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Hommage to standard height

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Right now tell me im not the only one who likes SOME standard height beetles.

I say some as when theyn came out of the factory the bugs looked level didnt they? but over the years the back has drooped which looks rubbish.

Im resetting my bug to the correct factory height at the back and would like anyone who loves good stock height the way it should be to respond to this.

Also this is a tech thing as Id like any of you who have done the restocking of height to the correct height at the back to share your findings.


Side pictures please of yours stock height (corrected) please so I can compare
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Bet you thought you were the only stocker around with the lack of response :lol:

I swing both ways, but like you said as long as they are sitting level (rather than taking of) it's a ok with me!!! I especially like unmolested early bugs, pure class :hangloose

Sometimes its hard to resist the urge of putting your ride in the weeds but my Squareback is staying in the clouds and I'm proud of it, while on the otherhand my bug (sorry the one I'm doing up for the GF :lol: ) will have a nice classic rake racey stance.
i think it depends on the car. im ahve a soft touch for the tuck on swingaxles. :D

for me its gotta be low :hangloose
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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