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Looking great and exciting the MOT is imminent!

It will be sweet to stretch its legs outside of the farm track. (y)

Agreed there.

Farm road is fine but not for real testing.

[quote author="@kevins" source="/post/2771336/thread" timestamp="1676887338"]Before you take out a days insurance have a ring around a few of the specialists, for us mature types it can be ridiculously cheap to insure some 0f these things (I pay less than £100 for my elan).[/quote]

That was a good and shrewd comment.

It was possibly dancing around in the back of my head, as daily/hourly insurance can be convenient, but extremely expensive.

[quote author="@joem83" source="/post/2771370/thread" timestamp="1676902535"][quote source="/post/2771336/thread" timestamp="1676887338" author="@kevins"]Before you take out a days insurance have a ring around a few of the specialists, for us mature types it can be ridiculously cheap to insure some 0f these things (I pay less than £100 for my elan).[/quote]Agreed, give Brentacre a try. My mk2 is £160 p/y fully comp with all mods declared (only thing standard is the shell), also agreed value & salvage retention rights.[/quote]

I went to my usual first stop, AIB, after “Veygo” by Admiral insurance who did the Micra previously referred me to a hyperlinked email service, which sent three responses, including a human, asking for more information than make, model, registration.

Firstly, Veygo tried via their suppliers, and then responded later in the day to say they could not quote, but did I want to insure anything else with them……. Errrmmm… No.

More on AIB in a bit.

[quote author="@jamesd1972" source="/post/2771374/thread" timestamp="1676903212"]Just as another thought- even if not planning to use it for a bit once insured it’s covered for loss anyway- worth thinking about if anything happened when parked up.
Nice to hear it’s up and running.

Really good and valid considerationJames, and thank you.


I called AIB and the agent who took my call has spoken to me before.

He is spectacularly “by the book” in his information gathering.

A longwinded (but thorough) interview and then questions like what excess I expected to pay, what would I think is a good premium etc had me somewhat amused and irritated in equal measure as I was now parked up on a garage forecourt, wanting to fill up the company car at 11.00.

Long story short .

Car valued at £3500.00 (yes it cost a bit more than that in labour and parts to build) excess at £150.00 and limited to 1000 miles per year, or 1600km per year which sounds like very little, but keeping in mind it is a No 3 car behind the company car and Chevy S10 and if I wanted more miles I can call and alter the policy.

So the policy offer with Marker Study insurers was £175.00 per year.

To which my response was a bit rude and abrupt, possibly shocking the agent.

I had mentioned that I had also approached two other insurers and was waiting to hear back from them, but that his quote was way more than the £90.00 to £120.00 people on the forums I frequent were paying. He asked for a moment while he sharpened his pencil, which I agreed to. And ten minutes later the offer was £132.00 per year for the same cover.

This sounded much more in the ball park and I asked him to send details so that I could compare to the offerings from the other companies.

I went to work and felt better about the price.

At around 12.45 while on a meeting with a colleague to try sort out my suicidal work iPad a call came through…… the eager agent again, I answered the call and said I would call him back later.

When I left Woolwich I called him back, but unable to speak with him, I spoke to a colleague who went into the file and told me the young gun had continued to dig around after our first two conversations and managed to somehow get the price reduced to £110.00 per year for the same cover.

I think the fact that this is a summertime , good weather only car, reduces the time on the road and and thus the risk to the insurer.

Lesson for today then…… Sometimes it makes sense to challenge and also be nice in equal measure.

I have booked the MOT test for Saturday afternoon so fingers will be crossed that I/we @nickwheeler had a huge hand in this build have managed to get it all together the way it will make it a fully legal and safe vehicle.

I spoke to the guy at the scrap/steel recyclers and he will charge me £5.00 for a weigh bridge ticket to weigh the car, something I am absolutely fascinated with.

Full tank weight…… I have tried to guess, but really have no clue, but if it comes in at 800kg wet weight, I will be pleased.

I need to call Green Flag who are the recovery agents for the S10 ever since I went to @frankenhealey to collect the lawn tractor and see if they will add the Rezin Rockit for recovery to the policy.

That is probably it for now, unless we have storms and snow on Saturday, in which case…… no game.

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Dennis sent a pic of the GMC he was not going to do anything to, just drive it.

Now with completely new paint, it is also getting a new exhaust system.

Looking forward to seeing it if I do go on a USA road trip this year.


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Date will look wonky as it shows 11th but here you go.

Biltong, making your own. (Like Beef Jerky, but not.)

These are dying arts in some communities, so a share and a link to a UK home industry maker included.

He will sell and mail out to you at cost. Follow the link at the end.


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Gotta love a Yank pickup tuck. (y)

Other options exist too.

Did a few small final jobs tonight after work.

Glued panels in place, including the surround on the instrument cluster..

Plus I made a masking tape sign for the fog light switch.

And finally a small, overdue job…. Got the wiring loom in the cab wrapped and tucked away.

So tomorrow morning I will test lights etc all one more time, you know how stuff stops working to or from the test station.

As mentioned before, fingers crossed that I have managed to check all the checks.


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28 August 2020 is when I started this thread.

Nearly 580k views just on Retro Rides, and at one point it was over 1000 views per day.

I am not sure many threads get that sort of viewership or interest. There are a bunch of other forums I contribute to and they all had high viewerships and interest

I would guess the global views are well beyond 800k over 2 years.

This build was a very singleminded vision of something I had wanted to do for a long time……… BUT, so many people from Siberia to Southampton and Auckland to Arkansas Cape Town to Cairo contributed in so many ways.

Materially with parts, specialised tools (just think Void Bush Tool), machining and fabrication, thanks @nickwheeler and a bunch of others.

Anyone who feels forgotten or missed out, here is your thank you.

So today I actually drove the car for the first time, going beyond 3rd gear, which was as much as I dared do out on the farm road.

I drove to the scrapyard where so many bits of steel and scrap has come from over the years for various projects.

Onto the Weigh Bridge.

Me inside (120kg) and about 35-40 litres of petrol.

Result, you do the maths.

900kg minus me, gives a decent light weight.

From there it was over to the test station, a bit early, but rather that than late.

And onto the ramp.

They have a lowered ramp to get abnormally low stuff onto for testing.

And up they went.

All four the testers in the centre came to take a look, pointing a few things they liked, out.

One thing that became apparent once the front crossmember was in the air and the wheels and bearing were being inspected was that though within tolerance, the passenger side wheel bearing needed to be tightened or replaced.

Other than that, the comments ranged from awesome, cool build and tidy installation to I wish I could drive this on a track.

High praise indeed.

I will take out road tax next month from the 1st of March as paying a months tax for one days use makes no sense.

I will check out and probably replace the front wheel bearings on both sides.

Also take it for full alignment on a digital machine.

Tonight I am really pleased, thankful and happy for all this community and helpers have helped me,create and achieve.

Thanks again.


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Nice one Grizz, the chequered flag has been waved. (y)
It has been waved, but now the testing and modifying starts.

Great news Grizz and the nice tidy 900g on the dot weigh in is particular satisfying (although I have no idea why)
Not sure about the 900kg, but it was a thing I wanted to test.

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Checked out the tax online for the car. £295……. That’s a lot of money. If you add £110.00 insurance, £202.00 recovery service and £50.00 MOT test, getting on the road is not cheap.

Still, the more you drive, the cheaper it gets.


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Any vinyl sign or sticker makers on here?

@ems1 who did all the work for the “Not a Project” Chevy Blazer was going to do these logos for me, once an MOT was attained.
Unfortunately, he is now not able to do this.
He does however still have the artwork for these stickers and can forward it if needed.

I need a pair of bonnet stickers made up like below….. as always, at a sensible price or less.

And probably cut lettering in white vinyl to stick onto the black stripe, instead of cutting it out of the black stripe.

Stripes will run up the side, like on Wrangler, Sahara and other models.

Ideally I want the sign to be 100mm high and up to 950mm long, but 800mm minimum

Using the top one of the lower three in Black.

Please discuss or PM if you are able, or know someone.

I think it will be a nice touch.

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well done Rian & "team Grizz" really chuffed for you (y)

you just need a bit warmer weather, then enjoy the s'miles ;)
Thank you Ernie.

Got home early today.

Off work after all….. Taken the next 4 Fridays off, as we lose our vacation if we don’t use it by end March.

Chilly,5’C with a brisk breeze.

Went and checked what was thought to be the wheel bearing.

Turns out that with all the fitting, and removing of the 4x108 to 4x100 adapters, I must have omitted to lock it down the last time I reassembled the front end.

Will take a drive tomorrow to go have the alignment done and feel of the vibration has ceased.

And George who has become a garage cat/follower down to the garage, also insists on watching and waiting for you to get showered.

I checked the rear brake light, bulb filament was intact, and I could not see if it worked when I hit the brake pedal.

So will try later in the dark.

Been thinking, considering this is very much a summer car, I think insuring by direct debit on a monthly basis, despite it being more costly on a year on year basis, not paying for 6 months when the weather drives us indoors, may just be a sensible move.


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Saw this great rebody…..

Must be an amazing engineer, or a policeless state or something like that.

Over here…. Not sure it would make it off the driveway

I am still gutted the 2CV van seller never came back to me, or read my messages.

He is a FB non-entity it seems.

With some effort, this could have been a cool, silly build.

Day off today, so headed out to have a few things professionally done.

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Ultimately an uneventful day.

Alignment guys could not help, booked in for next Friday.

Fronts balanced. Rears are getting some wider 215/65-15’s I am buying from @pauly to replace the 195/60’s fitted on these 8J rims.

Today @CraigRK is coming down via Pauls place to play and see the new for 2023 build.

Chilly outside though.

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Rezin Rockit passing it’s MOT successfully was the trigger point for launching and exposing the new MEGA BUILD on here.

I am a bit busy today, but suffice it to say that the new project has been acquired.

It will be a bit of a slow burn this as I have a real life to deal with outside of YouTube, Blogs and forums.

Today being a case in point, 4’C out there but a few small tweaks need doing on the Rezin Rockit including wiring, which has never been my strong suit.

But having mate Craig down from Shropshire, it is a good time to get it done.

So here goes: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……..

How to screw up your life in 26 miles…..

Do not drink and drive, do not drink and Ebay , do not drink and surf Gumtree or Marketplace. Do not do drugs kids.

Or else.

26 miles……..

5 Star entertainment

4 Wheels

3 Doors

2 Seats

1 ….???

I will get back to this thread update later.

Got stuff to do.



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I would if I could actually see it :whistle:

come on, enough teasing, get some pics up .............................................................................................. please ;)

Sitting on a Saturday night at Sally’s place, surfing the web, while she cooks……

Looking for the next crazy build, I saw something silly.

A 2001 European import.

So I messaged the seller, after seeing that he had other stuff for sale, mostly automotive parts etc.

No reply.

Sunday morning Sally made us bacon and fried egg sandwiches for breakfast.

No reply.

And clicking into the Marketplace ad, I saw the message below and that the seller had not seen my message.



So I sent another message, but as an offer, because I am like that, I will always try again and again, just in case I do get a second shot.

So I said to the seller that if his buyer pulled out for some reason, to let me know.

Around 10.30 a message pinged in.

Yes, the car was still for sale…. He did not understand why it had listed itself as unavailable.

Who knows.

So I agreed to go racing over there to look, and got a postcode and address.

Off I went.

Video made as well.

Of course.
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