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Vacuum solenoids - hopefully this'll help you identify on a wiring/vac diagram

Thank you very much.

Interestingly Nick posted this up 5 minutes after I asked on Retrorides

They're the fuel tank and carbon cannister solenoids.
Your new fuel tank doesn't have the necessary plumbing for them.

They're connected because I don't know if the ECU notices if they're not there, and so we don't keep looking at random unused electrical connectors. They are removed from the bulky components they are associated with.

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Hottest day of the year.

Spare wheel repainted same as the others.

At least something got done.

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So on Tuesday a lot of nothing happened in the extreme heat.

John the lodger had gone from 8 hours of driving instruction time to one hour during Monday afternoon, so,he rescheduled the one hour that was left in his diary to,Friday and took the day off.

I worked from home as hospitals were on high alert and on Monday I was in one and realised the heat was not a good thing at all.

Being well ahead of my targets and quotas meant mainly administrative tasks that could be done sitting under a tree, drinking Pina Colada’s (by the bucket)

Heat under the carport hovered around 39’C

The dark green roof may have something to do with it of course.

So John and I went and started on the side lights, under the carport by 09.00 ( I had been up before 06.00 and run through a load of admin before 8.30 )

It took us nearly 4 hours to find a fault in the drivers side, including disassembly and checking of the rear lights that @nickwheeler had previously sorted.

Mate Martin called around 12.30 to see how I was enjoying the heat as his company had shut for the day, speaking with John, they narrowed it down to a duff earth as the side light was acting as indicator and various tests showed passenger side was fine.

One shortcut earth and it was all good.

So wiring was soldered in place and I bonded both the side lights into the fenders for the final/first time.

Once these were done, it was time for a cold celebratory beer for John, water had been flowing all day.

Using 4 different sets of instructions and Google, replacing one blown 15 amp fuse (possibly just a wire touching and shorting at some point) we proceeded to decipher and get the relays I had bought previously to work.

At some point the one side tested like this……..

A few hours of work found both headlights, the halo’s and side lights all working.

A lot of forward and reverse went on through the day, neither of us are electricians, and Martin’s advice helped John understand the intricacies more clearly.

While he was on the lights, I did various little jobs of tidying up and getting things together.

One was to drag the bits for the pretend”Race car doors” out of hibernation……..

Laying it all out and trying to recall what the original plans were for their assembly.

In the end after some mocking up around 18.30 and swearing a bit, I put them aside.

In stead, I started to wrap all the exposed wiring and looms, right down to 2 wire,sections, in self amalgamating tape.

Doing it all in black and removing and untangling parts then anchoring them in the engine bay has transformed the space as well.

I am really really pleased with the result as it came out better than expected.

I guess making the extra effort does pay off.

In the mean time, John whom I had dismissed after a long day, as it was now 8.00pm and he had been down there all day, except for going to pee once, insisted on figuring out how we could have the ring halo lights run separately on an ignition live.

We still need to find one in the power distribution box or somewhere, it is out there.

But then they will act as DRL’s which looks pretty cool.


For everyone’s pleasure.

Angle of the camera makes it look like they are not both working, trust me….. ZOOMERS, they all work fine and are actually the same.


Next jobs include the rear fog light, which iirc is an LED and may also require a relay if wired into the loom, alternately just a live off a switch in the cab for testing time.

Hooter needs to be fitted and made to work, I was looking for something interesting and obnoxious to fit but have pretty much failed to find anything, same as an MX5 service manual to have on standby.

Then the elephant in the room…….

Fuel pump wire to be reinstated in the loom and maybe………. Crank over and start.

Thanks for checking in.
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Impulsively and on short notice I took Friday off this week.

Came up to Shropshire to help Craig after we got Fil “Sparkplug” and his wife to agree to come up in their campervan from Cambridge.

Craig had bought these 20 year old stables from the lady he bought his house from.

She was replacing it and rebuilding a new home on the foundation footprint (Crazy English planning permission rules)

So what he bought was this.

We dismantled it in November……….

So up by 04.30 and by 09.00 I was here and by 10.00 Fill and Mrs Sparkplug was parked up outside too.

Uneventful trip had me stop to grab a couple of pics along the way.

Life goes on……..

Our task for the two days was this…….

Get the rest of the structure and roof up so Craig could carry on with the build on his own.

So once the unpacking, unwinding and coffee was done, we went up to the workshop space and discussed, planned and double checked various parts of the planned erection.

