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HELP- cant get it in!

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Into gear that is!

My daily has just stopped letting me put it into 2nd gear, changing up and down the gears, its wanting to go into 4th when it goes somewhere.- obviousley for a car driven every day, thats a problem!
its a 73 bay- any quick ideas?
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On a Bay there are a number of things.
Check the rubber coupling at the rear of the shift rod first.
Then the solid coupling mid-way on the rod.
Then there is a plastic bush at the very front of the rod
(but I wouldn't expect that to fail suddenly).
Of course, make sure the shift lever is bolted solidly to the floor.

The most devilish failure I saw on a Bay was a shift rod which had
actually rusted away. Little by little the rod became so weak that
it was twisting and selecting a gear was guesswork.
ok just had a check and the front shift bush has worn away into two parts and can actually be moved about, im guessing this does have some affect on the way my gears select- but just how much???
ill check the others in the morning when its lighter
how do you install a replacement?
If the bush is broken as you say, it could have a big effect.

It's a right pain to change. If the centre coupling will come apart
(often rusted), then you can pull the front rod back enough
after removing the shift lever. Note where the bottom plate
for the lever was positioned- scribe some marks.

If you can't locate a new bush, make one out of brass/bronze.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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