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OK here goes , first step

I have decided to do a bit more than giving to main stream charities

I would like to start collecting money / start a charity possibly
to buy wheel chairs for the kids out there whose families can't really afford them.
I bet there are a lot of VZi'ers who know someone in that situation , well I want to try to help a few of those kids out.
basically I am the wrong side of 50 , got two great kids of my own
and a 3 year old grandson that is my new lease of life ;)
had a pretty good life and want to put something back in , if I can

I've had this idea for a while ( and another daft idea -- next thread )

well thats the basic crazy idea :rolleyes:

I will start it off myself by donating / or open an account
with some money from the sale of anything that I have for sale on here at the moment which I will drop and adjust the prices accordingly please check my other threads

and before any thinks its just a sales trick --- ITS NOT
I am really serious about this and will give £500 from the sale of both my Beach Buggy and Single cab after I have dropped the prices

OK ,,, I'm not sure how to do this legally , its just something I would really like to do :) can anyone help me out

would like to ask all the Main Players on here for backing in anyway they feel they can help

will read this again later and edit any "oops's" --- hope it all makes sense to all readers

anyone one that nows me personally , I need your help too
please pick up the phone

thanks for reading :)
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