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Hey Guys Have A look at My 11 year Old being Doing!

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Fair play, my son Lewis has been putting his valueable time into creating this site instead of doing his homework!!!

Even has a link with Volkszone!!!

Sorry to be a proud father and all that if you've not got kids!!!


:D :D
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up we go!!!!!

Give him some views...he's only 11 !!!
excellent stuff - he has a real talent !!!!
cheers dude, he's sat here next to me!!!
Good work, I wouldnt know where to start :hangloose
play station generation I'm afraid, i can't even work the remote control !!!
Fair play!!! I struggle to work the bloody toaster :rolleyes:
damn man.....11 years old! wish i could do that stuff now and i've over twice his age!! :crazy: keep up the good work and soon he'll be earning more than you as a web developer :lol:
Thats a really cool page :cool:

My daughter has a Pizco web page too but its full of girlie stuff about her girlie friends and the girlie stuff they like :crazy: :D
cheers guys, he's realy proud of this, send us a link and we'll get him to add it on there....ps have you tried the games, one that's just like the old atari tennis game we all played in the 1970's....showing my age now...eeek
wait for it...got a 8 year old girl...but she prefers msn whatever that is...I think you can get some cream for it from the doctors!!!!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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