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Geting to grips with this now. Had my Volkswagen for a little while and although it's foreign and the engineering a little unfamiliar (engine in the back and no chassis to speak of to mention but two!), things are starting to fall into place. The odometer reads 00026. Now, I'm an optimistic cove but even I can't believe that! So I've decided to err on the side of caution. My previous car, 1938 Morris 8hp, needed full engine overhauls (decoke and rebore) around every 20,000 miles. Assuming the British engineering to be better than the German, the Volkswagen engine must be long overdue for an extended period on the workbench. Having been to Beaulieu and acquired some pistons and bearing shells that must be close approximations of the originals, I was ready to start measuring and machining when the thought struck me that I could take advantage of the situation and make some improvements! Initially, I planned to add a pair of these simple devices-

As I cogitated it dawned that my thinking was suffering from constrictus and that I should loosen my corselette and let fly!

I remembered what an engineering genius that my old mucker Harry Ricardo was. What an apocalypse! Harry had accidentally designed a masterpiece of an engine- a two stroke compound diesel with a power to weight ratio of almost 1hp to the pound and fuel economy figures never matched since, and what's more there are several of these beauties lying around waitng to prove their worth. There'll be a bit of strengthening required, but I have an old Triumph Renown chassis lying around that can be adapted to fit the Volkswagen and support the extra weight and the transmission will need some cranial exercise. Naturally an extra fuel tank will be needed for the kerosene to prime the afterburner but I think, when all's said and done, it'll be a winner!

Harry Ricardo, genius and designer of the Napier Nomad

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