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I think I may have dropped a b*llock ...

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I was adjusting my beam withthe avis adjusters fitted on it. Loosened the two nuts (not the allen key bolt) and the bastard adjuster sprung right back - making the front way too low. I can't seem to get either adjuster back :mad:

Does anyone have any advice?

I'd be really grateful :D
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I take it you didn't put a jack under the framehead before you undid the adjusters? Put a jack under it, get the car back up to an inch or so higher than you want it, & re tighten the adjusters. When you remove the jack, the car should drop a bit on the suspension to the required height.
I did put a jack under the beam, but as soon as I slackended the locknuts on the adusters they sprang to the lowest setting. The ballache is, I can't raise the suspension now - the adjusters won't move forward. I've tried lifting the wheels, but the adusters won't move ...

Help!! :D
Try taking the shocks off, you sometimes find that they hold the whole lot out of range, especially if you have short shocks on. Set your adjusters, then lower the car slowly and refit the shocks.
oddnumber said:
I've tried lifting the wheels, but the adusters won't move ...

Help!! :D
There's your problem, you're trying to lower it further. ;)
Sorry Tomarse, I meant I'd lifted the wheels off the ground. Should have made m'self a bit clearer :D

Anyways, I removed the shocks and managed to push down on the wheels enough to unspring the adjusters. Give me swayaways any day!

Thanks for all the advice :hangloose
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