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Ok this is going to sound silly but how do i turn off the heater in my bug?

which lever is it the left or right hand side?

I have a 1969 right hand drive bug.

Many thanks in advance

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ooooo ok :)

so should the lever be pulled right up or right down?

just trying to work out if cables have gone or i'm doing something wrong :)

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Right hand lever controls the heat coming from the heat exchangers. Push it down, should stop the flow of warm air from the heat exchangers, pull it up - hot air should flow.

The cable splits into two tunnels, one leading to each heat exchanger.

If you cannot turn the heat off, then check the control levers on the heat exchangers - they may be stuck open. A spring should hold them closed. You can get a kit of parts including the spring and various levery bits for a few pounds.

Also possible the control flap inside the heat exchanger has come detached from the hinge, in which case you may need a new heat exchanger.

The left hand lever controls the flow of hot air to the rear foot wells, but only once the right hand lever is up (ie hot air coming into the car from the heat exchanger).

Hope this helps.
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