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Inner Spring Plate Bushes for Late 50's Bug (Oval?)

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Hi there. Any help here would be appreciated: I'm stuck in NZ with a road-legal UK buggy with late 50's floor pan, one knacked spring plate (rear arm) end plate and four rubbers in various states of wear.
The spring plates have a shaft which sticks thru the end plate. All bushes are rubber and round/ smooth. All looks like Oval gear. It appears I could use an IRS plate and outer bush (some mods needed - and I have got IRS plates and bushes in urethane). HOWEVER: the inner bush is smooth, and of 1 7/8" ID, BUT has a smaller OD than all of the smooth bush examples I have seen in the shops here by about 4mm dia (all get EMPI WCM or Bugpack parts).

Where would I get bushes from? If I only get inner bushes, can I get them in urehtane? Do I want to?

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You should be able to use the IRS cover and bush without any modification, as these are the replacement parts for that model of chassis. The inner bush, as you have stated, is the problem. I don't know how it compares with the outer IRS bush, as regards OD but it may be that it is simply compressed and the smooth outer rubber bush might just do the job.

The thing to remember, when comparing urethane with rubber, is that the two types work entirely different. The urethane ones are like regular bushes which must be greased so that all the parts slide against each other well. The rubber ones are compressed into place and must not slide against the spring plate or cover. These bushes (installed only with talc powder) twist internally, which is also why they last so long and are not affect much by dirt etc. So, perhaps you should stick with rubber, though genuine VW would be best.
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