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[quote author="[USER=58491]@misteralz[/USER]" source="/post/2695927/thread" timestamp="1630754166"]Noooooo! Flap wheels are too good at removing metal as well. Stick with the knotted wheel. [/quote]

Too late.

I have two going into battle.

115 mm

125 mm

And a ton of 125 discs in coarse humour.

Will try to modulate and not annihilate the chassis.

Andyes, I just removed the protection as it may allow some easier access.

So I tried to use the flap disc, not ideal in this case.

The heat and frequency/speed of the grinder just melted the underseal…….

So I switched to @pauly ‘s Knotwheel of truth tm

Soon it looked like this, I pulled a few spikes out of my wrists, flung into my skin at 12000rpm

The only rust I want to cut out on the frame (most people will pass it by, but I think getting it done is a better option)

Next up was a late linch, and I ran down to Tool station, only to be told hey had no knotwheels but if I drove another 10 miles or 16km there was stock.

Screw that was my response, so I went to two other shops, including a builders hardware where they did not even know what I wanted.

So I came home and asked my one lodger to use his Amazon Prime to order me £30.00 worth of knotwheels in flat and cup shaped .

Then I went out to carry on and used my last cup shaped wheel.

These knot wheels certainly work better and faster than the scraping, and do not get into all the tight spots.

Leaving me with another dead one and a total of 9 pricks in my skin.

Bootfair in the morning, maybe I will get lucky and find a knotwheel or two….. that would be cool.


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Bootfair was slim today, loads of junk that should be taken for lanfill.

Craig got another Ninja Turtles VW bus for his random VW aircooled collection, as well as the Coca Cola drum. £3.50

Sally got an unused, like new picture frame and some motorbikes for Harry total £1.50

I got her a pair of coat hooks for £1.00

And I got myself a large naval flag for £2.50 (not yet sure what to do with it)


Just had coffee and toast.

Decided to take the day off the Rezin Rockit as I do not have any more knotwheels until,Amazon delivers, and spend it with Sally the patient saint.

With the harvesting recently the S10 had gotten as dusty and grubby as anything, as has Sallys car.

So first thing is wash both cars, then vacuum them out.

Then we can go out in the truck, looking forward to a nice drive in that.

And go look for a super sized range cooker for her and replacement washing machine for my house, this ones bearings are grumbling a bit, so it will be consigned to scrap or if someone can use it in a workshop for overalls, rags etc, then that would be a good place for it.

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So today I took the day off with Sally.

Bootfair, followed by washing her Corsa and the S10. Then off to the appliance store.

I need a new washing machine, my typical brand is Beko, and I tend to stick with simple function 8-10kg machines.

Tha last one lasted over 10 years, and still works, only problem is the handle on the door has become partially resistant to opening, and my lodger nearly has a melt down when he has to do his laundry.

So I tried to order one instore…….. NOPE no stock.

Sally spent her motorbike and recycled stainless steel finds, buying a new cooker for £740.00 delivered, ouch. But she is happy.

We were home by 13.30, lunch, then Sally put a chair out in the sun and I grabbed a couple of bonus hours on the Rezin Rockit.

But not before her youngest came to show off his freahly MOT tested Corsa.

I like small cars……..

So down to the garage and onto the rear axle, plan was to scrape old paint, rust off.


Eventually ready for a bit of media blasting.

David, the current longer term Lodger was having a cigarette in the garden and took a short clip too.

I have a shortage of air, and I suspect there may have been a blockage in the line that @pauly will explain later.

Once again, weekend over, and to be honest, though I got a lot less achieved than intended, it was a good weekend.

Week ahead is a touch busy, so little progress expected.

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So today I managed to get some paint on after work.

Plan was a bit of red to go with the black out back, or even grey/gray but @pauly said it was too 80’s

And this tag for those who read and decipher tags.

In the end, I decided to go black all over.

Happy so far.

Tonight I also found my Amazon order out front, part 2 to be delivered later this week.\

I now need to order a set of bushes for the front and rear.

Found these, and they seem to cover pretty much everything, except the rear Anti Roll Bar bushes in the selection

At £150.00-ish probably a decent price for Poly Bushes, but I am wondering if a full set of original rubber parts can be found.

