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So when I got to the

So when I got to the sellers place, there were three of these outside……

I do not know the classes in banger racing, seems this is a non contact type with an emphasis on winning and finishing, not destroying cars.

The seller and a friend came out and greeted me, while I was a bit taken with the sheer size 0f the car I had come to look at.

While chatting, it became apparent that I had landed in petrol head paradise.

I knew his fathers car……..

I had looked at it and drooled before.

@forddan68 had previously valeted these cars……. So though not directly connected, these were known people.

The dads Lexus powered Ford……

And then getting to know more, the sellers weekend toy, hand built from an imported, left hand drive shell blew my mind.

After an hour or more chatting, a price was agreed.

Including delivery 26 miles away.

I left them and drove home.

I had Not yet told Sally.

Excited for sure.

No idea why.






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So Sunday morning 11.00-ish sees me headed out, using SatNav as I am going places I have never been before.

I get to the given address, it is chilly out, frosty.

But the reception is not chilly.

What made me hit the “Buy it Now” button, is even smaller, and leaves me chuckling and feeling the madness completely consume my inner being.

This is too wrong, too right, I WANT IT.

Chatting with the seller and his mate, it is clear these guys live life fully, grabbing every day by the balls and shaking it vigorously.

You know the type….. the guy at school who would poke a wasps nest.

I wanted to be that guy, just that I never even came close to it.

So what have we got…..???

5 Star Entertainment

4 Wheels - Only just.

3 Doors - OK yes

2 Seats - Albeit tight in there.


The 1 of course is the biggest surprise.

1 CYLINDER - I kid you not. 160cc with CVT belt drive.

And it is small..


But I am smitten…… we do the “Dollar Boogie” and seller asks me what I want to pay, I throw a price out…… He declines.

I ask him if he could deliver as that is another logistical issue. As I have no towbar, no trailer, no flatbed recovery, no Sprinter or similar van to try shoehorn it into for the trip home, that I know it has to make.

Yes, he can get a delivery truck and deliver.

I ask him if it starts, because the ignition barrel is damaged, the alternator belt is missing, and it looks pretty sorry for itself, much worse than stuff I have seen cross the scrapyard weigh bridge. .

“Yes, it starts” is the reply, but there is no fuel in it. Again I feel my heart drop, sounds like the sort of reply you expect……

Seller still eager, gets his mate to go find an empty 2 litre lemonade bottle and some pliers…….

Goes to his daily car, a Mazda 3 MPS (I did not know it is a performance model, you learn every day) whips off the fuel pipe at the injectors, cranks over the motor till he has 2 litres of fuel……

Dumps it into the diminutive fuel tanks.

Opens the fuel cock, choke, buddy on the throttle (This thing has no foot controls, only disabled use, hand controls) and pull starts it in the front of the engine bay.

THIRD PULL and it bursts into life, and promptly settles into an asthmatic idle……

Seller and his mate nonchalantly revs it a few times, while I stand there with a foolish grin on my face, wanting it at home.

Yup, now I know I have to have this thing.

Revving it up again, he is about to take it for a drive down the road to demonstrate it goes, when it splutters and dies.

So he tries to get it going again.


So we get back to the price and I ask him how much he wants to deliver it to my house, postcode.

Seller says a price…….

I agree.

Delivery will be at around 4.00pm

Shake hands and I head home.

I had still not told Sally, just that I was going to look at “Something”

Back home, the rest of the day took a long time to drag by, and I continue with the Rezin Rockit fettling.

Eventually at 17.47 there is a text to say they just turned up my road…….

This is so that I can get in the street to film the arrival of the car……

When they arrive, I hear the Canta LX engine running on the back of the recovery truck.

Yup, he started it and drove it onto the truck and just to show it works well enough, had left the motor running.

I am grinning madly……

Seller takes it off the ramp, and @nickwheeler in his usual dry way is certainly underwhelmed………

But I don’t care.

I have my little thing, not sure what to call it, except what the factory called it.

More chat, and the seller and his mate leave, they delivered two cars and had not yet had lunch, despite it being 18.00 on a Sunday evening.

Closer inspection shows just how bad this thing really is.

But I love it.

Remember this question thread…..??

Still looking.

So Nick and I walk around, he is probably having a meltdown, wanting to whack me with a tyre iron for buying this thing……

Me……….?? HAPPY.

This thing is bad, really bad.

If you take the time to go look up the registration, you will see the full name.

