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Is my dizzy vacume working?

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Hi peeps.

I've taken my vacume distributor off to clean it up and I'm wondering if the vacume has gone. If I suck/blow on the hose pointing out the bottom of the vacume unit, nothing moves but I can here something inside gurgling or flexing. I can rotate the points plate by hand and it springs back, but it's well tough to turn. I can't see a bit of air being able to pull it.

Any help appreciated!

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take the vac unit off the dizzy and see if the arm moves in and out as you suck /blow

the dizzy can be pretty much stripped and cleaned without too much hassle
Cheers Forsh

the arm moves like 2mm. Pushing the arm into the vac unit is real tough. I imagined it would be a lot more loose.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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