So some progress again today, unexpected as it was.

Next up, front suspension…….

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Made some time after work tonight to get going on the front end scraping.

What a horrible job.

Very messy too, and looks like it is badly damaged.

Actually not too bad,

Closed shop at 7.55 as bad light stopped play.

Hopefully get more time tomorrow night, weather permitting.

At least it has progressed.

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With running out of daylight last night I was ready to start again at 04.00 but of course decent light only comes at 6.30-ish

So I was out there by 07.00 and spent about an hour finishing the tops and front/rear surfaces.

Today I have two big training meetings and also have to do the day job.

I am also expecting a visitor from the deep South near Southampton with a gift offered me in September/October last year.
So @alpina99 will be headed here thos afternoon after work to drop off said gift.
With the Canary sitting waiting to have its heart torn out for the Rezin Rockit Resurrection it will probably be easier having an overhead gantry and block n tackle.

Once done with the day job today I will go flip the whole crossmember over, clean the underside followed by a quick run over with a wire brush and airline.
Followed by a coat of black Hammerite paint on one side, then flip it over and do the other side.

I will not be doing or cleaning the springs or shock absorbers as they need to be replaced outright with better and shorter items once I figure how short we can go.

Morning progress

And of course while down there cleaning, I was reminded thatboth front and rear brakes are damaged and missing things like a calliper and backing plate here, who knows what else.

The rear end is no better. With a hub and possibly brake parts missing off one side.

Fun. Real Fun this has become.

Just takes time.

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So during the late afternoon Nigel @alpina99 popped in, as you do, from Southampton (well nearby it)

He came up to visit and to drop off the carrier for the block and tackle he offered me for the carport, and to use when the MX5 engine ends up being torn from the canary.

We spent some great time together, mostly sitting chatting down at the carport which proved to be a great reception area, which still would not have been enough, had we been given 10 hours, discussing all sorts of things, from life and death to Spain, America, Karma and being kind to others.

Eventually he had to leave on his trip home to Mrs Alpina99 and I went out to inspect his current new to him, whip, an E39 BMW or as he explained to me, a 5 series. As I am not good with this numbered car thing.

As a retired prison officer of 30 years, he certainly makes the car look like a 3 series.

A few subtle upgrades make it just right.

I have to say, I was totally smitten with the wheels, and had we had more time, I would have wanted to try them on the S10 truck.

After work, I went down to carry on with cleaning the front subframe and suspension.

Again, I did not clean the springs or shock absorbers as they will be replaced.

It took a long time too, finishing what I had not managed to complete this morning, followed by flipping it over and starting on all the under side and invisible paint.

Hell, I hated this job.

Top side eventually done.

Flipped over



And at 7.00pm tonight, thankfully Sally had come around and cooked dinner, allowing me to finish.

I started the compressor up and used the blower nozzle to really blow all the scraped paint and rust and dust out of all the nooks and crannies.

Happy with that finish.

Paint next.

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Facebook just reminded me this morning.

It was a year ago that mate Fil collected this “car” for me in Scotland.

So Bill shot over to the body shop where the Rezin Rockit was stored along with mate Gordon

Finding the Eagle in the back of the yard.

Lots of green and garden

Moving it included a dead lift by Bill and Gordon to get it away from the wall.

Gordon Man-Legend

Car ready


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So today I created about 75 minutes early morning……

Followed by stealing some time this afternoon from work, clocking out at 4.00pm

So I painted the once side, then the other, taking one wheel off at a time to create easier access.

At this point I ran out of paint this morning…….

I sis not paint the springs or shocks as I am planning to add shorter springs and shocks, if I can find them, or else follow the teachings of the master @pauly and call in Mr Grinder for a loop or two.

So at lunchtime, taken at 4.00pm I ran into the village and got lucky, the local hardware guy, normally overpriced, had 1 liter of smooth Black Hammerite for £20.00 which is what B&Q charge for 750ml

Then back home and straight into finishing off the painting, and adding touch up and a second coat on parts of the structure.


Top side.

Bottom view.

I am contemplating going for vented Ford Capri 2.8 front discs and callipers.

