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Help I need A good Free Anti-spam

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and not the stuff in the tin neither! :rolleyes:
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Search for PopFile, anti spam freeware. A little knowledge of proxies helps, but it's all explained on how to get around any setup problems in the help files/online readme pages.
What it does is tag your spam email headers with something that can then be filtered in your email program into a folder. Then you can delete the contents of the folder later (worth checking the contents before doing in case any non-spam has gone in - as no anti-spam program is 100% accurate).
You can bring up a control panel for it which allows you to train it to recognise spam and genuine emails for the future. Though it is quite good from the moment of installation.
thanks :)
adaware and spybot hun

Hope you are well! :hug:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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