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Awoke from the usual screaming nightmare, the phlegm hitting the ceiling with every cough. Pull on some old urine stained pyjama bottoms and head to the kitchen for a tea and the first Jack Daniels of the day.
Switch on the TV. Jeremy Kyle with the usual shower of low life filth, with someone fucking someone elseís sister or sisters dog or something. Jesus, time for another JD.

Peel myself off the couch and head upstairs to log on. Some internet forum about cars and Madonna. Usually frequented by the unemployable or just plain lonely. Fuck, time for another JD.

1.45 am.
Wake up with my head on the desk. Damp around the mouth and around the groin. Shit time for another JD before bed.

Really must learn how to drive.

Another day in paradise.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts