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heated front screen current???

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the rewire continues...

does a front heated screen have the same current draw as a rear screen

For the HRW, the diagram shows 1.5mm2 wire will the front be the same?

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I would guess it draws about 10amps, but I'm not really sure, so use something a little thicker for both the supply and earth. Some help here....
I suppose it really depends on the heated screen - I've seen some heated screens need only 10 amps but others need about 25-30 amps.

What I'd do is use 30 amp cable, make sure you've wired it correctly and bridge the fuse gap with a multi-meter set to amps and see how much current it needs. Once you know that, get the next corresponding fuse up e.g. for 10 amps, use a 15 amp fuse etc etc.
cheers guys

i got the screen from 'for sal'e section from a guy who had had it made at some local company so its an unknown quantity

i have some 2mm2 (25amp) thinwall cable so i think i'll use that with a 16amp fuse till i can get a meter on it when the wiring is complete

Heritage stock Bay heated front screen and they claim it draws up to 38amps!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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