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In Need of a T-Handle Closing Plate Thingy

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I need to get hold of a closing plate that is welded onto the rear valance that allows the hook on the end of the T handle to locate in it and hold it closed. I think that makes sense!!
I have been to Karrman Konnection today and they do not have any and are not planning on getting any more made.
If someone could please photograph their rear valance where the handle bracket locates and give me a rough idea of the measurements I can make a replica nad get it welded on.

Thanks in advance...
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Guess who found a rear valance with said plate on it in their shop?
In-fact, guess who was standing less than 3 feet from said valance?

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Absolute Genius... Time to get the old man onto some fabrication work!!

Cheers Dude
Any chance of getting some dimensions... Length Width etc?...
did you manage to make one of these up? mine is missing it
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