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Got a set of ICT 34s on my bus, running a Remtec 1641 with 009 dizzy and a Bluebird Exhaust.

It's running pretty well, but a tad on the warm side, so this weekend I'm going to have a mess around with the jetting on the carb to see if I can resolve things.
It runs reasonably cool (between 180 and 200F) up to about 50 mph, over that the temperature soars to 220F+

I spoke to Remtec the other day about the problem and they seemed to think that it might be the carb main jets too small so I popped into Eurocarb the other day and picked up a selection to have a play with this weekend.

I can understand that they think it's the main jets, problem is, they recommended a 145 main jet, which is way bigger than what I've read others use......

Carbs are currently running 52 idles and 135 mains - I'm going to change the idles for 55s (from what I've read most seem to recommend 55s or 60s), but what should I do with the mains?

I've got 140s and 145s - is anyone running jets this big?

I'd assumed that because the heat problem is worse at high revs, that the main jet was the likely culprit, but could it be that I just need to change the idles?

I'm a bit confused......
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