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Imac help needed...

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Im getting unfeasibly pissed off with my laptop getting full of spyware and random programs installing themselves on my system...despite an up-to-date complete security suite (from a well known and respected software house). I've heard from various sources that macs do not suffer such issues in the same way and im keen to give it a go.

There are a large number of the old imac's on ebay (G3's I think they are known as) for very few pennies and I am thinking of buying one to see how I get on with them. Question is...will it be able to access the internet over my current wi-fi broadband??

Any other advice would be gratefully received.

Thanks all.
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misread the title. though you had a hair problem :D
Yes you will if it has an airport fitted, I don't think it was standard on G3's.

slammedresto said:
misread the title. though you had a hair problem :D
Yeah I do...but you don't wanna hear about it :D
the G3 uses an old style airport card, which I believe isn't available anymore.. but I expect you can get them on ebay.
I've got a netgear USB wireless adapter going spare if you want it, band new in the box - never opened the outer plastic, they're about £30 normally. Got it along with my wireless modem but don't need it as I've got an airport card in my ibook. If you're going for an older iMac it would probably be the quickest way to go wireless. PM me if you're interested :D
Just to clarify I want an imac (not an ibook)... Pete McC I am interested if its suitable for an imac.

damien is selling a few u know mr craig ;)
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