And then of course my good mate JB Mathews in Oklahoma challenged me today, asking if the MX5 brakes and discs could not be transfered.

So there is tonights challenge question.

Ready for me to buy the Poly Bushes needed for the rebushing.

Looking for something else for work today, I found this little rocket pic.

Reminded me that I still want or need to create a logo for the Rezin Rockit


One year later this is getting better every day for me.

Lockdown and working from home is not ideal.

Therapy I guess.

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So the Rezin Rockit is due for a full Polybush makeover.

So this is a kit available from floflex Ford Cortina MK4, MK5, Front & Rear Bush Set (inc Cross Member) - FloFlex

Cost is £152.00 plus shipping, probably £160.00 landed.

I have looked at the parts and tried to identify and align the various bushes with parts of the front and rear suspensions and crossmember

I have failed……

Has anyone done this swap before and used these products?

If so, based on this photo from the advertising online, can you identify where they,go ?

And related to this as far as I can see, the rear has a 16mm Anti Roll Bar which I do not believe has bushes in the kit.

So question no 2 for anyone who knows their Fords……….

Is there a bush kit, or way to replace these bushes?

The one is a double with the one side having a 12mm bolt keeping it in place, the outer diameters are 25 and 30mm for the two ends where they are bushed.

Any advice, thank you.

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Anyone got a PASSENGER side lower trailing arm to sell?

Or know where a new one can be procured??

Seems we have a problem Houston.

Some Brain Surgeon welded the bush in on the leading end.

Welded both sides.

PM please if you do.

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In other news

Dennis’ birthday today.

Not the best of dates since 9/11

Today is his best mate Roger’s (since age 5 years old) Burnout party.

So the truck which he got back out this week after the last catastrophic self destruction was tested this week and held together.

Love the helmet and cup holders in a race truck.

800 plus horsepower from a Hendricks NASCAR motor.

So last night it was loaded for the 30 mile trip down i70 to Rogers place as it has not yet been inspected and registered or insured.

Looking forward to reports later from Dennis.

His comment after his local test drive to Mittler Brothers.

The truck is a tribute to the late Mike Mittler, a good friend, whose NASCAR trucks Dennis did all the bodywork for over the years.

They all came out and took a bunch of pictures of it. Mike's brother even came out and shook my hand
It's not a very street friendly truck. It does not want to go slow.
It doesn't like low speed and low rpm's as long as you are giving it gas and driving it hard it drives fine. Deb said I guess we can't take it on a Sunday afternoon drive. Well that depends on how fast of a Sunday afternoon drive you want.

So lets see if the truck survived today.


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Meet George.

Presumed to be a wild, feral stray…….

He has hung around my place for a few weeks.

Turns out he is a former indoors cat belonging to the new tenants two houses down from me.

He allowed Sally to touch him last week Wednesday.

Then I tried on Friday to get close to him and made contact.

He is a pot head…… loves catnip.

So this morning when I was checking out the underside of the MX5 on the ramps, there he was.

Crusty underside, missing the catalytic converter, do I replace it with a random piece of pipe or a small resonator box?

More crustiness.

So I fetched him some catnip and he went mad for it on the rear of the car.

After bootfair, breakfast, forum write ups and check ins, I went to check the underside of the car, followed by getting the tin of primer mixed up.

Painted every nook and cranny of the underside.

Pretty pleased with that.

Then went and had a coffee and checked the internet.

Followed by fetching Mickey to help me flip it over and painting the top of the chassis.

Once done, I stood back and just grinned.

George was not too bothered, but at least he checked up on me.

It has taken a lot of time and effort to get this thing this far.

Loads more to do, but happy with it all so far.

Once again, thank you to all those who contribute in any way they choose, be it text, phone call, PM, comments or gifted parts to fit, or specialist tools like the Void Bush tool sent to me in the mail by a random stranger.

Life is good.

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Back to the Suspension bushes.

The company whose bushes I previously posted up has already pisssed me off as they do not reply to emails, even a simple request, after I emailed an enquiry on Friday last week.

People like that do not deserve my business as they probably see customer service as something other companies do.

