11th April 2010
Santa Pod Raceway, Wellingborough, Northants. NN29 7XA
01234 782828

Words and pics by Chris 'Funkmaster Red' Redford.


Although the name suggests this is a show with a niche audience, that presumption couldn't be further from the truth. Each April Santa Pod Raceway near Northampton is swarmed with VWs of all shapes and sizes all coming to enjoy the show and either take part in or just to watch the drag racing action on the world famous strip.

It's actually a show that welcomes all the current and past vehicles that come under the V.A.G marque. From classic Beetles to Golfs and the latest Audis, Seats and Skoda's, everything that is related to Volkswagen is invited to take part.

Although only a one day affair, the show attracts a huge amount of interest and marks the first opportunity of the year for V.A.G fans to take part in drag racing exclusively amongst their peers.


I've been for several years in a row now and the show just keeps on getting bigger and better. This year was helped by a fantastic weather forecast and as soon as the gates opened at 8am, the cars started to pour in.

The show and shine filled up very quickly and by 11am there were around 200 cars lined up and being shined to death by their owners. The show operates a 'Top 20' award system which is the fairest way to ensure the most deserving cars walk away with trophies for their efforts.

The club area was also bursting and was filled to capacity with a huge variation of cars representing their various clubs.

Meanwhile, on the strip, rubber was being burnt all day long with the V.A.G only 'Run What Ya Brung'. Trophies were awarded to the fastest cars in each of the classes and so people were doing their best to get in as many runs as possible especially because it was a lovely warm day and there was a helpful tailwind. The 'fire up' lane was packed all day.

The famous 'Fireforce Jet Car' wowed visitors with two sub-6 second passes during the afternoon and with a large number of traders plying their wares, there was plenty for the punters to see and do.

At the end of the afternoon, the trophies were handed out for the show and shine and the drag strip competition and they went to some very deserving participants. The number and quality of the cars on show meant the judges had a very tough job.

Janet Edwardson took top honours in the show and shine for her Lamborghini inspired Mk4 Golf and the main talking point of the day was Andy Waite running three sub-10 second quarter miles. The best was 9.8 seconds at 148 mph! The really crazy thing is that it's a fully street legal car.

At the end of the afternoon, everyone who attended went home happy and looking forward to VAGfest on July 11th.

SDC12020 SDC12002 SDC11973