So the main, to be exposed ridge beam was lifted into place and then with a strap we pulled it to align and drop into place as rain and being stored in kit form for 9 months had had certainly affected some of the panels.

Fil the strapping lad tidying up after the heave-ho.

Of course what does not show in all of these photos is the amount of time it takes to make small tweaks for fitting, and larger tweaks for our own health and safety.

Nobody wants to get hurt 200 miles from home, let alone at home.

Ridge beams all fitted and various extra bearers and supports added

Inbetween Craigs wife and Nicky made sure we were motivated with food and drinks…….

Thankfully it was overcast all day.

Next job was to start sorting through the pile of roof panels that had been packed and piled around the back of the temporary garage.

Then a decision was made

On how to raise the super sized and heavy, trust me, roof panels safely onto the structure.

The old dividing walls were laid on the floor as a stable work surface, followed by fetching the hydraulic engine hoist on the Radio Flyer wagon.

Every panel needed more denailing, and then strengthening with 100mm to 150mm screws to ensure they lasted another lifetime.

The original build was all done with nails.

You can see the size of the small panels vs the larger ones we were standing on.

Loads of lifting and shifting, and also using these low down dollies over some OSB boards to get the panels into a workable position.

Lifting these large heavy panels onto the roof is dangerous and heavy work.

So using the engine hoist to do the initial dead-lift made a load of sense.


And number one up and over.

Screwed down, with more interior screwing down going on.

At this point it was around 18.30 and rain had set in earlier.

So we decided that the rain was just going to make things dangerous and slippery…….



At the point where we stood under the cover, looking out and feeling pretty pleased with ourselves for the work done so far.

Closing shop meant covering things over, strapping bits down and heading indoors.

Lorraine had planned it all out for us in the farm kitchen……

DIY Pizzas.

I think we were all long gone to sleep by 10.00

Both Craig and I were awake by 03.00 as we sleep less that we want to.

I chatted with Dennis for a while then dozed off again till 6.00

More in a while.

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Saturday morning broke early and we got some odd jobs done, then breakfast, after which we stormed the rest of the roof panels.

The first four panels are massive and we were thankful when the were screwed down as they also created a landing pad for the next few which we manhandled and lifted up, three of us lifting and Craig on top, pulling and positioning, along with Kyle, they did all the top fastening, leaving Fil and I to do the stuff below.

We did find some time to laugh as well.

Fil had his parole revoked.

More of the same, refitting the panels as they were marked when disassembled.

We eventually made it to the last panel……..

Tidied away tools for the night.

Started a fire for BBQ…….

Anyone who has not done one of these builds, do not be deceived into thinking its a quick job.

Very different to a team who do it for a living and have plans.

This was all re-engineered.

And if you look at the photo of what it started out as, you will notice a lot of re-engineering.

Changes in wall plans etc.

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While the fire was burning, we carried on tidying up inside the workshop.

Craig could not contain himself.

This is where the bench should go……

Outside his home office.

Which the first room will be.

Overhang is just right to keep most weather off the doors.

This side will be office, woodworking shop, and the extended section includes a double door out the further side for motorcycles and mechanical stuff.

Once we settled down next to the fire and started to chat, I suggested we could get the roof felted in the morning, as the rain had stopped again.

So at 7.00pm we raced over to B&Q to buy 13 rolls of 5 year roofing felt as a temporary measure till Craig can get up and do the shingles he has planned.


When we got home, Kyle and Lorraine Had cooked dinner……

Awesome food, company and Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire……..

At around 10.00pm I was dead, and Fil always helpful, managed to help me remember the next morning.

I got up and slunk off to bed.

Sunday awaited.

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Being the restless sleeper I am, I heard the rain coming down all night, in varying degrees of intensity.

Sunday morning by 6.00am Fil and I were sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee/tea while Craig was up at the shop, already cutting, sawing, banging……

So we went to join him, but it was wet, and all we could do was move stuff about, clean up and prepare for felting the roof later.

By 10.00 we had had breakfast, in an effort to give the rain a chance to move on, and by 11.30 Fil and Nicky left for Cambridge as it had become obvious the rain was not going to stop.

Craig, Kyle and I went back and they started to strip off some of the old felt that had not come off with the disassembly….. hard work, hampered by the rain not allowing the blowtorch to heat the tar sufficiently.

I removed nails and inspected the rooftop in the mean time, waiting for the rain to go……

Eventually after a coffee and goodbyes at 12.30 we called it a day, and no felting had been done.

I headed home and Sally had promised to cook sweet n sour pork on noodles

Road conditions dried out an hour from Craigs and by the time I got home, it was sunny and 29’C

Bonnie was happy to see me too.



And a final word from Fil.

Time To Sleep is directly proportional to the volume of Jack Daniels Cinnamon consumed - an experiment that was repeated to prove it wasn't just a co-incidence the first time!

It really was a great weekend and a wonderful sense of achievement when we got that last panel in.

I remember clearly when taking those roof panels down how glad I was that I wasn't going to be one of the poor sods who had to put them back up again

With Craig's thoughtful planning and having the original team who understood how the whole thing needed to be stitched back together the job was actually a lot easier than I'd feared.

As ever Craig & Lorraine's hospitality was second to none and Kyle is always a pleasure to work with. Rian, well, I don't have to say that it's always great to catch up with you and I love those little things like us living a couple of hours away from each other but meeting up four hours away for you to deliver my latest new tool! You managed to bring two different snacks which I haven't had since my childhood was also one of those quirks of fate that add an intangible and unmeasurable grin factor to what was a great couple of days.

The enjoyment to effort ratio was heavily skewed in favour of enjoyment for me.

The felting would really have been the icing on the cake, but it was not to be. We got the important work done that Craig simply could not have done without a couple of extra people and that's what counts.

The only negative was that the exact same journey cost me nearly exactly £30 more in fuel than it had 9 months ago - but there's nothing we could do about that.

I didn't partake of the Jack Daniels but don't mind admitting that I found myself nodding off on the sofa yesterday afternoon. Exercise and fresh air is great for that. Slept until about 7 this morning which is a good couple of hours later than normal for me.

We must do it again soon

Weekend over.



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Good friends, good times, good job. (y)
Thank you mate

what goes around does come around.

Tested the new “Fit them after MOT pass” lights for their DRL connection last night.

Certainly brighter than the pics show.

Pretty silly, but pleased regardless.

Some stuff must be done.

Also bought some fresh clear 5mm pipe and a T Connector for the windscreen washer.

Removed the reservoir and spent 30 minutes cleaning the very manky inside with brushes, some sand and water.

Looked better.

Reassembled, connected and added some pink Cherry fragrance screen wash.

Silly for,sure, but the only colour under the hood at this point.

Concentrate diluted at 25% and pump tested…… pass.

One more small change I wanted was to remove and replace the standard hooter/horn with something a touch more loud and “Wake The F#@£ Up” as a horn should only be used in emergency, at which point I have no intention of tickling anyone, rather a full punch in the ribs.

Other jobs to addressed this week, as and when I can get to it is lift the rear, try get to the fuel pump plug and wiring, or else drop the fuel tank, thankfully still empty, but no lightweight.
Also connect up the tow hitch trailer wiring plug and bleed the clutch now that Nicks lever is fitted.

More jobs to get to, obviously.

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Small mishap yesterday with wiring and relays….

Sorted by John.

After work tonight……

I know a certain @nickwheeler may not like the next episode.

But it is so true to the “Owner style” builds….

Some La Cucaracha horns.

Resulting in this.

And this….

John advising and taking pics I was not aware of.


Had to shut shop at this point as Sally had offered dinner at her place, a nice change. .

Hope to complete the fitting tomorrow or Thursday evening, BUT……

There you go…..

Always something to do.


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Purchased on the way to work……

Heavy duty horn push and 5 foot of airline hose.

Fitting later.

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Skipped the bootfair today due to ongoing insomnia.

Things to do when you don’t want to do what you really should be doing.

Skip dive.

Rescue big ****** of lumber.

Did I mention Free cash before?

Along with these two lengths, one is over 9 foot, I also got a 3 foot and 7 foot length to use.

Decided to make something in keeping with the tongue in cheek nature of the carport.

Extra outdoor varnish on all sides.

Router into action, freehanded writing.

Then colour infill for the letters.

Resulting in this once mounted.

And a silly grin.

Dennis was out in his NASCAR 66 C10 at a show yesterday.

Went down a treat.

Then later he and stepson (read no2 son) Brian worked on Brian’s Willys to get that going.

Some crazy plans for it as well.

Really looking forward to being there in person soon.

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Sometimes payback works in a weird way.

