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I hope no-one minds me singing the praises of a site sponsor

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Well I do the hell-ish commute into work today arrived a good horu early as usual cos the commute is that bad and if you leave it 15 minutes later I have no chance of getting there on time.

Anyway checked me emails and ordered some stuff to be delivered to work for my beetle. Made a cup of coffee and then got handed a letter saying I was fired. . . which was nice.

It was bit of a pain in the arse job anyway but now I gotta go looking for new work oh well.

But in order to head off the delivery to work I sent them a quick email saying I'd been fired and could they deliver it to my billing address and they gave me a call virtually instantly saying they were sorry to hear that and that it was no problem they'd get it all changed etc.

I have used them before and I was well impressed with them then and I am even more so now.

I've seen people posting about bad experiences with some companies and I just wanted to say thanks and give some credit where its due. I have checked the FAQ's and couldn't see anything about bigging up good companies so hopefully it wont break any rules

So thanks to Machine7 you guys are stars and that is what I call customer service !!!

You made a shitty day a lot brighter
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Shit news about the job dude, great news for Machine 7, give them a bell abck se if they have any jobs:)
I would love to BUT I live bloody miles away :D

It would be fun to be arm deep in dub parts all day every day tho
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