Eventually I calm down, Nick and I push the little guy back into the carport, next to the Rezin Rockit.

It really is small.

In closing, all I can say is that I told a few people, and those who came to see it, like Fil Sparkplug and @CraigRK both fell for its quirkiness and wanted it based on photos, and after meeting it in person, still wanted it.

More information as it unfolds.

Welcome to the latest madness at Grizz Towers.

It will be recorded and reported on my YouTube channel and probably on the blog, once I figure it all out.

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Copied from Lanes Motor Museum write up online:

Dutch manufacturer Waaijenberg introduced this two-seat microcar, the Canta, in 1995. With its low step-in height and the availability of hand controls, the Canta was specifically created to ensure the independence of people with mobility restrictions. At only 44” wide, this car is narrow enough to be allowed to drive on bicycle lanes and pedestrian walkways. Advertised as “transport from door to door”, the Canta is classified as a mobility aid; a driver’s license is not required to operate it. One trim level, the Inrij Canta, or Ride-in Canta, is designed so that a wheelchair user can enter by a ramp at the rear and can be driven while seated in their wheelchair. The Canta can legally park anywhere free of charge on the sidewalk, helpful on the congested streets of Amsterdam, where parking is scarce and expensive.

After 22 years of producing the exact same car, Waaijenberg partnered with Dutch design firm Steketee Design to create the second generation, which launched in 2017. While the basic size was kept, the exterior and interior were updated with LED lighting and modern infotainment systems.

In 2012, the Dutch National Ballet premiered a ballet expressly written for dancers and cars for the disabled, and featured the Canta in the piece. All in all, there were 55 Cantas on stage with 50 ballet dancers performing. The centerpiece featured a special guest prima, or chief female dancer: Dutch disabled-rights activist Karin Spaink. Although Spaink has multiple sclerosis, she was able to perform a pas de deux, or dance for two people, with a partner using the Canta. De Canta danst! is possibly the only ballet ever to feature choreography between a dancer and an automobile.

Manufacturer: Waaijenberg Mobilitiet B.V.
Country of Origin: The Netherlands
Drivetrain Configuration: Front-engine, front-wheel drive
Engine: Honda, air-cooled, 160cc, single cylinder, 5.5hp
Transmission: Centrifugal clutch, forward and reverse
Top Speed: Governed to 45 kph (28mph) This can be altered with derestriction.
Years of Production: 1995-2017 (first generation)
Number Produced: Few hundred a year
Original Cost: €11.500 – €17.000 ($12,755 USD)

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View attachment 304808

I only know of 160cc and 200cc versions though, so may not be accurate. If not, make sure it's corrected when you get it transferred to you.
Thank you. .

So weird that I looked at it all, and missed the CC capacity.

I do wonder if this is a 337 rather than a 160cc

It makes sense for the UK but lower power in the Netherlands.

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Thank you. .

So weird that I looked at it all, and missed the CC capacity.

I do wonder if this is a 337 rather than a 160cc

It makes sense for the UK but lower power in the Netherlands.
I think you can legitimately call it a big block for internet cool points. 😁

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I think you can legitimately call it a big block for internet cool points. 😁
Yup, sounds good to me.

Right gang……

Back to work.

I was talking with buddy craigrk in Shropshire about wheels.

And specifically 10” trailer wheels

Wondering what is out there in 10”

Not too wide, they start at it seems offset 0

And we were saying that to make it look better, they wheels need to probably stay under 145mm wide.

This is what is fitted currently.

80mm between bolts and 115mm diagonally.

Any ideas, any stock, locally to try on, like 10” Mini steels, or Quad wheels ?

Worth asking everywhere.

I like the idea of a wider wheel and tyre, probably only 3.5 to 4.5 inch max, but needs to be tyred up as well.

Though.I suspect one will find something with a 50km/h or 60km/h rating somewhere.

Lets see what pops up from various searches and sources.

Later gang.


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One of the good things about people looking beyond the obvious on these forums is the fact that a few people, including @kevins pointed out that this car is registered as a 337cc model.

Compared to the original 160cc motor with 5.5hp I had thought this was fitted with, this has nearer double that, which may be why it feels as brisk (that is a relative term) as it does…

So to be confirmed once I figure how, but it seems this is a “Big Block”

Probably also meaning it can be modded a bit differently.

To be investigated at a later stage.

This weird creature is starting to become more interesting as it unfolds and exposes its secrets.

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