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hare / hair brained idea :unsure:

it's orange :cool:

what's not to like

do it

yes , do it ;)
Of course you would have me do it.

In other news…….

Bootfair was a touch sparse.


Chicken for Craigs wife £2.00
Tiling hammer for Craig £1.50

4 pound weight £1.00
JD glass 50p
Bowls £1.00
Ceramic knobs £1.00
Body hammer £1.00
Pair of headlights £2.00 (for sale)

Not much, home by 7.45 for breakfast.

Garage in a bit once yesterday on the Rezin Rockit is written up.

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Lots of yard work this time of year.

But tried out the side panels.

Looks like they will be good once bolted down.

Plan with the heater pipes was to just do a straight and return system.

Until the last screw on the matrix, along with its hollow clamp started to fight me.

After more than an hour of fighting it, destroying the Philips head screw, finding and cutting down a new one and still failing, I walked away.

One little screw.

Hopefully today when Nick is here, and I have a spare set of hands, to align the pipe, hold it in place and screw the screw in once the mini clamp is in place, I will be able to tick the heater off the master list.


Between us, Nick and I were never 100% happy with the original position of the radiator and the cooling fan was a problem to fit.

So yesterday he dismantled the fan, its frame etc, and with some spacers, grinding and magic, got to move it all 25mm closer to the radiator, yet retaining the frame.

Creating new brackets, welded onto the ARB mounting plates gave us enough space, and a new, horizontally mounted radiator that also benefits from maximum exposure.

The original top mount brackets I made, have been modified and hold it in place, without any tension or torsion.

I will do some final weld up and tidying where the edit has happened.

Looking a whole lot better from the front now.

The radiator hoses all need replacing as the reroute and new position is different to the low, flat MX5 design.

Coffee, then headed out.


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Sunday was a “slow” day.

Morning spent in the garden with some jobs that needed doing.

A lot of stuff still to do as plants do not stop growing just because I am having fun or not, in the garage.

Filling in the pie cuts in the top brackets, painting them, Hammerite painting a few grinds and welds on the chassis all takes time.

Once bolted in (again) the wiring to the headlights, side lights laid out.

Radiator hoses in the new position are all being replaced with new, easy bents and straight runs.

Another overdue job was to make up the final solid legs for the passenger seat, which is mounted slightly higher than my drivers side (long torso, short 29” legs)

Recessed, captive nuts and a foot to spread the load both ends.

The rear one in fact more of a reverse “C” to use the body mount, thus leaving space for the new roll bar mounting footplate to sit with sufficient space to work with once I get back to that and weld new mounting plates to the chassis.

Yup, still not done welding.

So getting it in position and tacking the top and bottom plates in place meant an interesting technique to say the least.

But all good and done.

Nick was not happy with my welds and whisked it away when I went to make some coffee and added more weld to it 😁

I guess we both do this, checking and editing each others work at times to maximise things like strength and aesthetics on the build.

Happy family.

Pic taken for a nosey lady friend in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Nick carried on with more small jobs, and there are a ton of them, fitting the correct tensile bolts to the steering shaft, checking brake lines, spacing the front grille, which will be getting another edit next weekend to allow easy fitting of the hood/bonnet.
Amazing how much stuff you end up doing 2,3,4,5 times.
Only a car builder will understand.

How many times has it been up and down, how many times have the wheels been on and off…….

Too many questions.

Late day job as we ran out of jobs to do.

The CAD filler panel for the grille and radiator, both to deflect air over the radiator and to fill that ugly hole looking into the engine

Light spray of black paint to blend it in a bit.

That works.

And front view.

Despite what seems an age, and it has taken some time, these jobs are all part of the bigger picture.

I need to get over to Car Builder Solutions this week to buy all the needed hoses, bends and connectors for the cooling system

Just need to find some time to get to it all.

Thanks for checking in and keeping a vigilant eye on us.

Thanks for all the comments and advice as well.

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Message sent.

