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i just cant be.....

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arsed to do anything constructive......

got loads i could be doin on the bug or van just lost all enthusiam....

is it just me :( :( :(
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I often feel like that, especially when something that should take 30 mins ends up taking 2 hours!

Or a stud shears, etc.

I've started making lists with stuff I need to get done, ticking things off is rewarding, in a child like way!

Good luck :)
no its mee to i should be outside taking out my engine to do a helecoil but i cant seem get get out of my chair lol
its just you ya mardy git

get off yer arse - get the van packed and get ready to set off for tynemouth on friday evening

you know you want to
Probaly the weather matey, too bleedin nippy out!
Whereas I'm just getting into getting my beetle all fixed up and nice :)
nah its a wednesday feeling midweek thing. it happens to us all at some stage.
DONT start owt on the van tomorrow Rob then remember your going away in it at the weekend ;)

You know like you did last week then remembered you were going to Vikingfest next day :D :D :D

Once youve finished galavanting all over & its away for the winter then start ;)

As for the bug - Scrap it :D :D :D :D

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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