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help, electrical problem!!

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hey guys,

I was wondering whether anyone could help me with this problem, It's doing my head in!
I seem to have lost the ability to use my nearside rear lamp, the brake light and the indicator are still working fine but, no lamp, so I can't really drive the thing at night.

i've checked it all for loose connections but I can't seem to find any, it isn't the bulb because I've checked that.
It has worked in the past, it has only recently stopped working and I can't fathom why.

could this have anything to do with the decklid numberplate light at all? as this broke recently but I've replaced it but that isn't working eaither, but I have a few theories on that myself.

please if you can help out I would really happy becasue being limited to driving the bug at the weekend during the day is killing me!

the year is a 1970 and it's a 1500 btw.
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Check with a test lamp/multimeter at the fuse, fusebox connection, and connection block behind the n/s engine bay insulation panel. The number plate light originally comes from the o/s sidelight wiring.
You don't mention checking the fuse. That would be the logical starting point for tracing the fault, as I believe that N/S taillamp and Number plate lamp are on the same fuse.
i wasn't aware that each light was fused individually.
That would explain a lot.
A short on the decklid wiring loomcould have blown the fuse, hmm
I'll consult the good book and find out what fuse it is and check it now.
You should be able to see which fuse has blown by looking in the fusebox, no need to look in a book.
it was blown!
i'll be a nipping to halfords in the morn for new fuses.
but i dropped the lil bastard before I copped what the ampage was and one thing the good book didn't mention was what amp fuse it was! any ideas?
cheers guys!
8 amp (usually white body), on those lamps
Laurence Fletcher said:
8 amp (usually white body), on those lamps
Thank you Laurence you are a legend!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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