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Hello everyone,

Glad to have found the forum. My wife and I have just happily rejoined the VW scene, purchasing a lovely '62 bug (marketed & registered 62 but all evidence actually points to it be a March 64).

We're well into our middle ages now, but were VW freaks of the 90's, visiting many of the early shows, and still having 100's of Volksworlds in the loft. We were lucky enough to own a number of VW's over that decade before needing 'family' type transport in the following years and migrating over to more modern cars. I'm relatively handy with the spanners, so I'm slowly getting back up to speed with the associated mechanics (owned of a resto workshop for 6 years employing 5 staff during the same period).

So, we're very smitten at the moment to again enjoy slow, noisy rides around the countryside. The new addition to the family is our new love. Looks absolutely stunning from 5m but will require a lot of love, effort, and attention over the coming years. As example the great looking paint (in the pictures) is actually about 6 different paint jobs by previous owners. Bad efforts at that too. But for now we don't care. We'll enjoy it for the summer, will garage it in the autumn, choose an area to restore over the coming months, and simply go through that cycle whilst we're the fortunate custodians.

Great to e-meet you all. Forward warning: there may well be many stupid questions coming in the following posts :whistle:.

Take care.

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