Afternoon Steve,

That orange G30 ‘76 Chevy camper you have.
Do you know much about it?
I need to drive it to St Louis, Missouri, or have it trailered if not at all safe to hit the road.
There are various ways of doing it.
BUT as you have warned me away before when I was interested in that Winnebago, I would also be very happy to take your advice.
I usually come to the USA for three weeks every year and have access to all sorts of cars and trucks at Dennis Jones’ place in St Louis, but the idea of buying and driving something stupid like this, leaving it in the USA and then using it again the next year, does appeal.

We know these things are nearly 50 years old, so stuff can be very worn, old and unreliable, but some 50 year old cars are well kept and would be happy to just keep going.

So I guess asking your opinion or knowledge on this is what I need.


Rian in London, England (well, Rochester, Kent really)

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Sat at a hospital (Princess Royal University Hospital) in a carpark for 70 minutes yesterday, waiting for a parking space to open.

None opened, so I drove around to a shopping centre and paid my £2.00 for two hours limited parking, (do not return for 4 hours or get a £100.00 fine)

Went in, did some work and left. Not ideal at all. In fact quite stressful, but hey…. We all have different problems.

Got home late as I made a couple of detours and all I did was walk down to the carport, found the original transmission tunnel carpet, saved to be used as a template as it is wedge shaped.

I need to order some automotive carpet and make up the carpets at some point.

Interestingly, we know there are no symmetrical lines to the body.

Case in point…… How the hell do you build a mould and actually manage to make the two tunnel sides so differently.

Making the new one will be interesting, but at least there is a template of sorts.

Ebay has a 3 meter by 1 meter roll of black carpeting for £25.00 delivered.

I think the buy it now option sounds good.

@nickwheeler and I need to make our 3rd visit to Car Builder Solutions too, to go get the hoses, connectors nd bends for the cooling system.

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How do you define it when you are so close that things blur in your line of vision.

I guess the latest order off eBay is a bit of a refocus.

Still a ton of cosmetic and setting up things to do, and for anyone who has not done this sort of thing themselves, or judge progress by the money they pay others to do the work only to then show off “their build” it is never going to be easy to understand why the car was not started over Easter or last weekend, or last night.

Still, it will happen.

@nickwheeler are probably as tired of fitting and removing the wheels, axle stands, wiring loom etc as the onlookers.

Sally is a saint, putting up with it all, allowing me to go play most times I want.
Remember the Moonwalk some of you sponsored her so generously for?
That is on this weekend, and all I am contributing is to pick her up at the station on Sunday. Poor show from me.
A very good friend (whom I have never met in person) gave me a real wake up call yesterday, pointing out where my priorities should lie.
And he is right.

But in the mean time, progress I guess can be defined by ordering 3 meters of carpeting for the car.

Ohhhh, and buying £51.18 worth of Unleaded, that is 31 litres or thereabouts.

Optimism is good.

Hope to get to Car Builders Solutions to get the radiator hoses and bends after work today.

Almost the weekend.

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Not that that is a problem in itself, but time is counting…..

Or something like that.

Hoses bought for the radiator and cooling system, £60.00

Fitting, priming, antifreeze etc, Weekend job.

Mate @CraigRK is flying to India for work in two weeks time.

I asked him to look into alternative LED headlights for the Rezin Rockit for me while out there.

I can get these for around £80.00 each here in the UK.

BUT - Aliexpress who do not shop to the UK it seems (I am often wrong) will supply them for around £30.00 each in India.

Watch this space.

Summer seems to finally be here.

Hedges need to be cut, lawn mowed etc, so a load of non car build jobs to be done.

Have a good day, it is Friday after all.

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One of those random posts today.

As always, thanks for checking in and commenting.

I have not done anything like this for some time. Well, since my charity bicycle ride a few years ago that so many people supported. And that went beautifully because people literally donated what they could. From the coins in their cars to some amazingly generous and large donations that had me choking back real tears.

Sally is doing this Moon Walk from a point of real conviction and the least I can do for her is to spread the word.

If you feel this is not your circus, not your monkeys, it is quite OK.
But if you feel inclined to donate any amount to this worthy cause, please follow the link and donate.
Sharing the link, if you feel it may help spread the word is good too.
I can only thank you deeply on behalf of Sally and those who benefit from Breast Cancer research, male and female.

Click the link to see more and decide if this is a worthy cause to contribute to.

Thanks again for any responses.

Remember the 24th January this year.


