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I like the webbing and I think it will wear better. (y)
Have decided to hold off on that for a bit.

Webbing is my choice too.

Rear light units came today.

Took longer than anticipated, but all good.

So after work I went down to make up some splash guards for them.

Measured, cut and folded.

Bottoms folded up.

Fits the hole.

Thats a good thing too.

John the lodger got home and came down with a beer.

This aids the thinking processes.

And wraps around the lights nicely.

Added some insulation to the rear where the contacts may make contact.

Being a bit more adventurous than me, he started to test the lights, wiring, switches etc.

Battery is almost dead, so it was a struggle, but except for the rear foglight, all the rear lights are wired, and the new lights are a massive improvement on the old.

Once the shields were done and test fitted, I decided to shut shop and come up.

Magic Mike moved the car.

Another small job completed tonight.

Headlights, side lights, side repeaters, and a few more bits, plus restoring the wiring………

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Decided that as I had paid for the lot, I may as well destroy it all while at it.

Wipers that is.

Measured, marked,Bent, cut.

Shorter for sure.

May have to make some stays to stop the sweeping.

Painted the folded, cut and drilled tips.

Back together.

I do hope it all comes together sufficiently.

Small jobs.

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A day off work always sounds like a great idea.

Especially when you choose to be off.

But when you do not, and feel a bit rubbish, it is still a good thing. Right?

But there is always stuff to do.

Yesterday I checked the cells in the battery that came with the car, intending to put it on charge.

Cells were all dry, took 1.5 litres to fill, no wonder it was so light.

I hate duff, tired or dead batteries, so time for a new one.

John the lodger picked up a new battery on the way home from his favourite battery shop. Cost £55.00

While trying the front wiring, the original airbag (disconnected) steering wheel would not activate the horn, may need some magic or new alternative.

But I also looked at alternatives.

Eunos wheel.

Mot pretty.

Fits but needs a working horn push.

A spare, fitting centre boss, but no wheel or horn push.

And the wheel I really do prefer for looks.

But the centre boss is a differently splined unit.

So many options…….

Do I blend two steering wheels to make up one that fits?

Or stick with Mr Ugly.

Suspect Ugly it is.

For now.

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Spectacularly rubbish night. 12 hours in bed, maybe 5 slept in total.

Bored to hell by 9.30 so went to the garage and stood and stared at things.

Liking what I see, but bored within 10 minutes.

So I found a lazy, slow job to do.

Fix the dash a bit, original design was in a different direction…… leaving gaps.

Created template.

Found some wood and tools.

More shaping after making a second one, yes, V1.0 was not quite right.

More materials.

Looks like a fit.

Glue, fit, pressure.

Done trimming back.

Vinyl next I guess.

Knackered, from doing nothing.

Came indoors.

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Covid certainly slows me down.

But I struggle to sit still, and indoors is a killer.

After a slow walk around the bootfair, which netted exactly zero, I had breakfast, sat around a while, then went to the garage.

Gathered some bits of metal.

Measured, cut to.size, drilled etc.

Drilled and tapped the rear support



Solid stick welds.



Tell you what.

That screen is a load more solid and stable now.

It was good, now it is better.

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Looking at that bar now Grizz, I don’t see any need to wrap it in anything. It looks great just in paint. If you bang your head on it getting in and out you will only do it once. :)

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Looking at that bar now Grizz, I don’t see any need to wrap it in anything. It looks great just in paint. If you bang your head on it getting in and out you will only do it once. :)
Morning mate

interesting observation.

I have just ordered meters of black nylon webbing to wrap it and the rollbar as it will give me the look I wanted from the start.
Marmite maybe but only I need to live with it.

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Shortest report ever.

Thanks to Covid.

3 holes drilled, 3 P-Clips fitted to brake lines.

I gave up, and came in to,sleep,2.5 hours.

Nasty stuff.

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Came to a decision yesterday.

My car, my build, my visualisation, my way,

Advice always appreciated.

I walked down to the garage just to get out the chair and off the couch.

Saw this support, which I really like.

Then thought about it, walked back and fetched the garage keys, got a length of high density foam from the rafters.

Added it to the brace.

Then wrapped it in 50mm wide black nylon webbing.

Both tidier and arguably “safer”

I like the look, as mentioned before.

Ordered some fresh new webbing off Evilbay.

Both the rear section as done before, and the cross brace will get this treatment.

Those who do not like it, I am sure will not be doing their car builds like that.

And anyone who really really really hate it that much, come buy the car, take it home and fix it for yourself.

Problem solved.

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Looks great Grizz and won’t hurt as much when you bang your head.:D Get well soon.(y)

hopefully not.

Previously spoke about this.

Contemplating it.

Never actioned.

Today I was thinking, while indoors, trying to rest with this bloody Covid.

Do I add a 500mm drop down front façade below the red panel, to end up just above the level of themgarage door?

It will help weather and rain proof the area a bit more when rain comes in hard from the East.

I plan on painting it the equivalent of Castrol Green and adding some fake garge signage in Rwd onto it.

Looking over the hedge from the neighbours garden.

Hope you get the idea.


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Looks like it is on again.

And a cheaper flight by around $130.00 or 100 English Pounds than the last one in 2019.

Hopefully I can make it into Pueblo, Colorado to Snyders Junkyard to see what is available, with title and at a sensible price.

Still contemplating where to post the road trip report.

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10 minute job.

All I could get done today.

@nickwheeler and I spoke about these lityle bits before.

Why not sort them all when building originally.

My excuse was running out of underseal.

But a can of satin black works fine.

Plus some masking.

Jobby done.

But I should not have.

My eyes tell the true story.

Knackered still.

Also masked the wheel arches while I was at it.

Much better after.

Another little tidying up job out the way.

First 10 meter roll of webbing arrived today.

Waiting for the 15 meter roll.

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Back to work.

Bit of yard work done.

This part of the carport build is 18 months overdue.

This was where it was headed.

Think an extension of my Sinclair Oil corporation colours, first started on the framework of the carport.

Red on Green.



Add some blue and red.

And that was it for tonight, give the Hammerite 24/48 hours to dry.

Next stop, fitting, fixing and signwriting.

Or something like that.

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Reflective rear end.

Should reflect.

That is very RED, really RED.

Second coat.

Now to try leave it alone a few days to dry through.

Weekend is here.

First beer opened.

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Had lunch.

Job done.

More to come, but the structural stuff is done for now.

There is a “Plan B” for further damage control if needed, but not for now.

Started off and stepped back, thinking errrrmmm…… NOPE.

Carried on, redid plate no 3 as it is different and was visibly wrong.

Still not sure.

Then did numbers 4, 5 and a short 6 and it looked tatty.

Started to add in the red, stabilising structural strip at the bottom…..

Feeling better.

And then the second part added made it look a lot better.

Finally added a short strip to the end where it meets the garage gable wall.

Tidy enough now.

A few more visual bits to add and it should look good enough.

Also, the daylight is still more than enough in there.

What shall I do next then?

Tempted to mess with the Rezin Rockit but wiring is just not my thing.

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Added a bit of detail.

Also did some small jobs like painting all the screws white etc.

And happy with the result here.

Just need to find the red hose for the pump and do a final assembly.

Beer time I think.
Are you going to sign write it with Grizz Garage. :D
If someone made up the sign and delivered or sent it……….

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