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How do these come out

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Can someone tell me how they come out :crazy: thank you
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are you up yet moby :)

and also how do you get them back in when you've had your floor and heater channels replaced and the garage that did it never put them in? thanks guys:mrt:
easy :D (well not exactly but its not to bad)

basically that bakerlite thingy that comes through the metalwork, you need to take that out which means crawling under the car, each one should be held in place with 2 x 10mm headed bolts.

there is a tube that runs from the heat exchanger to the bakerlite thingy, the 2 types i have come accross 1 has silicone ends on a metal flex hose thing (has a grey jacket) and comes out of the way ok, the other is black plastic and should pull off fairly easy, then you take out the 2 bolts, withdraw the bakerlite thingy and then at the front of the y piece there is normally 1 philips headed screw, then out it comes ( or it should )

thanks bugs :) now is the time i wish i had a garage as its just started raining :(
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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