I believe it is still open for donations, any size would do.

Sally and Sal (Sally) have completed the full Moon Walk.

She reports that they are both knackered.




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@nickwheeler popped over yesterday afternoon and propped up with coffee proceeded to measure, mark and cut some pipes.

Ask him about the difference between 100mm and 165mm (😁 And no, he did not screw up)

Most important bend…….

Negated the need for more 90’ bends and connectors.

Top of radiator to thermostat entrance, somewhat offset from each other on all planes, horizontal, vertical and diagonal.


Looking goooood.

Air intake refitted.

Awesome !!!

Bottom hose was a cinch.

Ohhhhh and just to mention, Nick clocked all the clamps and left it looking way too tidy.

He demanded I paint the ally pipe black.

I think not.

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Header tank has been a PITA for @nickwheeler and I.

Various options, from a Cripple Cock cider bottle to a home made, 3” exhaust pipe tank and a walk around the bootfair today all failed.

I was going to try UncleBob the hoarder to see if he had something interesting or random.

Most of my day was spent around Sally, and the crazy woman, despite no sleep and doing that 26 mile night walk, fetched Bonnie and came to play with her in my garden, you call that loyal beyond any shadow of a doubt, and that is to a dog she made a covenant with.

Eventually at 5.00 she went home to go crash and rest, so I went to the garage, only to get a call from @brachunky way up north on a farm, we spoke for an hour about our home town and what an 1150GS with 80k miles was worth.

After that I dug out this little tank in the hope it would work as a header tank.

Then realised it was just not going to be right.

Planned position was drivers side inner wing.

Then I fetched the original MX5 unit, oddly shaped to fit into the tight space in the engine bay.

Everything back to front……

Tried to figure out how to make it work.

Pulled out some compressor hose that @disasterbus dropped off here months ago.

Went round to Mickey to try find some small jubilee clamps, failed, then came home and robbed two from my 7 horn La Cucheracha air horn trumpets that Nick does not like.

An hour later, some brackets made, painted, the front grille moved back, to allow the hood to close.

And finished.

I am pleased with that.

Looks good and another small job done.

Planned on some painting of the boards I did for the floor yesterday, but decided a mug of tea and a cheese sandwich sounded better.

Shop closed by 7.00pm.


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A hectic day, including 2.5 hr national meeting in which I was mentioned twice for different things, both good.

Left early and saw this threatening signage, wonder why a road being resurfaced, needs CCTV

What a screwed up world this has become.

Afterwards I needed a bit of random distraction.

So took the seats out, cleaned the inside of the car and masked off parts of the tub, then painted.


One side.

Both sides.

Just looks tidier.

I also painted all sides on the floor boards.

Just to help weather proof them a bit.

And all done.

Binned the sponge roller I had used and cleaned up my hands, pushed the Rockit back under the roof and shut shop.

Before I left, I noticed this nursery of new baby spiders.

I wonder how long average house or garden spiders do live.

I prefer not to mess with them.

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So it has turned out that there are a few people who really wanted to see Napalm Nellie as baptised by @pauly rolling down Route 66 and others looking for interesting cars, trucks and life in general in the 🇺🇸

A few screenshots from chats with Dennis and JB Math again confirmed that like @alistairk experienced, there are helpful people out there.

Needs to be read in sequence.

Speaking with Dennis yesterday it turns out there is no title for the camper.

So I think this plan will be shelved.

And confirmed by JB Math as well.

So for now, it seems Napalm Nellie has to be put to the side.

Something else will surely pop up.

Who knows.

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Painted the lower kick panels black this morning, they may get carpet or not

Nick had suggested, rightly so, that I add some padding or insulation type material to the flooring to which the carpet will be attached and wrapped around, to prevent it wearing through in days, weeks, real fast, due to heel action.

So the yoga mat will hopefully be useful.

After work I pulled the thick ply out, cut some templates (the two sides actually differ a lot) and drew on a pattern to cut out.

Shaped, ground back, fitted……

Paint to follow later.

The hole at the rear is where the roll bar will be mounted through onto the chassis.

And yes, different for a reason, the seats are completely different and mounted differently.

Small job done, but it saves an hour later.

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