So kind of back to starting out looking for a supplier who is prepared to deal with someone who is not an F1 team, or weekend warrior racer.

I had a suggestion for SuperPro bushes on Rods n Sods and looking for a supplier found someone supplying the brand about 15 miles from here.

Comments elsewhere.

[font color="e619a4"]Go to super pro web site and buy once buy quality, the images should give you an idea of what goes where, all bushes are marked up so you know where they go, ive fitted plenty of these bushes to landrover over the years, very forgiving and nearly impossible to damage when fitting.

if you can't get the rear anti roll bar bushes have someone with a lathe makes them for you. to be honest those ones never gave any problems like the fronts on cortina's. i can honestly say i've never ever had to replace them for an mot and i've had/worked on hundreds of them over time.
re the kit you list, it's all pretty self explanatory where they go once you have them in hand and offer them up. also as it'll be a toy not a daily driver i wouldn't worry too much about them wearing prematurely either.

Also, last night when I got back from work in Lewisham a parcel was propped up against my kitchen door.

My replacement leading trailing arm

Needs a good clean, Knotwheel at the ready……. And primer plus Hammerite

Probably by the weekend.

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Have you had a look on the Burton Power website for bushes? Their site is pretty easy to navigate.

Fully bushed my Escort mk1 a couple of years ago using them.

If memory serves, when you ring them to order stuff, half the staff are polite and helpfull and half, not so much.

But if you can get passed that, they never let me down.

Worth a look 👍

P.S dont use the yellow bushes. I found that they started to crumble within weeks of fitting them.
No idea why. Strange but true.

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Also i used a company in Wales called Motorsport Tools for Ford parts. Very fast delivery from them and helpfull on the phone.

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Also i used a company in Wales called Motorsport Tools for Ford parts. Very fast delivery from them and helpfull on the phone.
thank you very much for the advice mate.
Just ordered today from a company in Wales and same experience.
half are bad
Half are good.

[quote author="@kevins" source="/post/2697599/thread" timestamp="1631697969"]If the rubber ones are not badly cracked I would re-use everything except the top ones in the axle which as above I would replace with estate ones, it's going to be so light comparred to the cortina that the standard ones are probably a bit on the stiff side even.[/quote]

Went against advice……

Have ordered a set of polybushes, rather than original style rubber items.

£131.00 delivered.

From what I could see, the rubber bushes will total up to a bigger cost than polyurethane.

If lucky, delivery on Friday or Saturday.

And then the dismantling, step by step and bush replacement one at a time, depending on how easily I get to remove the old ones.

Fingers crossed.

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So I had planned on using one of the two arms bought to replace the welded up one.

So before work this morning at 07.00 I went down to the garage, pulled out the grinder and knot wheel.

Then today when ordering the bushes I realised that there are three different sizes on each end, making for a load of permutations.

So when I checked, the one end was 50mm and the new ones were 43mm but the ones fitted were 47mm so I would need to replace both arms in order to keep things uniform

Sp after work tonight I had to go do no 2 as well.

Not too bad.

Then painted them and left them hanging to dry overnight and for the next few days.

Followed by mowing the lawn.

Lets hope the bushes all come out without giving me a hernia.

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Got this to use from a friend today.

Mr Grinder on standby.

Bigger question now is how to establish whether this shock is dead.

And then, what to replace it with if the spring loses a full coil.

Advice as always, appreciated.

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So the postie delivered nothing today.

But the DPD courier made my day.

And laid out.

I do hope that I will be able to figure out what goes where.

After work I went down to the garage, decided that the gusseting was probably the more important job to get started on.

Pulled the chassis out after pushing the wheels and suspension bits out the way.

Using CAD the job was not that awkward at all.

After some cutting, shaping, grinding, I was happy.

I had also tested out my stick welder, which is part of the MIG welder that has stopped working.

The 3mm plate I have used for the gussets are probably thicker than the tubing of the frame, so the stick welder should be perfect to create deep, heavy welds.

In the morning I will use a flap wheel to grind back the primer and any residual rust etc in the spots `I need to weld.

All my gussets are ready and waiting on the chassis for the welder.

Hope it all welds and works easily.

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