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How would you raise and lower a monitor in a bus? Ideaís please.

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Iím looking at fitting a monitor / flat screen TV in the back of the bus.

Not a problem but I would like it to raise and lower vertically.

I was thinking that a wiper motor would do the trick but the monitors can weigh up to 8kg.

Do you think it would be up to the task or can you suggest another method. Which motor would be best suited?

Donít want to go down the flip down roof mounted screens route really.
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Electric window winder mechanism, or an actuator i think there called, just like a hydraulic ram but but run electrically.
Didnít know about actuators. Having searched on google they look just the ticket :D
That porsche engined samba that was used on the gumball had a monitor that used a electric window mech to raise it from the cabinet.
Looks quite easy to do and cheap aswell if the bits are got from a scrappy.
To be fair that's where I got the idea from ;)

Looking to go to a 19" widescreen that can be hidden as I'm redesigning my interior. My concern with the wiper motor is will it be strong enough as they seem to be around the 7-10kg mark.
Also look at "screw" systems..... using a shaft attached to an "all thread" bar and when it turns a nut attached moves up the shaft, brackets welded to nut allow attachment, A balance bar other side to keep movement parallel. ... seen this done on Custom cars to raise the rear window in Hot Rods.
Dead easy to control movement and range. simple arrangement with just a motor attached to the bar. no weight issues and not complex
Recirculating ball mechaisms with dc servo control - smooth, powerful and very controlable
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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