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Got home today from getting the Focus serviced.

Mickey shouted over the fence…… “Got a parcel for you”

So he hoiked a 19 pound box over the hedge.

It had a Home Office pass tape on it, so I guess inspected and passed.

Dennis had sent me a parcel with some treasures.

I actually only got to unpacking it at about 8.00pm and it made me laugh out loudly, tears in my eyes.

Generous yes, and crazy for sure.

Just reminded me that family is a lot more than blood.

Karma is a strange mistress, but I love her and know she balances the books at all times.

Unpacked the parcel, T-shirts for me and Craig and Sally from Clem in Arkansas and Dennis in St Louis.

I sent some cash to Clem’s Tuba Trucks Toy Drive via Dennis’ daughter in law Hanna on Paypal (you see we can all be kind and contribute to worthwhile charities) and in return I got a T-shirt.

Also included was some Oatmeal cream cookies, an all time favourite, and what had me laughing loudly was some of Roger Orf’s hunted smoked deer sausage.

The sausage was wrapped in bodyshop panel paper and masking tape to keep the wrapping together.

Just perfect.

Then parcel no 2 in a Rural King bag delivered a hoody for Sally and I each.

Way too generous.

And then, for the Rezin Rockit a pair of high end, 5 point racing harnesses.


And one for the passenger.

So there you go.

Karma bucket overflowing.

Life is good.

Roll on the weekend.

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Fantastic to have such good friends so far away but knowing they are always there. (y)
Mikey, I agree.

Of course I hope that I am the same for them or anyone else in reverse.

Being kind is really easy.

Smiling, listening, helping are all easy ways to do it.
Yesterday I spent an hour with my 91 year old ex father in law just listening and being there. His wife died 8 years ago this week. And to be honest, I had work to get back to but that could wait.
The kids charity I support through Dennis and Clem is much more than pink bikes and plastic toys. It also supports and ecourages a brotherhood of car and truck guys to think and be kind.
I offered to pay the shipping for the harnesses when Dennis said he wanted to add them to my build, he said we would sort it later and the extra stuff was all a bonus when I “expected” aT-shirt for my $100.00 donation.

So again I feel blessed to be part of a community like this one we are all part of.

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So today I took my lunch break and grabbed a coffee and headed down to the garage.

I had started on the mock up of the roll bar the other day, so continued with that.

Also a few other little jobs.

Do note, the drivers seat has been mounted lower because in the fully back position it needs to slide back and downward on the rails.

So if you move it forward for shortarsess if will raise it vertically.

Make sense?

And finally, drawn for copying, the cross bar for the harness mounts are at shoulder height.

I think I am liking this so far.

Remember 28 August 2020 ?

First pic or is that PIG entry on this thread.

When I came in today there were a few letters and a recycled padded envelope (my kinda thinking) addressed to me……..

First thought was that I had not ordered anything off Ebay, nobody had said they were sending a small envelope.

So I opened it………..

@peteh1969 had gone and created a 3D printing programme for the Rocket Pig and printed me some logos for the Rezin Rockit to use once it is ready to be on the road.

I will need to try paint them in chrome, and then hopefully get some clear resin to fill them in as badges for the sides.

I was chuffed as a chuffed thing can be.

These little details make a big difference.

I have another plan.

Small triangular side plates to add to the outsides of the seats, just to prevent sliding out, more as a visual detail.

In the style that @Dez put on his Transit, recovery.

With dimple die holes in three sizes. Or just step drilled in different sizes and finished off.

Or something like that.

Picture lifted from Dez’ thread.

Using the seatbelt bolt and securing pin to keep it in place.

Adding more and more little details, hmmmmmmm….?

maybe tomorrow will see some real work again.

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Nice when things just evolve rather than everything to a detailed plan👍

When it does.

Foggy and cold till midday today.

Remember the rescued scrap wagon.

Cleaned it all up, disassembled the cushions, washed them, reassembled.

Of course one panel missing…….

So I made a replacement rear panel up after getting all four wheels pumped up. What a pita when you cannot get to the valves.

Painted it white, then added some “distressed” blue stripes.

An inverse “Stars n Stripes” design due to the red wagon and white stars.

Then selected from my collection of motorcycle license plates, a plate to add to the rear.

Not really the plate I wanted to use but I had three AZ plates.

Have to wait for the enamel paint to dry fully as 4’C is not the optimal temperature for paint to dry.

So not much Rezin Rockit time, but a nice change of pace.

