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Internet probs need a number

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Hi guys. Im on a wireless network which my numbnut landlord set up with AOL. He's abroad at mo and the rest of us cannot get online using our normal method. The landlord has also hidden the phone (as usual). I know the phone is capable of ringing in as there is an answer machine. We are getting 100% signal to the netgear thingy, but cannot get online at all (I can but very slowly using a neigbours which is like using dial up)

Is there a number you can dial from a mobile to get see if we can do a line check. All went Pete Tong Saturday when there was roadworks up the road

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General enquiries (including technical support): Member Services team or 0870 320 2020
Broadband enquiries: 0870 320 2020

Took these off their site - good luck
Cheers but thats aols number. Im after Bt's
I have BT broadband and call (India, obviously) on 0845 600 7030. I call them a lot!

But I doubt they can help if your broadband is aol. They only line test BT B'Band I'd imagine.

Also, it'll cost bread from your mobie. Is your phoneline BT? Or has numbnut landlord signed up to Talk Talk?!
I found the bt website that does free online checks! I'm all ok now ( I HOPE)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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