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I Need Circuit Racers

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good morning, following on from my who like this circuit racer thread ive had some good response from fellow circuit racer types, ive been talking to our organising team telling them about the response ive had, it is now crunch time for you lot that want a beetle based circuit racing series in the U.K.
how does this sound, first off a meeting of at least 10 -15 people with ready to go cars and also any of you that have cars on the make that would be looking to join later on, this would be to confirm a grid of racers that would turn up , we are not going to the trouble of approaching a circuit with 5 cars it is not viable for us or the track owners, we need you the racer to comitt, you do realize that you would have to pay to race, like you have to pay to race @pod when dragging. to sweeten the start up of this series the first people to attend the meeting and comit to turning up and racing would be offered shares in the company that will be organizing these events ,if the event takes off we plan to incorparate the rest of the vw scene and put on a spa type of event with the thrill of hi powered beetles thrashing it out on the circuit for added viewing. this has never been done before in the u.k and with the way the show scene has stagnated i think this would be a very cool show, but we have to walk before we can run. so back to the plot, i need names and tel phone numbers listed below whos up for it simple as that so i can organize a meeting to start the ball rolling. you can email me, you can phone me you can visit my shop i dont mind but come on stick your heads above the pulpit if you want this to happen.
what i also would like to no from the vw crowd out there is who would pay money to watch this, and we talking rates that joe average can afford, and who wants a new type of vw event here in the u.k, now iam a realist to the core, this might not happen with putting a static vw show along side circuit racing, but we have a dream. who,s UP FOR IT.
all the best Lee Arnold .L.A.Performance.
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Will it be limited to bugs?

I'm tempted to get my buggy prepped to do Judgies Aircooled Hill Climb thing, its not a great leap from that to Circuit racing also its MSA approved already.
Put me down Craig Winfield

Stu Baylis Berg 2.1

John Aitkenhead 1835cc

Trigger (Thingamies Beetles)
In the body shop being painted
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thats 5 inc of my team already craig, 5 to 10 more and we have the makings.
Hey Lee,

Which circuits would the races be held at?

first ideas are to piggyback other race series that are already running so every track out there adz, i need commitment from racers to attend a race and not back out else circuit owners will not let a small field of cars run, if we have enough cars say 15 we can run our own series with just bugs racing.
Make that 6 Thingamies have another car that is just waiting an engine so provisionaly add Mark Vanstone to your list

For those wanting to get involved this car is available offers circa £1500 complete and running. Ideal donor car.
Will need new FIA harness and a new plumbed in extinguisher to make race legal. (and pref a bigger motor).
Contact me for the owners details but please only serious enquires. Car is in Kent near Brands Hatch.
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This sounds cooooool! :cool:

I'd certainly be up for being a paying spectator for the time being... my car is a while off been built yet, but hell yeah, when it's done, I'll come looking to join in.

andy. :bandit:
hello mate

as i said to you earlyer ,i'm up for this. depends on final regs and class structure but yep i'm ready to come play.
cheers rob
I would be up for it, when my car is ready. Current progress puts it being finished well into next year.. :(

As ever I just wished there where these thoughts all those years ago when I was hacking round circuits at track days on my own. I started up the FastTrack Dub Club at http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/vwtrackday/, but although there was some initial interest, it died a death. I then took my bug of the road for a full resto, only for all this racing to take off, typical! :)
Ooooh.... been talking recently about getting into circuit racing.. Prepping my existing 1303 seems like the easiest option to me.

Would be a wee bit of a lead time, as I have just been promoted at work and have a ton of extra work on, but next year I should be in a situation to look into it seriously.

Definite maybe, would certently attend as a spectator whenever I can :D

Sam C
guy called harry Volkhard {excuse spelling)
on Angel Forum is a circuit racer and may well be interested, I know he was looking at getting a grass circuit car ready this year. He already does Seat Cupra Cup
nic....... could you give him my details please , all the best Lee.
craig .......... just sent him a mail , and got your list, will be making calls very soon for a meeting.
Hay Adz1911 would be good to se your car used for what it was made for :)

Be great if you could sort something at Crofts :)
I would love to join in with this lot but my work commitments would make it nigh on impossible to get to meetings down south.. :(

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