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[quote author="[USER=42856]@Westbay[/USER]" source="/post/2715340/thread" timestamp="1642325455"]"A Change is as Good as a Rest"[/quote]

Thanks Tony.

Absolutely agree, and change on my terms, means not Christmas or shopping or yard work.

I did spend some time clearing a load of epoxy or whatever from inside the Rezin Rockit body in preparation for taking on the A-pillars and steering or dash support today.

This morning after a night indoors, the paint was fully dried on themrear panel of the wagon.

Reinstalled it does look a bit weird, but I am leaving it like that, good enough to be a wagon for carting around treasures or work.

Garden wagon for Sally maybe.

Now off to the garage to get going with measurements, cutting, and tacking the flat bar and angle iron to create a strong carrier for the dash supports.

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The headlights on the RR will need replacing.

I have seen a few designs I like, or that have grown on me.

Now I give you: 24 volt, LED, ex-Humvee and from Afghanistan headlights.

Closer up.

So tonight, or tomorrow mornings question of the clever electrical types……

These lamps are 24V

Can one simplistically convert a regular 12V system to deliver 24 volts to these headlights?

Thanks for the input.

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Yesterday i started out with some yard work, and by 11.00 started on the RR.

Plan was to start creating a strong, supportive frame to support the Land Rover screen @GlenAnderson donated to the build and also make a place to attach the dash and steering column etc.

Space to lay the foundation.

First lengths of angle iron cut, drilled and bolted down to create a starting point, also drilled for eventual kick panel fixing.

Awkward reach, stretch, tighten.

Walked up to grab a coffee at the house and also go check up on Mickey next door, as I came back from looking through Micks front room window (he was asleep in his chair) @nickwheeler pulled in over the street.

He had come over to add to my limited hands, skills and planning. Perfect,

It is amazing how long some awkward jobs take,

Nothing is exact in this body tub, so every bit of steel has to be custom cut, shaped and made to fit, assembling, disassembling repeatedly takes time to get a decent fit before tacking and welding.

Upright tacked and welded to the bottom, and then top angle iron inside scuttle return clamped, welded in place, and then cross braced from sides upward.

Also pre drilled the holes for the door hinges.

Currently Land Rover items fitted, but liable to change if I cannot get them to open and shut easily.

Another slow but nice job was cleaning all the old silicon, epoxy, resin and paint from the top of the screen mounting surface.

But needed to be done to generate a decent fit.

Interestingly there is a 10mm deep dip between the sides and centre which will need some rectification later.

Also need to figure simple small, bottom mounted windscreen wipers and motors to be externally fitted on the screen.

Door frame and hinges looking good.

Holes above the top hinge, ready to fit the mirrors.

Mock up of door, panels and netting, along with Nick holding the screen frame in the position it will probably be fitted in.

Happy with that so far.

Followed by more welding and swearing as there is not space for a welding helmet under the dash, so open eye tacking before removing and doing a full stick weld.

Next job was to add in the scuttle brace for the screen and its 375mm diagonal braces.

Some G-clamps,muupside down tacking and a lot of swearing when I welded all the upside down contact points, amazing how welding splatter burns through 3 layers of synthetic fibers and continues to burn, a bit like getting a wasp up your trouser leg.

Amazing how many hands you need for some of the jobs, at times three G-clamps and four hands just got the jobs done.

MX5 dash and steering support being trimmed back while I was welding.

I really enjoy the company, but what it also great between Nick and I is actually getting on with other jobs if one of us is busy doing a one man job.

Looking back, we had little to show for the time spent, but in fact it was a huge step forward.

Tons of planning, proposing and visualisation went into yesterday as well.

Next jobs include cutting the old dash out, well, quite a bit as a new one will be created.

I also need to make a template for the screen support for the studs to be welded into the screen, holes marked and drilled for mounting and a good long look at the original fuel tank which may be completely FUBAR or reusable in order to create space for the exhaust to be mounted as a rear exit.

Dinner at Sally’s tonight, her treat for my birthday.

Later gang.

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Happy birthday Grizz, have a good evening.
Thank you Mikey

it was good.
Dinner early and home by 8.30

Remember the stables I went to help mate Craig pull down along with Fil from Cambridge.

That came down to allow for “redevelopment” as a residence.

In the mean time groundwork and foundations have been done.

Yesterday at 09.00 the new homes stud walls came onto site.

Pics from Craig.

We all need a strong long arm.

By 3.30 pm this was the status.

