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Heater channel repair

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Hi, I'm currently replacing the front left quarter panel on my 1970 1300 beetle, and wanted to do bit of repair to thefront end of the heater channel at the same time.
I have been looking through the vw heritage catalogue, but am not sure whats needed and what exactly is the order of the different sections?

is it the heater channel itself, then a heater channel bottom plate, then a closing panel?
what goes onto the floorpan ontop of the floorpan to body seal?

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:) ttt
I can't see the bits you might need in the heritage catalogue unless you get the complete heater channel and cut off the bits you don't need.
Coolair sell a heater channel front section which is from the door post to the front bulkhead and the bottom plate. Part numbers 13 and 14 on the below link:
cheers zebedee. Yeh i've seen that part from coolair - its the bit i need, but does it require part 13 (the heater channel closing plate) too? (obviously it would need cutting to length)
You'll need part 13 if the bottom of the section you are replacing has rusted badly. If your channel has rusted enough for you to need part 14, chances are you'll need part 13 too. BTW, it's slightly cheaper from GSF. ;)
For all the time, effort and trouble of patching up channels, I recommend replacing the full channel - buy only with Gen VW ones from Heritage (see my thread) the repro ones are laughable.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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