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Where were we with the little Canta LX?

With all the chat going on, on various forums, and the day job keeping me busier than I like to be, it certainly is a slow burner project.

There was still work to be done to the Rezin Rockit before taking it for MOT, and I really did not want to get too distracted by the Canta before completing the Rockit.

Then the big 1979 Chevy Caprice V8 Wagon from Manchester that nearly made it onto the drive, but aborted as it sold so fast, at £3750.00 advertised, it was never going to hang around. And the soonest Craig could collect for me was the 18th.

Back to the job at hand.

It came loaded with a lot of abuse, damage, wear n tear and loads of junk in the rear and on the floor, like it was used as a skip/dumpster for a gardener or builder.

The rear glass is missing, no doubt smashed when overly enthusiastic driving put it on its side.

So I need some glass, or possibly to find out what the glass was sourced from.

Any information will be appreciated.

So the cleaning out was started.

Video below shows a bit more.

Please do excuse my terrible attempts at censoring the word Sh!t repeatedly.

My editing will get better.

Removed the passenger seat, followed by the drivers seat later.

Also ably assisted by George who seems to like the car and slept in it when he can.

Cats are weird.

Wearing thick gloves, because you just don’t know what you find in this sort of mess, I cleared out some of the rubbish.

Three bags full as the nursery rhyme goes.

And at some point, after scraping and brushing the worst together, got my garage vac out, I have had this for nearly 20 years, inherited from my first house I bought in the U.K.

Seller left it in the garage, along with his furniture etc, which helped me a long way in getting on with getting that house sorted.

One of the mysteries at the time of buying was the broken rear tail light, being a European import, of course the fog and reverse lights were switched.

But I managed to “buy” a light from a member, at the price of a decent donation to a charity of his choice.

Perfect result, still needs fitting of course.

So that is where I got to.

Inside soaking wet, cleaned out as best I could.

Parked up.

Video of what I posted.

Once again, apologies for the terrible swear filter, I think it won’t happen again.

Have a good weekend.

Well, Sunday afternoon.

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Sunday fun.

My day was less than perfect.
Wrote up a bit of Cantaloupe and posted a video and pics.
Then moved cars about and took Rezin Rock-no-go for a drive to see Nick up at the farm. I used his trailer originally to recover it and he is currently struggling with his wifes real CJ7 he built for her, he is a good builder. He was impressed as well with the whole build and MOT result.
I then drove back to thr main road, ostensibly to go for a drive to go do some photos of Rockit if I found a decent spot.
Poop, the thing died 500 meters from home. Refusing to restart. Thankfully it’s downhill all the way from the farm, well a slope really. Back home it still refused to start. Not sure if a wire has slipped off or something bigger.
So I just rolled it from the kitchen down and dumped it in the carport.

Thought it a good sign to take S10 truck for a run as I really enjoy using it and pop in at @forddan68 to see if he has bought anything interesting lately.
As I got to the truck out on the front drive the new neighbor landed and asked if I could come help him swap roof panels around on his wifes summer house (he says its a shed with glass doors and French windows)
Perfect distraction. So I reversed it back and parked the truck, saving myself £10 in fuel, made myself a coffee and got some tools and went to help him.
Ended up doing roofing felt and trims.
Perfect afternoon for me as I did manage to distract myself and forget about the dead car parked over the hedge. .

Horrible bitumen paint to help seal and secure overlaps.

I never use it.

And once done, along with fighting the wind that was making it a bit awkward, it looked OK.

Next job for his wife, is to paint it some variation of green.

Suddenly is was 4.30 and I went home, shut shop and went indoors to cook dinner as Sally had been at work and I had offered to feed her.

I will look at the Rezin Rockit when I get time.

This week is a bit hectic.

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sorry to hear the Rockit packed up, hopefully it is something simple

nice work on the summer house
Thanks mate.


So tonight after work I walked down to,the carport where I dumped the car, tried the ignition……

And it fired up instantly, ran at 2k rpm for a bit, hunted then died.

Started it again….. lots of smelly, oily smoke, like before, some hunting, revs up and down and died.

Third time I started it, smoking loads, but fast idle, so I revved it blipping the gas, to close the choke, and still smoking.

Turned it off.

Came indoors to put some mini pizzas in the oven.

Then went back and started it again…….

Resulting in this.

So many reasons, so many answers.

Just a matter of which one.

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So, based on the input from various places, it seems a name may have fallen out of a hat.

Based on @therascalking suggesting this, which does appeal to my twisted sense of humour, and the fact that someone made an attempt at humour before……

This works.

Day job is a bit hectic.

Weather sucks, rain all day, or at least unpleasant enough not to motivate me.

Took the day off in the hope to get a few things done outside, but that’s not happening.

Took a few interior photos.

Some of the clever guys on here may recognise that parts and where they are from.

And also got a problem to solve.

Ignition barrel and keys are unavailable and destroyed.

The seller suggested it was Opel/Vauxhall

I still need to figure what, then buy an ignition and keys to fit into this hole.

Instrument cluster shows how low the mileage on this was.

And just how badly stuff can be abused at times…… leaving so much to fix, repair, replace.

Lights, fog lamp etc switches.

And lastly, a distinctive style and shaped stalk to the left of the steering wheel.

So there you go, a bit closer to, and more detail of this cars parts bin roots.


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Having joined a small Facebook group that mostly seems to be for buying, selling, finding Canta and micro car related stuff, I saw this one advertised.

A few things became apparent.

First;y, they seem to really retain their value……

Then, the mileages they do are actually quite high, this one has done 28784km which is 17885 miles since 2005

Does not sound like a lot, but actually, for a small country and the design purpose, this is a well used example, claimed to run beautifully.

And the third observation, knowing these were custom fitted to the owner/driver is that this one is a two pedal model.

Once agai, weird as it seems, this little car and what it represents, has me smiling.

Miserable day here, and the rain means I will not be doing anything constructive to either the LLAMAGHINI CANTACH or the Rezin Rockit but maybe I should edit and create some content for the next YouTube episode .

Where is the sun?

Another question elsewhere……..

[quote author="@dodgerover" source="/post/2775138/thread" timestamp="1679086408"]Would the MOT man have issues if you did away with the steering lock and just used a normal plant or tractor key set up on the dash?
Is it tested as a light tricycle or quad or something equally strange?[/quote]


Being an unknown quantity, I suspect that anything that has safety, form and function, would be acceptable.

Remember, these were customised to each buyer, so if you only had a right arm, why put the ignition on the left etc……

Hand controls vs Foot controls, all,were acceptable as they were adapted to the individual needs of the user.

Most 16 year olds kids, who were also permitted to drive it, were probably able bodied.

And to take it a bit further……

In the Netherlands, at 16 you can drive a microcar, nd buy beer…..

Watch this cutie.


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Quick update again.

Time to get a closer look at this little car.

Try get under its skin.


And just nasty.

So the time had come to see just what is under this thing.

Easy to lift.

While preparing for the days work, Mickey came around, completely blown away by the car.

He just wanted to take it home.

Perfect fit.

Once Mickey left, I got the jack out, lifted the car…….

Front and rear views.

So at this -pint the question was….. what have we got here….?

Rear drums.

And the front end, discs.

Of course the question now arises as to what these were from originally.

Quad bike parts?

Though it was a cold day, I decided to carry on.and pressure clean the ting….. using my broken pressure cleaner, rather than the brand new one I had in the garage, because I had forgotten about it.

So I parked the Canta with its rear end up in the air, up on the ramps and got to work.

And eventually it was done.

Wet and cold

Video for those who prefer not to read.

Enjoy and share.

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