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HELP WTF..........# MODS

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ok here's the deal.. ONLY when i try and click on a mandy micra then dose my whole internet explorer close down,, firewall?..very strange all other threads work....

i'm not joking,,,,,,,,, :eek:
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this shuts off my explorer

OMG!!!! This is tooo much for me too take!

if i click on thread the thing just gose,,,,,,,,
Do you get along with Mandy Micra, Helen?

One thing I love about mandy is that she never has a bad word to say about people, and she is super-friendly, and gets along with most people. I hope you sort out the firewall problem; alternatively contact your ISP as they will no doubt understand such a technical issue.

Kindest regards,
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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