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So it seems like I now have a cat.

Or at least, being Georges butler is being formalised.

He has been coming here since Mollie lived here, she always chased him away, and when she got killed out in the street, he started to move in bit by bit, watching me work at the garage, often sitting under a bush in the garden.
One day I took him some dried catnip because he always liked the wild catnip bush in the garden.
At that point we thought he was a feral cat, how wrong we were.

Eventually he started to come indoors, through the catflap and open back door.
Treats, food, kibble etc became part of the protocol over the last year and last week, interestingly, I ordered him a Catmate water fountain and a dry food feeding tower, they were the final steps in giving up on trying to not completely invite him in. Who was I fooling.
His owners knew he was living here, in the house, in the Rezin Rockit and under the carport during summer.
I put a Christmas card through their door last year, knowing he was spending most of the time at my place.
I would never go buy a cat, but they are welcome to come and go of their own volition.

So the reply from his owner below.

Thank you for yours ! To be honest George hasn’t been home since we bought our new daughter Felicity home, he definitely thought oh god they got another one to add to Jaxon who is now 2.5 years old 🤣 I’m just glad he’s happy and warm I know what a cold soul he is, so he’s definitely loving not having any kids about that’s for sure. They do say cats have multiple owners/slaves and since he’s been allowed out he’s living his best life. I just appreciate you looking after him as well. Because we all love him x

Then yesterday I caught him scavenging in the kitchen, as I heard noises while working in the lounge.

I recorded him and sent it to his owner. Followed by her reply and the following exchange last night.

Hey sorry I didn’t reply earlier things have been a bit stressful here lately, I have something I need to talk to you about in regards to George x

P.S. He’s always been partial to a bit of chocolate he also likes a Cheezy Wotsit x

So lately we have been having a few boiler issues which we thought we were working through with “The landlord” but apparently not, things have got heated up and the professionalism and respect is no longer there. Therefore we have made the decision to leave and find somewhere else to call home.
However this is what I wanted to talk to you about…. George hasn’t been home to live with us since we brought the baby home, he’s checked in once or twice but not actually come home and I truly think he is much happier with you, without the babies being all over him. We have found a new home in Allhallows and just going through the referencing now, but my heart hurts. Pulling George away from you when he obviously feels more at home with you. I know cats have a vast mileage radius where they roam if they are roamers, but I’m concerned that if we take him away from the only outside space he knows he will attempt to roam back and get hurt on the way back to your home or worse.
Would you be willing to take George on as a furry lodger on a permanent basis?
I couldn’t forgive myself taking him away from you and the home he loves now, and him get hurt trying to get back. Clearly he loves you and I love him. So to know that you are good and right for him, the babies are too much for him I think. If not then that’s absolutely fine too x

This really hasn’t been an easy question to ask he will always be my first baby. And it kills me everyday that the kids are too much for him. So the guilt I feel about this is truly immense but I just want George to be happy. And with us he isn’t so much, but from your photos he really does look it with your home x

So sorry my battery died. Please don’t feel guilty for loving him though the fact you do fills my heart with hope and happiness.

When I first saw him I fell in love with him. He was one of my childhood friends cats kittens she couldn’t have 5 cats so she gave the kittens to people but vetted them all first.
George went and came back 4 times to other people before I popped round and fell in love. That day he came home with me and stayed until we moved here, he was a house cat before moving here, as we lived in the woods and right by the motorway. Just as I was going to let him out, my neighbours cat was run over and killed and I couldn’t do it. Over here it took me a fair few months to even be comfortable letting him out. I’ll be honest “The Landlord” doesn’t know about George, as it was a no no to pets but I couldn’t let him go so we hid him when he came to inspect the house, he only checks in once or twice a month now he won’t even come in the house anymore.

I would call you back but I’m ugly crying now the guilt is taking over about leaving him behind but he isn’t happy with us anymore it would kill me knowing if he gets hurt or killed making his way back x

Honestly I cry like a baby when it comes to animals one of my cats when I lived with my parents got run over we only found out coz the ice cream man told us I cried for months, my parents also lost their cat recently, she was like a sibling to me she was 23 years old. I was 8 when she moved in. Our one that got run over was her baby he was born on my bed.

I just know he will come back to your home if we take him along, which is fine, as it’s not far but if he gets hurt doing so I couldn’t forgive myself

I would love updates on him though we’re here for another few weeks yet x

George does go over the road, I’ve seen him and nearly clipped him myself coming home, he had a very stern telling off that night, I’m not going to lie, it scared me silly.

He’s not the biggest fan of getting brushed, wormed or even flea treated, but he will tolerate it until he’s had enough. And his trousers do get very matted sometimes and it can take a few days to get the mats and knots out as he only tolerates so much. I’ve had to just cut a few out before.

He hasn’t been home for me to do his flea or worming stuff or I would of to be honest it’s hard here, the eggs seem be so much stronger with all the other wildlife there is too x

Thank you for adopting George, it is the right thing for him.

I guess that kinda finalises it then.

Seems the cat I do not have, now has me.

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WTF ??

“Who is this old man staring back at me from the mirror?” I thought.

Woke up early to find the front of my house plastered in birthday banners

I guess Sally was here at 5.00 in -3’C weather, on her way to work to decorate the house.

How did I suddenly become 60 years old?

She bought me a perfectly useful birthday prezzie though.

900w grinder, the 115mm model.

Fish and Chips planned for dinner then promptly cancelled and moved to Friday night as her lodger needed a ride to the station, 9 miles away.

So I had a crappy budget pizza and some fish fingers with too much mayo for dinner.

Special weekday treat tonight….. some Fireball for desert.


(Well, a very hot and eager 21 year old would be perfect really)

But the teenager looking at the old guy in the mirror does not have so many options anymore.

