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I no longer crap out my arse!

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No... really I don't.

As some of you know I've been in Hospital ALOT recently.
I have a condition called Crohns Disease (I know others here have it too) and have suffered with it for 13 years, well before Christmas it got really bad where I was in constant pain, couldn't eat and my weight fell to 6st 4lb!! so they had to take me in to Hospital for urgent treatment which meant blood tests every day, blood thining injections every night, numerous different fluid drips and 4 blood transfusions! Oh and ofcourse the only way I could eat.... through an NG Tube that goes up your nose and down the back of your throat into your stomach! and have a lovely vanilla looking milkshake thing pumped slowly through it 20 hours a day!

The bottle on the right of my drip stand:


Yep.... through the tube up my nose!
As you can see I look rather ill and not too happy!

So anyway, I was in there 3 weeks untill they were happy I was putting weight on again and my Crohns was under control, so New Years Eve they finally let me go home!

All seemed to be going well untill a fuck up by Healthcare At Home meant my Injections I needed to keep the Crohns under control were got to me 3 weeks late! and on Feb 19th I couldn't take it anymore, lost even more weight and had to be rushed in again for more of the same treatment!

Once again!

As you can see I look even worse.... if thats possible! lol

This time I wasn't gonna be there as long, they were due to let me out on March 4th BUT on the day, my inflamation markers in my blood shot right up and they decided to give me a CT Scan of my stomach.... Good job they did! My entire Colon was badly diseased and on top of that there was a big Abscess on it ready to burst at any time! So they emergency called the Surgical Team to come see me and let me know what had to happen!
They then rushed me into Surgery to Operate!
They removed my entire Colon, part of my Small Intestine (was diseased too), closed off my anal passage and re-routed my Small Intestine to come out my Abdomen as a 'Stoma'

Nice huh...

That is now where all my poo comes out and into this Stoma Bag!

Which I just have to empty down the toilet when full and change it every 2 days or 1 day if I want to.

Anyway, on Tuesday they finally let me out again, very sore, very weak! (even standing is a chore right now!), very thin still and not able to eat much of anything due to the pain (Allergic to Morphine!.... trust me!) and the fact my stomach has shrunk so much through not eating. I've spent the last couple days trying to get myself to eat more which I am slowly doing day by day as the pain gets less!

Once everthing has properly healed I can finally have a new lease of life! After being held back for so many years! Roll on the Summer Dub Shows I can finally start to attend!

So that brings us up to today and the end of my Crappy Winter Story!
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ooof :(

hope you feel better fast

hope you're feeling better soon :hug:
Sounds like you're on the mend, and if a stoma is what it takes then it's not the end of the world :hug:

Get well soon x
Fucking hell dude! :hug: I can't even imagine what it must be like - sounds like you have been through hell. I suppose at least you are still with us, and will be making the shows this year, but take it easy, yeah?!
Hope to see you recover well,I have a similar Immune disease which are being managed by meds for the moment. x
Christ...pleased your on the mend :hug:
A member of our lass family has had a similar time and op done.hes doing realy well now im sure youl do the same, keep your spirits up matey it can only get better

keep yer chin up buddy hope your feeling tiptop soon :hangloose
:( shit rob i saw a bit about it on facebook but i'm glad you should now be on the mend :)
glad the docs did a good job. feel better soon and keep the chin up :)
At least you won't be subjected to the portaloos at shows ;)

Wishing you a speedy recovery :hug:
I knew you'd been ill but didn't want to pry by asking!
Hope you are putting on weight again and things are improving.
Good luck fella :)
my mum had ulcerative collitus and had a stoma in 1981, she was climbing snowdon 12 months later, never looked back, at 65 they are off with there caravan for 6 weeks this summer via the pyranies(sp), 12 months after a new knee too.

so good luck, the only way is up now :)
Dude, you deserve a fucking medal for surviving all the shit, as it so easily could have gone the other way. As you say roll on the new lease of life. Your Ileostomy wont always look so nasty either, you'll be amazed at how quick the wound heals and the fucker shrinks. By the look of the pouch you have, i'm almost sure its a Coloplast Sensura, awesome pouch and very forgiving. Anyhow, if you need any info other than from your stoma nurse, go check out the forums athttp://www.iasupport.org/ tons of info and obviously many in the same boat, mainly Crohn's and Ulcerative colitis sufferers, post op and pre op. Hope this helps some.

Guys like you deserve major respect
I cannot even begin to understand the pain and discomfort you have to go through. I have been blessed with great health through out my life and I do not know if I could stand up as you and others on here have said about this insidious disease.
Good luck and I hope the pain goes away and the discomfort is the minimum

Also - props to the NHS. Get that here in the US and you will either become poor or dead!
sounds like you have been through hell hope you make the shows this year, but take it easy, get well soon :hug:
stay cool fella ,we have a simular condition running in my family its like a shitty family hand me down:hug:
glad you're on the mend now :)
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