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GTI spring fest

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any1 going?

if so who and what ya driving so i can keep me eyes out for vzi peeps :)
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Load of us from the VWDRC are going. I'll be in this...

not my normal racing machine but hey, when in Rome!
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ill be in this :)

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taking it up the strip darren?

taking it up the strip darren?

If it had a VW badge on it I'd be tempted, but no - I'll be sleeping in it :D
lol cool, think ill throw my beast up there a few times see what it can do ;)
just out of curiosity wheres the nearest petrol station to the pod any1 know, i dint notice 1 last time i went but then i didnt need fuel. think i may need a refill while im there if im abusing the strip :)

I shall be along over the weekend, driving Tibbsy, the big fat ass Mercedes Munich Taxi
I shall be there! :D

I may be driving this (yeah I knows it aint a VW)

I am trying to find a nice water cooled VW, I may find something by the GTI spring festival time, gives me 2 weeks to search. :D
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cool ill keep me eyes open for ya all :)
I'll be running round like the proverbial 'blue-arsed' . . . but look out for a Gold/Green Oval Bug in the pits and on the strip - I won't be posting a pic tho' ;)
I might bring the '63 for some strip play if it starts.
cool, my golf sticks out like an erect nipple shouldnt be hard to see :)
Keep your ears open for people walking by saying something along the lines of "did you see that New Beetle with the rusty bonnet? I bet the twat hapless owner thinks it's some kind of Rat Rod". ;)

Follow the direction they were coming from and i'll be milling around this...

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Yep i'll be going hopefully, if i have sorted the wiring on the bug.
Bright orange bug on Fuchs
Funk.. i actually saw that in the 'flesh' at Freeze,... its marmite, but i kinda like it :D
Funk.. i actually saw that in the 'flesh' at Freeze,... its marmite, but i kinda like it :D
;) Cheers dude, it definately is a 50/50 thing but i love it. Even my Mrs didn't like the idea of a rusty bonnet but it's grown on her. I just like to be different. :D
Ill be there on the ukpassats stand in this

Come and say hello and if I can get into some street side welding it may look a little different by then, who knows?
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