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Ok my daily motor is in for its MOT then its going

which means i got around £500 for something else,

it must have MOT (not too worried about tax)
be able to be used as a daily driver (i do about 1000 miles per month)
sounds silly but i want something in good nick, obviously with only £500 to play with im not expecting miracles!

Let me know what you got and pics if poss

oh and as close to cambridge as possible! i cant travel huge distances

im open to any suggestions, golfs, polo's, but definately 100% NO PUNTO's!

also open to swaps, i got a 93 toyota corolla with just 86k on the clock, 1.3GLi, 12mnth MOT and Long tax (over 6 months i think).
I bought it as the missus wanted to learn to drive in a small car with PAS so i got it as i thought yeh nice little reliable runner but.......................... she dont like it! Bloody women! So now im going to say sod it and get a car that i want! Wink
i dont ask for much do i! Twisted Evil

WiLL.......... Very Happy

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R reg Vectra Estate.


good condition.

just had new (not brand new) g/box

MOT end of July 08

Tax til Jan 08

PAS,remote locking etc, loadsa room being an estate and all the usual std vectra bits.

looking for £450 quick sale, let me know :)
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