Still, LIFE is GOOD.

Trust me.

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Many Happy Returns Grizz!

Can't beat a power tool as a gift either!
Many Happy Returns :)
Age is only a number Grizz…….some numbers are bigger than others though. :D
Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday mate 🎂

enjoy the rest of the day ;)

oh and nice outcome with George
Happy Birthday Grizz.
Thank you all.

Much appreciated.

It is just a number. Or is it?

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So in today’s exciting episode, work proceeded in 0’C or 32’F on the drive, with a chilly light breeze to accompany proceedings.

So this is how it started.

Drained the water from the cooling system.

Replaced with Antifreeze and deionised water.

Also in attendance for the whole procedure, including starting up and running the motor for a while, was George.

Clearly taking his new job seriously.

Earlier in the day, mate Martin and I had met in a layby so I could raid his scrap bin in his van……

I was headed to my local nut n bolt guy to get some bits to create an adjustable stop for the gas pedal to push against the firewall.

This should do the job, once shaped, cut to size and welded in place.

So not much done, but a whole lot more than if I had sat indoors drinking coffee and eating cookies.

Small jobs need to be gathered and completed.

One by one.


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of course it is :)

the only slight problem is when health issues catch up with that number and I can vouch for that :whistle:

have a great weekend mate ;)
It was a tiring weekend.

Also made a small purchase.

Late start for @nickwheeler and I today.

I had to go 25 miles from here to the other side of Maidstone to go look at something.

Then back here, run about and get so e stuff sorted and also prepared.

With all the cold recently, the carport has a ton of condensation, as did the S10 for some reason, leaving the inside of the windscreen fogged up.

So I opened the door and left the truck to breathe.

Coming out the house later, I saw this……..

Yup, someone likes the sun and a soft pad, it seems.

Back to the Rezin Rockit, some more small jobs left to get wrapped up.

First thing was to create a mounting point for a return stop for the clutch.

Welded in place and, trying to help, I also managed to get the other spring from last weekend, hooked into the pedal and mounted to the steering column.

It has a really soft, firm return action.

Another “double check” job was to see that the second “reverse lense” was not actually in use, as the plan was to convert it to a rear fog light, till I discovered the slimline unit I had stashed away and that got fitted.

Another job for today was to tidy away the wiring loom and to extend a few wires so nothing was under tension.

Just on bolting down an earth, it ended up in Nicks hand, so a quick tacking with the welder saw. Progress.

While he was at that job, I made him extremely happy.

Removed all of this…….

So we wrapped up around 6.30pm

At which tome the chill was creeping into our bones.

Nick headed home, I came indoors, warmed up some leftover food and settle down.

George who was watching me all afternoon, settled down next to me.

Weekend over again.

Just like that.

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Looking for a single Vauxhall Nova rear tail light lens.

The pic is of a European spec lens with the foglight lense at the bottom, UK spec may have a clear reverse lense.

That is not important.

I just need a complete one.

Please PM if you have one to sell, donate or trade.

Thank you.

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One môre precision job to get done.

Needs two sets of hands.

This contact adhesive is brutally unforgiving.

Then do the cowl over the instrumentation.

Fit the switches then fit the dash to the car.

Brought it all indoors to warm up and dry out

Closer and closer.

Almost excited.

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just take your time with this job and you and the extra pair of hands will be fine :)

try and make sure every spec of dirt & debris has been removed before you start , then check again before you attach it as the smallest specs have a habit of showing through.
trust me on this one ;)

good luck

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just take your time with this job and you and the extra pair of hands will be fine :)

try and make sure every spec of dirt & debris has been removed before you start , then check again before you attach it as the smallest specs have a habit of showing through.
trust me on this one ;)

good luck
Thanks mate.

Funny how life and distractions can get in the way of getting small jobs done.

The vinyl for the dash did not really settle r smoothen out this week.

Yesterday I brought in some ply to work on indoors, 4-6’C is not ideal, and the damp chill in the air sucks too.

So plan B was hatched for the vinyl.

That seemed to work a bit better.

Laying out the two pieces that needed covering on my just big enough piece of material.

Cut off the piece for the instrument surround.

Industrial strength contact adhesive goes off in 2 minutes, the contact and pray.

Glue and then staples to Doubly secure the rear, while adding some tension.

And not too bad, the curves mean a load of pie0cuts to keep the tension low and getting full coverage of the cowl piece.

I think it is good enough..

Of course any wise arses are most welcome to make me some new parts and cover them, and I will happily fit them.

Next up was coffee and ginger nuts, a good way to procrastinate on the job that had me petrified, in order to scrape together my slipping courage.

So I laid a bed sheet over the plywood, stapled the one end down with multiple staples (thanks @nickwheeler for the machine) and tensioned it all and stapled the other end.

Then laid the vinyl down and stapled both ends down.

This way , I was effectively removing one risk factor though it would probably not help much.

Still, not moving, meant I was going to risk laying the dashboard down alone.

I also practiced laying it down a few times, in case that helped when the glue was ready.

With the glue down on both surfaces, I managed to mate the two surfaces, and it worked.

Some pressure to ensure maximum contact and adhesion.

More pie cuts and stretching, stapling to secure it all.


Next job will be to cut the holes through for all the switches and then to fix it in the car.

So not a lot done, but more done than if I had sat watching telly all the time.

Closer and closer to the finish line.

Weekend over.

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Mickey came knocking at 9.00pm He had received a courier parcel on my behalf.

Contents was one Vauxhall Nova sedan rear lights.

What an amazing bit of human kindness from the guy who gave and couriered it to me, asking only for a donation to a charity.
I let home choose between the 4 that I support and he chose Help for Heroes.

Have I mentioned that life is good.
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