And this morning the chilly sunrise brought this view.

Not sure when exactly I or we will get the call to go help Craig raise the walls on the stables and get the roof on top of them.

Hopefully the weather will be kind when the time comes.

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Amazing how quick a house can go up now. (y)
my first house 30 years ago was timber framed too.

Went up fast.

I had planned on making the template for the front screen tonight and possibly drilling the scuttle.

But this cold, wet fog and along, hard day decided it was not a clever idea. Wusss?

Ordered these tonight.

£40.00 delivered.

Lets hope I do not see a pair for half the price.

Fitting as soon as it lands.

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[quote author="[USER=25061]@Grizz[/USER]" source="/post/2715909/thread" timestamp="1642624722"]So when rebuilding the front end I missed out on he track rod ends.

No real reason, but I did.


[img src="https://hosting.photobuck... just looking a bit different. [/quote][/img]

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Self harm 101.

Made me chuckle.

Upside down welding.

Yesterday I popped in at Sally’s Uncle Bob to see if I could squeeze one or two wiper motors out of him for a sensible price.

From this Land Rover.

His response was rather typical of a hoarder, both the value he knew they carry, but also his nephew is going to restore it…….

Missed out then.

While I was there I got some fine mesh……… stop screaming in the back.

This is still in the back of my mind.

Also, while rummaging in Bobs yard, I saw this old rusted out fuel can.

The MX5 battery is mounted inside the rear side of the trunk/boot so in the RR I need to mount it in the rear and figure a cover……

Could this work?

I think so. Lined in ply and coated in paint, or clear lacquer.

Also today when I got in Mickey had my new rear shocks.


Weekend job I guess.

Also ordered new tie rod ends tonight, delivery next week Wednesday.

And then the rattle snake in the grass……….

I am concerned……

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Have you taken Hoarder Bob to your place Grizz to show him what your doing etc. I would love to have a mooch around his place. (y)
UncleBob has been to my place once.
He has been trying to sell me two A35 Austins as he sees loads of space fpr more crap.

Unfortunately hehas had thefts there and is quite private about showing off his crap.

But it is a great place. Loads of sheds filled with loads of rare and unusual stuff. Ransomes tractors, Russian stuff etc.

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This week has been a bit (very) busy with admin stuff, targeting and target lists and general day job stuff.

However, I do want to ask all the IT geniuses out there, why would an XL spreadsheet on Teams only allow one person at a time to edit it. (No need to reply)

Spectacular inefficiency again from the bosses, they give you a rally car with one wheel missing and expect you to win the race.



While waiting my turn to go in and edit the list, I was angry enough to pop to the garage and grab the new rear shocks.

15 minutes later I closed the garage.

Job done.



Little wins ehhhh.

Today I want to go make up the drilling template for the screen support and scuttle and get the holes drilled in the body and steel that I welded in upside down on Sunday when @nickwheeler came over so we could create the supports and framework from which the steering and dash will be grown.

It was a good day for sure.

Once the scuttle is drilled, the template needs to be reverse marked onto the underside of the glazed Land Rover screen which then needs 5 holes drilled in order for the threaded bar or cut off bolts to be fitted in there and then Tig welded in place at Nicks place or possibly here as fitting studs for the screen.

I also need to start thinking of removing the seats again so the body can be lifted and the underside painted black, either with underseal or some regular black gloss paint to get it looking uniform. Of course I already have a load of regular black paint…….

Remember this messy underside?

Onwards as @pauly says.

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it is coming along quite nicely (y)

keep up the good work and updates ;)

oh , and stay safe !
Thanks Ernie.


Carefully measured out and drew in screen base size.

Measured 5 holes on scuttle top and drilled first pilots with 5mm HSS bit, managed to snap it on hole 5 due to corder hand drill and my cack handed position over it.
Replaced the bit from my stash of smaller bits and finished hole no 5

Then up to 8mm as I was headed toward 12mm to allow ease of fitting and some movement space once the studs are welded on.

So started hole no 1 again, using some cutting spray from the drill press.

And suddenly I was skating on ice.

Tried the other holes, changed bits and Fail after Fail.

I recall when cleaning and preparing the angle iron for welding the sparks were of the type typical of harder steel.

Maybe the angle iron was from some structure that was built to resist corrosion or have a certain strength.

In the end I walked away, defeated.

I guess next step will be to go find one of those clever coated drill bits in the hope it will penetrate the steel.

Frustrated as can be right now…….

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