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On Saturday our 12 year old was invited out to her friends birthday to go the pictures and then for a sleep over always a bit on the catious side :eek: wanted to know the why's and wherefore's assured by daughter that said friend's mum was taking them too and from the poicture's some 3/4 of a mile from home and through town.
1//2 past 10 same night Alice rings to say she's had a good time and is now at friends house. I ask her if Charlotte's mum picked them up ok to discover that they had walked home with the 15 year old cousin. To say I was cross is an understatement. :eek: :eek: Alice upset becayse I was upset Me upset for her friends parent being sooooo irresponsible. What would you do Apart from ban them going out together unless I am picking them up.
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I have to agree i would be livid . Suggest that in future you drop them off and collect them. I had a similar situation last year with my daughter and her friend except i drove past them as the other mum couldnt be bothered to go and pick the 2 girls up :tick:
Don't these parents appreciate how precious their children are and we are the one responsible for their well being :mad:
in this instance just be glad that they are OK, be aware that your daughter might pick up on your fear (even though it is understandable) and it could make her nervous about even going out.

I agree, next time pick her up yourself, you can't trust others to be as careful as yourself :D
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