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I'm a newbie, and I DID own a VW Classic type van in Safrika.

Good story: One time driving a friend's VW van, and yes, it WAS A "dark and stormy night"....well, was raining, at night.
In pretty remote area.
Going up a hill, suddenly complete loss of power, pull over.
Get out, look underneath.
Drive shaft is attached at ONE end OK, but (unfortunately) NOT at the other end.
Jack it up.
Go under.
Well, all seems good, asnd in fact the bolts that Mr. VW put there to hold the drive shaft in place are STILL there.
But no nuts.
OK, so look for nuts that fit somewhere else.
Am in luck!
So get my companion to turn wheels, and line up holes.
Replace bolts.
Get back out.
Start engine, put in gear.
Yeee haa.
"This is Captain Starship VW, Mr. Scott, full power!"
"Yes Captain".
And away we go!

Another story where friend tried to start van and nothing.....
Very strange.
Finally looked at engine....hmmmmm.
No engine.
Ba$tards stole engine!

So, hi to all.

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