A friend asked if I could help with the car he bought for his daughter as her first car. As he thought she may reject it as it is not exactly a new shiny car, and small things can set them off to reject as not pretty, fashionable or whatever 18 year olds want. I said he should give her a bus pass, that would make any car look heavenly.

Thought I would share a quick, easy fix on here.

I have done it on a few cars before and it works like a charm.

Raw, unpainted plastics tend to go grey and dull over time.

Something the sun and oxidation does.

So you can use raw linseed oil, other oils, or plastic refresher in a can, elbow grease or paint the plastics…..

I found a heatgun works well, controlled and kept at a safe distance, moving constantly, you will see it change as you go along.

Door handles.



Light surrounds……


Bumpers come up in a similar way.

Adds “value” by making cars look cared for.

Well, fixing it up is caring, Innit?

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So after yesterday’s final fiddling and finding the relay needs replacing or repairs, currently bodged to work by closing the switch manually with a stick, we had the engine fire up.

There are a few more jobs to do, including finding a replacement clutch master cylinder, blower unit fix, upholstering the dash, fitting instruments, switches, inside panels, setting the handbrake to full capacity, dry run testing on the farm, draining all coolant and replacing with anti-freeze based coolant, then possibly final nuts and bolts check, followed by a prayer and MOT.


And yes, I certainly am pleased.

Thanks to all who had a hand take the time to post comments, advice, and chat.

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So the 2022 🇺🇸 Road trip is on.

The full report will be here, please follow the link as I am not going to copy and paste the whole trip bit by bit.

THREAD; 🇺🇸 LONESOME COWBOY ROADTRIP 🚔 Grizz’s 2022 USA trip report 🇺🇸 | Retro Rides

Here we go again.

Covid-19 screwed up a few years……

So the 2022 trip will be three weeks and a whole lot longer than any previous trips.

My weapon this year, thanks to Dennis again is this Chevy Silverado.

FIRSTLY THE RULES: To all those who objected to my last report and the censorship, please UNSUBSCRIBE NOW


So the link to the censored 2019 trip is here

Deja Vu? 2019 USA 🇺🇸 Trip. GRIZZ CRAIG DENNIS ADAM | Retro Rides

The 2018 road trip with Three men and a Rental car as Part1 followed by Part 2 where Craig and I took a Chevy 5.7 liter truck to go picking in Iowa, Illinois and various other places for another great week was unforgettable.

We have managed to Bully Dennis into joining us again.

GRIZZ CRAIG and DENNIS’ 2018 Humdinger USA Road Trip ~~ 2019 | Retro Rides

This trip had followed a few that I had done before in the USA

Thread links below.

So, what do you do after an absolutely awesome American road trip in 2017 where I managed to break a Dodge Hemi Challenger before the owners 60th surprise birthday party?

GRIZZ's 2017 USA Road trip....... Small update. 28/08/18 | Retro Rides

Which had followed the first trip to meet Dennis and a first trip using his Dodge in 2016

GRIZZ's USA Roadtrip 2016 - Best Trip EVER !!! | Retro Rides

Which had of course come about as a result of my first road trip to America when mate Martin and I had flown into Texas and got to get in at Gas Monkey garage and a load of other amazing peoples garages.

Grizz and Martin's Epic USA Chevy C10 Roadtrip - Part II.... | Retro Rides

This year promises to be filled with old skool rods, cars, bikes, food, guns, beards, tattoos, visiting a dying friend, some new interesting people and places not visited before including, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Nebraska and the bonus ball would be a visit to, or a meet up with a South African bike builder friend in Rhode Island, which would add a lot of miles to the trip.

It should be a good one this year and ideally I should launch a blog where everyone has access and I get to moderate it along with my sidekick craigrk who is sadly stuck in a Seychelles resort with his family

I hope to make it as far as Rhode Island to spend some crazy time with this mate, another South African expatriate.

Some race car action, museums, lifestyle reports, side by sides and offroad fun and of course FOOD.

My 2022 Rhode Island target is this builders shop.

Looking forward to a great trip and meeting more interesting people associated with cars, trucks and general goodness.

Being able to share it on here..

“Buckle up and shut up sunshine” a famous person once said.

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The 2022 USA Roadtrip is already coming to life.

Was contacted by a guy I saw in Kansas before, where I had planned to stop by……

Always something interesting in a barn, sometimes it takes a while to come out the barn.

He is patient, fair and people trust him.

Wonder if I should hook a trailer as well when I head out.

Just in case ya know.
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