carport to try get about 45 minutes in on the Rezin Rockit before other friends and David, the one lodger got here.

So with his extra hands I set him loose with rattle gun, spanners and access to the big red toolbox……..

I had the grinder and cut back some more self tapper screws.

Happy guy.

Soon enough we were ready to lift the body off the chassis.

Chose to cit away some wiring that had ben threaded around and through the chassis.

The wiring does look like it was done by a blind monkey with a roll of insulation tape and connectors.

So I called Kevin, David and Sally down.

Sally to take photos, and also Craigs daughter Elli who was put up a ladder to take some photos, including the one below.

Sally also made a video of the body coming off.

With real movement.

Click link:

So the rear end, exposed.

Those who know will be able to identify what we have here.

I don’t have a clue.

Front end.

Bigger picture, rear view, @CraigRK inspection

Front end.

So today I took a look at the chassis as it stands.

Some surface rust.

When you go through it, red oxide, under-seal was the protection plan when built.

However, thats a great water trap in the long run.

BFH exposed the extent of the problem.

The only bad place was about 150mm or 6” that will need cutting, cleaning and welding with a reinforcement.

Thick flake of rust.

On further inspection, the underslung fuel tank that Craig removed yesterday, seems to be Ready for retirement, inside and outside has a lot of rust.

Clearly a welded together tank, I think a new system of carrying fuel is needed.

I like the look and idea of a Jerry can/s mounted up rear as a gas tank, but it will raise the centre of gravity, which is meant to be as low as possible, considering this is going as low as possible.

So todays question is based around aesthetics meeting functionality.

If I go Mazda MX5 power, the fuelling will have certain demands, as will the rest of the build.

So finding an interesting route to deliver that, would be cool.

After scraping the chassis a bit, keeping in mind it needs a load of work, I tidied up and closed shop.

The next two weeks at work are going to be between insane and silly busy, so maybe not much time to mess with this thing.

However, I will do what I can.

So tonight, it is more than weekend over, rather….. great week off, not masses achieved, but it feels like I stepped off the treadmill for a bit.

I reassembled the front end panels as well, for looks and tidiness

Happy with the outcome.


Life is good.


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After work I went to the garage to just unwind a bit.

Took a sharpened hatchet.


Only a start, some very sticky grey paint, and Red oxide

Happy with every bit of progress.


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Went for my daily 2 mile walk early today.

Did a slight detour past the skip on the farm.


Sallys grandson already likes it.

Tonight after work, she popped in for a quick dinner and then headed home.

Two minutes after leaving she called me.

I thought oooopps…… what now.

She had pulled up in a lay by up the road, may e a mile away.

“Do you want a free bike” she asked.

I said yes, of course.

I thought pedal bike, and said yes, as I would just pass it on to someone who needs one.

She confessed that she did not know what type is was, but described that it was where the big, rich houses were.

So I grabbed the Focus keys and drove up there.

Yup, there. It was, parked at the intersection with a label attached “FREE!” So I went in to the second house and spoke to a Nigerian lady, who said it was from the 4th house.

So I drove there, knocked and spoke to thefather of the owner.

Seems that they are relocating, and were busy clearing out their house and toys. There was a large skip on the drive that I did not inspect.

However, he did say the bike was recently serviced and ran well. Just surplus to requirements.

So I went back home after pushing it down the lane and out of direct sight of the main road, removed the sign and went next door to see if Mickey was in, he was, but curled up asleep on his recliner, probably incapacitated.

So I ran upstairs and asked David, the one lodger if he would help me load it.

Oh yes, after the initial discussion, Sally had said it was a black motorbike.

So I grabbed the S10 and and we drove the mile down the road and loaded the orphan child.

It is a WK Bikes Trial 125cc
Front and rear disc brakes, electric start, set up for off road with knobblies fitted.

I got home, unloaded it and parked it.

Due to failing light and increasing mosquito activity.

So we mentioned FREE CASH before.

As found.

CDI system.

Electric start.


Parked up.

I will try start it tomorrow or when I get time.

Who knows.

It could be a nice little toy.

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What a great find!
Thats all Sallys work.
I just collected it for her.
Told her I would sell it for her and she can put cash toward the new cooker she needs.
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